Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Code!

 Heya Jammers!
Woodswolf, a top commenter on this site told me about a new code!
I tried it out for myself, and sure enough, it worked!
I took a picture to show exactly how you need to type it in, just in case upper case letters matter:
The code is discovery
as plain and as simple as that.
It gives you 1000 gems!
Thank you again to Woodswolf who told me about this!
Happy Jamming!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Secret Plan: REVEALED!

 Heya Jammers!
For SO long I've been keeping a secret about a top secret plan. Recently, I've been giving clues and even made a poem about it...and I was surprised to see only 1 jammer got it.
Roxy648! She said:
:O They Get Told To Get Rid Of A Clan Member?!?! Wait.. Its Like A Game show Or Something Like Where You Can Get Voted Off But You Gotta Win One Of Fuzzys Challenges And The Loosing Clan Gets Rid Of A Member... Did I Figure It Out, You Know At Least A Bit Of It?

Not only does she know a BIT of it, she knows the ENTIRE scoop!
By guessing correctly, she has earned herself an automatic spot in any clan/team of her choice!
So, it IS a game show. Other people know of it as a reality show!
I was in my brother's reality show and came in second by 1 vote. (Club penguin reality show.)
They are REALLY cool, and REALLY fun...
but, only if you show up.
You see, if you sign up, you need to think IF you will remember to check the site daily, cooperate with others, and have an Animal Jam account.
ALSO...the most important:
It's not me who decides who gets voted off's YOU GUYS!!
Yes, that's right. YOU get to vote for who should be out each week!
So don't come to me all mad if you get voted off - it's not the end of the world! I can't control it.

The prize...
If you win the ENTIRE game show, you will win a prize.
What is it?
You get to be a chat mod AND a site mod!
Please note that if you aren't being fair or nice on chat you will not get to be a moderator anymore, and if you are not helping out and commenting a lot, the next month, you will not get to be a site mod anymore either. So be a fair winner, and don't let that happen, ok?

Sign Ups...
Here you can sign up to BE in the game show.
All you have to do is tell me the following in a comment on THIS POST...
Your AJ user name
Your AJ animal you will be using's name
The BEST days to meet on AJ
Your time zone (ask a parent if you're not sure, or look it up on the Internet so you know when to come. In order to do this, you will need to know how many hours apart YOUR time zone is from MINE, which is EST.)
WHY you want to participate
If we are buddies on AJ already.

That's right. In the first meeting, if you actually show up, and are able to make it, we can certainly be buddies!
So what are you waiting for? Sign up for your chance to win!!
More information coming soon after the sign ups are complete which is in 2-3 weeks.
Have any questions? Comment, and me (or a mod, if they can) will answer it!

So far signed up:
General ScaryRuler
Teensy SnowPaw
Eternal SnowyStar
Cotton Claws
Blossom TinyBunny
General FrozenGem

Sign Ups are currently CLOSED. Details are coming soon!!!

Happy Jamming!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Guide is Up!

 Heya Jammers!
The new Guide page is up, but the button for it is not. get to the Guide page, you're going to have to click on the AJ Awards Button for now. There will be some designing changes made VERY soon, and I promise that there will be a proper place for it to go.
Just comment on the new page telling me if you think I missed anything important. If you don't hear back from me it probably means I don't really want to add the idea.
All suggestions ARE appreciated, so don't be mad if I don't use yours.

Also, the site got to 20,000 hits! Keep it up, guys!!
Enjoy! Happy Jamming!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beat Me, and More News on the Plan!

 Heya Jammers!
It has just occurred to me that there hasn't been a Beat Me in a while!
And, aren't we lucky to have a new game that's PERFECT just for this!
This time, I want you jammers to play the new game GemBreaker, located at the fire in Mt.Shiveer.
Play 1 round first, just so you know how to play, and then, in the second round, try to get a score higher then mine! The jammer with the highest score will get their name on the Beat Me Records!!
My score on GemBreaker, which is actually a really fun game once you play it, was 74,300!
Now, all you gotta do, is BEAT ME!

Also, I couldn't find out a way to let you know more about the top secret plan.
I think I might do this instead of a clan instead, actually, because then there will be too many big events going on. So instead, I just wrote a little poem about it. Figure out as much as you can, but don't spoil it for others!
Here it is:
At the end of each week we will have a winner,
Challenges could occur in Club Geoz or Mt.Shiveer,
Their team will struck gold while the others get told,
to send away one of their clan.

Happy Jamming, and Good Luck!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Den Tour!

 Heya Jammers!
Remember when I got my membership, and promised a den tour?
Well, I finally got it!

Sorry if it's a bit hard to read, but that's the only size that can fit my post width.
Cool, eh? Well that's all for now!
Happy Jamming!

