Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Code!

 Heya Jammers!
There is a new code! Dragonrose was the first to tell me about it, and then I found it in my National Geographic Kids magazine! I entered it in when she told me about it, and it wasn't working. It was probably too new of a code for AJ to have made the updates for it yet, but now, luckily it is working.
The code is danceparty. No spaces, no capitals. Enter it in exactly as you see it there. It gets you around 1000 gems, I think.
Too bad it seems that the AJ HQ is on a holiday. They aren't updating anything that much at all!
I`m just curious, and wanting to know how many gems you have! I have 9822, but I think it would be an interesting topic for comments!
Happy Jamming!


Anonymous said...

:O 9822!!!! WOW!


Woodswolf said...

Wow. You don't play that many games, do you? I have almost 30,000!

key99 said...

It works!!! ^_^

Anonymous said...

heyyy fuzzy shyivy! have a good time on animaljam and thanks for the code you rock roll and is awesome! bye,

from: doredia

williep28 said...

i have about 40000 gems on aj

esillysun said...

I have around 115 gems... :D

I am esillysun