Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fuzzy's Quest

 Heya Jammers!
Remember a LONG time ago when I said I would make a movie to go into my theatre page? Well, I never ended up making one, since the recorder I use shut down. Recently however, I have found another cool screen recorder and am currently using that.
Before, the movie was supposed to be a music video. But, I can't end up making that happen. Soooo instead, I am making a movie called Fuzzy's Quest.
It's an adventure movie! I started making it today, but I was having a small problem and want to see what you guys think about it so far.
(If you can't read it, try full screen mode.)
Eesh! The problem was that it is all blurry and you can't see what I say since it is too far zoomed out. I can't seem to fix it! Later on in the REAL movie I will hopefully change it. It stinks right now. :'(
Comment if you know how to change the zoom.
Happy Jamming!


Woodswolf said...

It doesn't look that bad. The story seems very interesting... but maybe you should try to get on when the servers are empty (AKA 2-4 AM) so that people won't intrude or bother you.
Just a thought!

key99 said...

Well I do know one recorder app you can use Fuzzy, You need the Windows 7 laptop and the at the search tab on the Start button type in Sound Recorder. Then your done!


Fuzzy ShyIvy said...


I do have the sound recorder on my laptop. The problem is it only records sound, not the screen.

FunPinkyPinky said...

Fuzzy, I love the movie so far! I also think Woodswolf has a good point. Maybe you should try to go on an empty-ish server so that there won't be random people in your movie. I think the story is really good and I'm wondering how you fix the problem!

Fuzzy ShyIvy said...

@FunPinkyPinky @Woodswolf

Actually guys, I went on an empty server with 1 green full circle filled in, which is the lowest possible! There were no friends on at the time, but the problem was, in the middle of the recording, a friend came into my den not knowing what I was doing. Also, the wolf who came near my panda and did the :0 face was actually quite...good I though! It fit right in!

FieryClaw - The Mod! said...

LOL THAT IS SOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! FUNNY or should i say FUZZY FUNNY!!!!! i like when the wolf walks up and goes :0 LOL!!! P.S. That was also funny when one of your buddys walked in and was like freaked out cuz you were talking 2 urself! XD!

lovegoodluvr said...

Durstrang Harry Potter lol I think I know u do u have person on it list called ginny1618648 cause thts me!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ya it fit in perfect when you said "Why do I have to suffer!"