One More Way to get to Shiveer

 Heya Jammers!
Thank you to Fennec Fox Luver who showed me this. :)
There's this new tunnel here at Crystal Sands in the rocks. It leads you to Mt.Shiveer!
That's all!
Happy Jamming!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Club Geoz Music, and Sarepia Fire News!

 Heya Jammers!
First of all, I would like to thank Precious FieryClaw and Fuzz Fuzz Rox for telling me about this stuff. I would have never known!
FieryClaw told me that there is new music in Club Geoz!
Later, when I'm on my laptop, I will record it for you! to hear! It's really cool, and funky!

So thanks again to FieryClaw!

 And, Fuzz Fuzz Rox told me that Mira has been appearing out from the Sarepia fire by herself! No jammers are needed to sleep for it to happen, as you can see in the mysterious picture!
The fire is burnt, then it gets bigger, and then Mira appears!
I wonder if she has come for the grand opening of Mt. Shiveer? Maybe she has something important to say? Or maybe it's just a glitch AJ needs to fix!
So thanks to Fuzz Fuzz for that news!
Happy Jamming! Toodles!
P.S. Also look out for my clan post coming later today or tomorrow hopefully!

Sarepia Slide!

 Heya Jammers!
FINALLY, the old slide in the sarepia forest is now available to ride!!
AND, it even goes swirling around and through a whole in a giant tree that magically seemed to have grown!
Take a look:

I couldn't fit it all in the picture, but now there are 2 slides in Jamaa: 1 in Mt. Shiveer, and the other in the sarepia!
Also, some JAMTASTIC news...
SEALS are going to be available to the public soon! That means, members are jsut testing them out to make sure they are glitch-free and safe before they are letting non-members buy them to!
SO! My predictions have so far been right about the new rooms that I made LONG ago, before the Coral Canyons were out!
Well, there is STILL one more landscape in Jamaa...and my that it is going to be a grassland.

It looks like you'll get to it from Mt. Shiveer?
Anyways, I have a sneak peek of what it might look like in the future, if it WILL become a room:

So it looks like it will be a grassland with some rocky parts to it. Makes sense, since there are mountain-type things on the map.
I can see two rooms in there:
a straw hut and a big tree place, which by the looks of it could be an antique store maybe?
Also, it got cut-off in the picture, but beside the hut there was a wooden sign with a skull on it...
What do you think?
Happy Jamming! Toodles!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

FrillyPaw My New SEAL!

 Heya Jammers!
FINALLY! I got a seal today!!!
I wanted to make it easy for everyone to know who I am, even when I am a seal! So, I kind of...copied my bunny look!
By being a member again ALSO let's me get all my member den items back, buy a completely NEW den, and get my signature green leaf necklace back!!
So, my bunny wears the tie still, and my seal wears the necklace.
Why? Well, when my membership runs out, I can still be my bunny, without having to change costumes! My seal is 100% member now!

See? Isn't the seal cute?
90% of the time, I will be on my bunny. But if not, make sure you look out for this Jamtastic hoppin' seal version of me!
Also, I bought a new den, the pink and purple castle for 6000 gems, and it gave me an award!
It would be very hard to show you my whole den. It's so huge! I don't even have room in that giant place to fit everything I own inside. The only way you'd be able to see it one day is to walk right on through yourself...
Actually, soon I'll make a den tour for you to see!
Happy Jamming!

Friday, January 21, 2011


 Heya Jammers!
Sorry I'm kinda late with this, but the ARCTIC LAND HAS BEEN RELEASED!!
But to start off first, there are some new cards.

That's only a tiny bit. Viewing the whole thing, it would look like:
If you're wondering where I got that, it's from the new newspaper, but right now there are WAY more important things to talk about then that! predictions were right, YET AGAIN!
Look where the land is on the map!

I KNEW it!
And, I was right about that purple tent being a new's a cafe!
Here, you can get hot drinks at the game machine after a cold run through the mountains!!
And look WHO I SEE...A SEAL!! Yess!! The vote came in that most jammers wanted to be able to be SEALS! YAY!!

Click on that game symbol by the big drink machine...
Here, you get to create your own hot cup!
First, you choose what style cup, then the cup's colour, then the drink, and finally add goodies! Then, when you're done, you get to drink it!!
Yum!! Make your own tasty creations, and go WILD with it!
Also, if you didn't know, the new location is called Mount Shiveer!

Then, back outside, there is a small pond of ice with a caution sign! What do you think we should do? HOP!

Also, there is another warm fire (where I'm sure spirits come out) AND...

ALSO....AN ICE SLIDE!! Just climb the icy steps and click the slide! Then, all you gotta do, is go for a ride!

I know, it looks like I'm sliding, but trust me: I'm not.
EXPLORE! See what you'll find! You cannot expect me to post EVERY inch of this place, ya know...

