Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Future Room?!

Heya Jammers!
Have you ever noticed this door at the Lost Temple of Zios?

Could this be a room getting ready for the future?
Have any ideas on what you think it could be?
Personally, I'm hoping it's an Ice cream parlor, or an ARCADE! What about you?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Animal Jam Treats! *UPDATED*

Heya Jammers!
Sometimes, you might see an animal with a popcorn bag, or fruity drink above their player!
Do you want to have one to?

Well now you can!
Here's how:

For the drink:
Click your map, and go to the Crystal Sands.
Enter the building, Captain Melville's Juice Hut.
Click the game symbol by the counter.
Play the game!

For the popcorn:
Click your map, and go to the Sarepia Forest.
Climb the stairs up the trees and go into the Theater Lobby.
Click the game symbol by the counter.
Play the game!

It's so easy, and costs nothing at all!
Now you can enjoy popcorn while you watch that movie!
Or relax at the beach with a smoothie to cool you off!
I hope I helped!

Also, the AJ HQ helped me to be able to type messages! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! If you want to learn how to do that to, just ask them, and I'm sure they will be as helpful to you as they were to me. Jam on!

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Forgot Password Button

Animal Jam has finally brought out a "forgot your password" button just in case, which is always a good thing. Now you can use this if you ever forget!

What do you think?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Animal Jam Loading Fail!

Hello Jammers!
Remember how I am always talking about the loading problems??
I am here to show you what I mean! (I recorded this with Screen Toaster!)

Fail, right? Well just about 7, maybe 8 seconds ago I just exited the loading...because it didn't stop.
I have commented on the feedback page of Animal Jam about this problem...
and it isn't just my computer! Take a look of how fast the Club Penguin loading is compared to Animal Jam:


See? Now compare the two loadings...which is faster? I think we all know, it's Animal Jam.
NO, Club Penguin. Heheheee... please tell me if you are having any loading problems.
And contact the support page on Animal Jam if you have these problems or other problemos yourself!

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Chat Bar Guide

Hello Jammers!
If you didn't know what all the buttons on your chat bar do, this is your guide! But first, a funny story:

I was hoping along in the Crystal Sands, and you'll never guess who I saw - another bunny named
Fuzzy ShyIvy! I got a bit mad, and a pinch sad. I thought my name was really unique! I mean, there are millions of options to choose from...and she had to pick the one I did.

Yeah I still can't get over that. But anyways, here is how you use the chat bar, located in the bottom of your screen. Each arrow leads to a number...

  1. You! Click on it to change your looks and costume.

  2. Your animals! You can buy a new animal to change into it!

  3. Your actions!

  4. Your emotes!

  5. Your chat menu options!

  6. Your chat bar - you can only type messages if you have a parent account...darn.

  7. Your house! Home sweet home!

  8. The sound...mute the music if you want!

  9. And finally, the map.
I hope that clears things up!

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Monday, August 9, 2010


Hey Guys! I finally got back on! I bought a new LEAF necklace at the store on sale, then relized you can change the colours of things, recycled it and only got 24 gems back (it costed 80) and then looked at the colourn options and relized the colour I had already was the best and had to buy it again. I wasted a whole lotta gems... :-( Bumer. That makes me really mad.
Anyways this is me - just an ordinary bunny:
Kinda cute, eh? You will be able to see this picture of me in the sidebar soon, and it will be updated to show me in my usual outfits, which will be changed when I change my look.
Explore! Look around for a while! That's how I became so good handling everything on Animal Jam!
I will be back later posting about each button and gizmo on your chat bar.
Good luck finding me on Animal Jam, Jammers!

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Welcome To Animal Jam!

Welcome to Animal Jam, a virtual world for kids.
This is my site about it, and I wont be posting much, just to warn you.
I mostly play Club Penguin, that is why. I have a Club Penguin Site, too, at http://www.octocp.blogspot.com/
My Penguin name on CP is Oopsyocto155, but my name on Animal Jam is Fuzzy ShyIvy.
Animal Jam has a few glitches, and loading problemos, but I still enjoy it, much so. After all, it is under beta. Beta is what they call testing, so let's wait and see when the Beta is gone!
I wil be here to help you around, and show you how the game works. Right now I am having a loading problem, so I will try to show you myself on there later. I managed to get a quick picture of:

That is me, but I will have more on me later. Anyways, I am standing beside 2 symbols...
The purple controller leads to a game when you click it.
The green leaf tells you some facts about plants, like for example, that leaf symbol is on those yellow flowers. It will tell you info on/about those flowers! Cool huh? I will have more updates on this soon, and how to use the icons down in the menu bar. Well, that's all for now, but check back later, I will have more updates!

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