Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Contest #1! *UPDATED*

Heya Jammers!
I'm gonna have my very own contest chain! Contest #1, this very contest is:

Where am I?
Look closely about my surroundings in the pictures below. All you have to do is:
Comment saying your Animal Jam User name, Animal Name, and where I am in picture 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5!
Everyone who is able to guess all 5 correctly will be added onto a list - then I will ADD YOU on Animal Jam whenever we can. If you have any questions, please let me know without hesitation!
Here are the pictures:




Good luck finding where those things are! Also, I want the specific name of the place - don't just say, by the strange rock thingy or something. Use the name of the place, like...Crystal Sands! Got it?
Good luck figuring out where I am!
Your're guesses are due November 3, alrighty?
Also, even MORE new Halloween costumes at the store - you should check them out - if you're a member that is.
Happy Jamming!
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Horror Party Details! *CHANGED! PLEASE READ!*

Heya Jammers!
Guess what? I will be hosting a Halloween Party! Since my other party had to close, I'm VERY excited about this being my FIRST party yet!
I really hope everyone can make it - here are the details:

It's a pretty cool details picture to, eh? Oh, Like the new Halloween Design?
Again, I REALLY hope you can come. I hate to get to a party when no one is there - that's happened with my CP Site doesn't feel good.  (Thanks again to Ppppookie and Nitro who DID come though.)

If you have any questions, please let me know.
 At the party, I will be adding the First 15 Jammers who ask me to be their buddy!
I will not ask you, you gotta ask me!
Make sure to put on your costumes and Halloween colours, 'cause THIS party's gonna be a RUSH!
See you there! Toodles!
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Too much to title

Heya Jammers!
I'm excited to say, that I have found some new Phantom spots! 
They are ALL over - but so far I have only found them in water...wonder why?
Anyways. All of them are basically transport you to somewhere. All kinds of places!

Also, Today I checked out some new Halloween sayings! Take a peek -

So Yeah! The top 3 have more options to. Just scroll over them next time I'm on to see what I mean!

Also, As you probablly just saw, I got a change for Halloween!

Like it? It will only be for Halloween though. Otherwise, if there isn't a cool day coming up I will be plain little Fuzzy.

Then, there is a NEW DEN you can get:

All are for members, but look at the TREEHOUSE in the middle! I like that one. Unfortionatly, it's 4000 gems...

AND I think I will be starting a new FUNNY PICTURES page soon!
(All picture will be taken by me of course, please no stealing - it would show MY animal anyways!)
So keep checking for that!
Happy Jamming! Toodles!
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Heya Jammers!
Just as the Halloween decorations, den items, and clothes were coming, one very odd decoration I just noticed NOW gives me the creeps...
But first, some postcards, new again, for Halloween:

 They're pretty spooky! Ok, now here is what I was talking 'bout:

This weird purple and green glow fills into the water fall! And look what happens when you click it!

You appear in a whole 'nother ROOM!! Of course, this will most probablly be here only for Halloween, but it's pretty cool! And there is even a Halloween themed game to play.  Nice Job AJ, nice job indeed.
(And as you can see, due to my lost membership I can no longer wear my leaf necklace.)

Also, check for even MORE Halloween costume pieces - located at the very last page of the catalogue.
Happy Jamming, and Happy Halloween!
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sad, Sad news...

AAAAhhhhh.... boo hoo hoo. I lost my membership today! :'(

I am SO SAD!! I can no longer wear my signature outfit, or sit back with my cozy member den items! Waaaaaa...And even MORE sad news...

My brother, Sir LoopyMoon, took over as the Animal Jam spotlight...No longer me anymore...and I was just starting to enjoy it! Just when I thought I might have a chance to get my site famous, it slips away...again...I really don't want a repeat of what happened to my CP Site!

On the good side, at the happy end of the rainbow, The Halloween decorations are getting better, and better! Now, everything is dark, and there are new decorations up, like Candy Corn light strings!

...but, my viewers still won't leave my site, right? Even if I'm NOT the spotlight anymore??
: (
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Heya Jammers!
To start off, when I logged in today, I saw this.
Ok, wow! They REALLY make it clear that I'm the jammer spotlight! I made TONS of new freiends because of it...I'm almost famous for it! Thanks Animal Jam, for picking me!

There are 5 new postcards you can send to your buddies! Here they are:

They're so cool! Speaking of Halloween - Animal Jam is ready for it!
All of Jamaa is ready for the spookiest time of year. There are decorations, new Halloween clothing, new Halloween furniture, and more! Are you excited for Halloween? Let me know what you are planning to be!
Keep Jamming! Toodles!

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Heya Jammers!
Im sorry, but I won't be able to post for a little bit! I won't say why, but part of the reason is because of Thanks giving. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know of that. But I will be back again posting on Tuesday! Alrighty? So don't go away, and leave me with no viewers... I will post when I am back!

That means, my party will have to be finished! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I was really looking forward to that! .... Darn... :-(
Im sorry, if you were planning on coming...Awww, nuts!

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Den Itmes

Heya Jammers!
There are some cool new Den itmes out today! Take a look:

So...yeah! A plush gecko, a gecko banner and a World Animal Day banner!
Oh yeah! Yesterday was WAD!
Did you celebrate? I um...sort of...forgot?
Hope you had a great World Animal Day, and I hope you enjoy these new items!
Comment! I LOVE to read them!
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Saturday, October 2, 2010


Heya Jammers!
Today I just found out two pieces of bad news and 1 good!
Let's hear the bad part first, sha'll we?

Today I just relized that my membership is running out in only 9 days!
Also, my only item I wear, the leaf necklace, is a member item! That means, in 9 days I won't be able to wear it anymore. Sad!

On the bright side, today I made some friends with some non-members.
Then I discovered what their names look like if they're your buddies.

So, there we are. If your friends are non-members, their names will look like a blue box with a yellow paw print! Your member friends name's will look like:

Like yours! With the shiny, gold bar and sparkly print!

You know, friends are real important.
Without friends, everything would be boring!
So, if YOU comment on ANY one of my posts, wanting to meet me on Animal Jam, I'll do it!
If you want to, please leave the following in your comment:
  • Your Username
  • Your Animal's name
  • Your Animal's type
  • The time you would like to meet
  • The server we should meet on
  • The room we should meet in
Please note I may not always be able to come the time, or server you choose. I will let you know of any problems that occure.

I hope to meet you soon! Happy Jamming!

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