Also, by the fire, there is another game called IceBreaker.
You can play it by yourself, or with some other jammer.

It's really fun when you get the hang of it, and easy to!
Now let's see those seals...

ALL this time I've been waiting for seals, and FINALLY they're here and I can't get one.
That makes me SO mad. >:(
The entrance ways to get to Mt. Shiveer are to use your map, or, to use this entrance at the Sarepia Forest.

There are also new clothes, and den items.
How is this fair: 3 member items, 1 non-member item.

Hair? Don't animals have enough hair already?
Oh and of course, non-members get the weird boy hair...honestly, sometimes I wish I had membership.

A non-member globe and tea cup, and a member tea SET and golden table.

So. Looking over everything that's new today, (including the new newspaper, but why post about that when there is this whole post to make?) what do you like, and what do you not like? I personally really like the 'Hot Cocoa Hut.'  What about you?

I've come to a decision. I'm getting a membership.
Happy Jamming! Toodles!
P.S. I will post my new seal here when I make it.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fuzzy's Top SECRET Plan, and, a Glitch!

 Heya Jammers!
Guess what I found today? A super strange glitch!!
So. I wanted to found out where my buddy, FunPinkyPinky was, since she was online. I scrolled over the find button, and saw she was somewhere called, 'Storage Room.'...wait a minute, there is no storage room in Jamaa, is there? No!!!
So I clicked on it, to find out where this, 'storage room' was. Turns out, it just led me to...
The Medical Room!
As you can see, I scrolled over the find button to see 'storage room' and ALSO was able to get the location name, which is 100% correct, in the picture as well!
This never used to be like that, and the strangest part is, there IS NO room in Jamaa called the 'Storage Room' like I said before!! Comment, and tell me if this wacky glitch occurs on your PC to!

Also...I have...a...


But of course, like I said, top secret. That means you can't know what it is until it's finished. Is it finished yet? Of course not! It might take weeks, or days. depending on my rate of editing!
If that was too confuzzling for you, in other words, "It's not finished."'s the catch...
I am working on this 'plan' right now. Well, not this second, but I was earlier. And, I just wanted to say to keep checking back, because one of these times there will be some jamtastic...
Happy Jamming!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Season Glitch!

 Heya Jammers!
There is ANOTHER seasonal glitch in Jamaa! This time, I am pretty positive it's not my laptop. It's brand new! It started off winter when I logged on, then I went to my den to check for new den items, and left again back to the township where it had suddenly turned into AUTUMN!

Also, I decided to stay the same old me as you can tell.
Is this REALLY a glitch? Is the AJ HQ just FAILING in the cycle of seasons, or is it really just my new laptop?!
Happy Jamming! Toodles!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Me?

 Heya Jammers!
It occurs to me that every time I log onto AJ I see more and more creative animals. Then I look at myself.
Yes, I was thinking about a new me!
Then, I thought about what I've already done...look at my header, with the big sketched picture of me that I made in 2 hours! Look at my signature! Look at my banner! Look at my sidebar picture! Look everywhere!
It is all the old me!
So, what I am saying is that IF I were to change my look, I would have to re-make everything I already have done, which would take DAYS.
But then again, I don't want to look boring, do I?
So, I came up with 5 new outfits PLUS my old one for you to all look at.

Black with stars?

Canadian with a 'Freedom Hat'?

Old me?

Cheery colours?

Looks 10 times better not in my play card.

A necklace?
Please note ALL outfits look better not in my player card.
Also remember that I will not be able to post if I get a new outfit because I will be making new gadgets for AJR.
So, there ARE consequences. I'm not making this into a poll, because I may just come up with an answer on my own.
Do tell me though, should I stay as the old me, or change, and if so, change to which outfit?
Happy Jamming!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fuzzy's Quest

 Heya Jammers!
Remember a LONG time ago when I said I would make a movie to go into my theatre page? Well, I never ended up making one, since the recorder I use shut down. Recently however, I have found another cool screen recorder and am currently using that.
Before, the movie was supposed to be a music video. But, I can't end up making that happen. Soooo instead, I am making a movie called Fuzzy's Quest.
It's an adventure movie! I started making it today, but I was having a small problem and want to see what you guys think about it so far.
(If you can't read it, try full screen mode.)
Eesh! The problem was that it is all blurry and you can't see what I say since it is too far zoomed out. I can't seem to fix it! Later on in the REAL movie I will hopefully change it. It stinks right now. :'(
Comment if you know how to change the zoom.
Happy Jamming!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Results and Clan Sign Ups!

 Heya Jammers!
The results came in and the poll closed for my clan.
I had a very good question asked by FunPinkyPinky that was answered by Mod Precious. No, you do NOT have to wear the clan colours all the time. Only when we're meeting as a group.
So, a rainbow clan won. Personally I think that's kind of hard. There are 7 colours in a rainbow, and on Animal Jam, you can only have 4...
That is why, I have decided to go with a star clan. It came in second place.
I already have a panda, Duke SneezyJoy, who looks all star-ish, so I'll just copy his colouring.
Let's review the criteria for this clan.

