Monday, January 17, 2011

Season Glitch!

 Heya Jammers!
There is ANOTHER seasonal glitch in Jamaa! This time, I am pretty positive it's not my laptop. It's brand new! It started off winter when I logged on, then I went to my den to check for new den items, and left again back to the township where it had suddenly turned into AUTUMN!

Also, I decided to stay the same old me as you can tell.
Is this REALLY a glitch? Is the AJ HQ just FAILING in the cycle of seasons, or is it really just my new laptop?!
Happy Jamming! Toodles!


FunPinkyPinky said...

Jeez Fuzzy! Weird glitches happen to you ALOT!!! I wonder if it's just your account ... lol.

FieryClaw - AJR mod said...

Well, Thats Sorta Cool...

Anonymous said...

Wow Same Here On The First Week Of Winter On My Laptop But My Laptop Is Old And Glitchy


Woodswolf said...

@ Fuzzy Shyivy
It is not just your laptop. Lots of my friends have been complaining about messed up seasons. Another thing that I've seen happening is animals going outside the 'boundaries' AKA going through things that are normally solid. I call them 'ghost animals' and I don't know how it happens. It's just messed up and weird.
-Woodswolf (future AJR mod?)
PS: As soon as I turn 13, I'm going to get my OWN BLOG about AJ. I think I'm going to call it something along the lines of 'Achievement Central' or something. As soon as it's up and running, maybe we could be like 'sister sites' or something? (We'd do that by posting links to each other's blogs and stuff)
If you like the idea, just tell me, cuz no matter what, I'm getting my own blog because you are a great role model 2 me!

Anonymous said...

ok fuzzy whats relly hapening u said you live in canda where ahtum here is whatever time of the year it wuz there!
so where i live its winter now who knows maby its sumer there! hope that helps
-princes cutewolf

Cuddles382 said...


Hi there, I'm Little Muddyfoot, aka Cuddles382. I love your site, and I used to own my own, it sort of crashed. But this site, I just look at it and wow...congratulations on your work!!! I haven't noticed this glitch so far! And you just inspired me to create a new AJ blog. Best wishes,

Little Muddyfoot

Key99 said...


Ive seen that to!!!

Anonymous said...

I dont know. Its never happened to me. I tried it exactly like you said and noting happend. Idk. Im king shiverwolf.

Anonymous said...



FieryClaw ~ The Mod! said...

:0 Me and awesome tinygirl were having a party on aj
and she said it was autum!
and a wolf said there was ghosts!
XD i wauz sleeping on the ice and awesome tiny said i was sleeping on water XD

The Epic Stuffings!! said...

Hi! It's Fuzzy QuietCat here! (username: SnowflakeFrozenPaw)

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Taylor said...

It's not your laptop. I had that happen when it was winter time. When I came from my den it was the Halloween getup stuff!

Anonymous said...

hello fuzzy! i got to be an aj hooray!!!!!
i got asked by liza the panda shaman