Body colours should be dark grey, black, or navy blue.
Eyes should be something nice and bright!
Pattern should be yellow or white stars.

Please, don't over load with clothes. Also, no freedom hats. I will only wear mine to show where I am at all times.

ANYONE can sign up to be in the clan! All you have to do is comment on THIS POST telling me:
Your Animal Jam user name
your Animal Jam animal's name that you will be using in the clan
Your time zone - if you do not know, ask a parent. Not me.
Which weekend day (Saturday or Sunday) is best for you to come on.

That's all you need to tell me, and judging by your answers I will try as hard as I can to set up a time where it works out for everyone.

I am EST. If you do not know how many hours our time zones are apart, that's up to you.
Sign -Ups are available for 1 week. That means they will close on Wednesday January 19.
More info will be posted after!
Happy Jamming!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Join Fuzzy's Clan!

 Heya Jammers!
Lately, I've been hearing bad things about 'clans' and 'packs.'
I was on AJ this morning and saw a 'water clan.' As soon as I saw them I remember what people have been saying about clans and took it to my head. I said, "Oh no!" *hops!*
Then the leader of the clan came up to me and asked what was wrong. I said, "I just don`t trust clans." And he said, "Some people do, some people don`t. That`s alright, carry on."
So, as you can see, most people seem to think badly about clans.
If you don`t know, clans are like little groups of friends, or special clubs.
Don`t trust all of them never know. Personally I kind of think they` Wouldn`t it be fun to be in a friend club?

That`s why I am starting a GOOD clan. All I need now is a name...
The clan I saw was called the `water clan.` They were all blue and stuff, kind of like water!

Let`s think. What do I like? Umm...
purple (obviously...)
Hmm...Which one do you like? I`m going to put up a poll that lasts 3 DAYS to decide. Which ever one wins means if you get to join, you will have to wear those colours. So, if you choose pickles, we`ll have to be different colours and patterns of green. Purple, we`ll obviously be purple, rainbows...any colour in a rainbow and any pattern you want. It MUST be bright and colourful, though! Clouds, grey and white with a swirly pattern. And, stars, black, dark blue-ish colouring and yellow polka dots or something!
It`s up to you!
More about this will be posted later on after the poll results. It is in the left sidebar!
Happy Jamming!

Friday, January 7, 2011


 Heya Jammers!
Oh my gosh, so much is new!! Animal Jam says, "new year, new fun!" Which is absolutely right!
First of all, looks like Animal Jam is all about big cats now, take a look:

Cool! You can read tons of cool fun facts by clicking on the Golden Paw beside each 'big cats' sign.

Also - something that just made AJ even MORE Jamtastic...BUDDY GAMES!!
NOW, when you click on a buddy that is ONLINE, you have the option to play games with them you CAN'T play anywhere else in Jamaa! The tab you click on once you open up a buddy's player card looks like this, and it sticks out of the side:

Click on it, and you will see games you can play with your online buddies!

AWESOME! Currently you can play Rock Paper Scissors, Tic Tac Toe, and Connect 4. Have fun playing these jamtacular games, and hopefully there will be some new ones to come soon!
Unfortunately, there seem to still be some bugs the HQ needs to work out. I thought I'd test a game out, so I sent the game invite to my friend, May 639, and she told me after a few minutes of waiting that she never got it! Hopefully you guys have better luck than I am having.

There are also new clothes, to. Take a look:

Cooool...Let's see how I look with glasses on...
What?! They don't even have green? Come on...

Oh, cool. Of course! New den items.

Blue crystals? I wonder if that's something Liza brought back from her expedition...

Wow. There is ALSO a new Jamaa Journal! (Newspaper)
In it, it shows this week's contest. EASY!

Ok. Here are the answers.
In the top, first picture, it is in the Coral Canyons.
In the bottom left picture, it is in the Temple of Zios.
And, in the bottom right picture, it is in the Sarepia Forest.

Cool! Make sure to maybe try on the weekend early in the morning, since only the first 10 correct answers of the day will get the gem bonus.
Also, scroll down to the next post to see what I had to say about the new designs! Speaking about designs, you may have (and should have) noticed the new AWESOME header up top and the new background on my site, AJR! I am currently still working on the new Game Guide page, so that will have to come later on. It's a big job, ya know!

Oh no! Oh, wait...Oh YES! Look!

Either, they are fixing that glitch with the new buddy games, or they are UPDATING!! Really?? Something ELSE new? Can it be what I think it is?
What do you think of all this? Comment!
Happy Jamming!