Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Results and Clan Sign Ups!

 Heya Jammers!
The results came in and the poll closed for my clan.
I had a very good question asked by FunPinkyPinky that was answered by Mod Precious. No, you do NOT have to wear the clan colours all the time. Only when we're meeting as a group.
So, a rainbow clan won. Personally I think that's kind of hard. There are 7 colours in a rainbow, and on Animal Jam, you can only have 4...
That is why, I have decided to go with a star clan. It came in second place.
I already have a panda, Duke SneezyJoy, who looks all star-ish, so I'll just copy his colouring.
Let's review the criteria for this clan.

Body colours should be dark grey, black, or navy blue.
Eyes should be something nice and bright!
Pattern should be yellow or white stars.

Please, don't over load with clothes. Also, no freedom hats. I will only wear mine to show where I am at all times.

ANYONE can sign up to be in the clan! All you have to do is comment on THIS POST telling me:
Your Animal Jam user name
your Animal Jam animal's name that you will be using in the clan
Your time zone - if you do not know, ask a parent. Not me.
Which weekend day (Saturday or Sunday) is best for you to come on.

That's all you need to tell me, and judging by your answers I will try as hard as I can to set up a time where it works out for everyone.

I am EST. If you do not know how many hours our time zones are apart, that's up to you.
Sign -Ups are available for 1 week. That means they will close on Wednesday January 19.
More info will be posted after!
Happy Jamming!


Funwow,AJR Mod said...

Clan Sign-up: Username: funwow Animal name:Professor Peachyrobot Timezone: EST

key99 said...

my username is Key99. My animaljam name that i will use in the clan is Fuzzy Roundanimal. My timezone is centrall. I on am avalibale on Saterday.

A great fan of animaljam,

key99 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fuzzy ShyIvy said...


Info like that coming soon!

Precious Fieryclaw said...

Ok Im In! Well You know my Everything! Well, I'll Remind You My Time Zone It's CST Hope That helped!

Fuzzy ShyIvy said...

@FieryClaw Mod

Great! That's all I need to know from you. Check back next week for more information.

key99 said...

Fuzzy Shyivy,
I wanted to ask u if you'll be on animal jam today. Piz, Piz PIZ tell me.


FunPinkyPinky said...

I get to be in, right? Well, my username is FunPinkyPinky and I'm Snowflake Articwolf. I suppose you know that ...

General Scaryruler said...

@Fuzzy Shyivy, thanks foe posting i am in! The best day for me is Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. My time zone is Mountain Time. My username in AJ is General Scary ruler.

PS I hope i become a mod soon...

Woodswolf said...

Username: Woodswolf
Animal Name: Mythical Magicmaster
Time Zone: CST (-1 hour from EST)
Preferable Day: Neither (We almost always have full weekends and my dad is always on the computer)
Hope this helps!
- Woodswolf

Dragonrose&others said...

Ok I'll try to be there all the time I'll be Dragonrose and I think you all ready know my name. I live in Wisconsin so I think that's CST. I'm available in the mornings on almost every Saturday and about 1 to 2 or 3 on Sunday.

Woodswolf said...

Yes. Wisconsin is in CST. I actually live in Wisconsin! XD

key99 said...

@Fuzzy Shyivy
Can i where this flag i just bought? The stem is green and the flag part is orange.

Please tell me if I can where it to the meetings.


key99 said...

oh and 1 more thing

my little bro. wanted to be in the clan.
Animal Jam:Fuzzy Roundbunny
Time zone:Centrall

Anonymous said...

my user name is pnutfluffy i already made a clan called star clan

Fuzzy ShyIvy said...


That's fine. It won't be called the star clan anyways.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to be in the clan....
Username: Catgirl5040
Animal name: Snowflake Magicstar(rabbit)
Time zone: EST
Saturday would be best for me.

Kristen said...

Can I join?

User: Kayla789

Animal names: Wolf: Flora Magicstar, Bunny: Fauna Berryspirit.

Time zone: EST

Saturday is best for me too.

Woodswolf said...

Fuzzy, just to specify which day would work best for me, Monday nights work very well because my dad isn't home to hog the computer. That is almost the only day I can get on in the evening (except for weekends with lots of Iowa Hawkeyes sports. He went to college there).
I don't know if this helps, because I am seeing lots of Saturdays and only one Sunday (which the afternoon might work, or really late evening Saturday).
All I know is if this is going to behave like an actual clan, I won't be able to show up to 90% of the meetings. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

i want to jion the star clan
username clippie
animal name teesy snowypaw
time EST
day saturday and sunday

Anonymous said...

I really want to join the clan


Animals: tiger: commander coolstar
Wolf: king articwolf

Time zone: central

I'm always available on weekends

Anonymous said...

my username is: scratchy
my pet name is: fuzzy vineivy (i know!!! Dont blame me for that name, i told you, remember?)
my time zone: GMT
and saturday is the best day of the weekend for me to come on!!!

Anonymous said...

Fuzzy? Do you think you can make a search box? Cuz i want to find one of your older posts i remember what its called, + a search box can be helpful!
Thank you
Fuzzy Vineivy

Anonymous said...

The search box will be loads easier than your blog archive.

Anonymous said...

You know, clans originate from warrior cats the book. It might be a little scary for you.A clan life is constant battle.
Pteri4u aka firewing of thunderclan

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, stars are only LEADER COLOR. The named is something like... thunderstar or snowstar(do not use snowstar).In clans in the Warrior cats series they have no clan colors. Some clans do intend to have some though.Did you know in the Warriors series starclan is the stars in the sky?The stars are of good dead warriors.Why!They must be watching you right now!
Pteri4u aka firewing

Anonymous said...

pleeeese can i be in your clan im wild child tiger or snowflake arctic rose or enchanted spooky tiger so can i join

Pokechu said...

Animal Jam User:Pokechu
Most Used Animal Name:Prancing Speedywolf
Clan Name:Thunderpelt
Time Zone:Around 16:00 to max 21:00.On Weekends 10:00 to 22:00
Day's On:Monday-Saturday
Rank In Clan:Warrior

bubbalove1 said...

User: bubbalove1
Time Zone: Im avalible most afternoons.
Clan Name: DarkPaw

Anonymous said...

i want to be in a clan
animal jam username:silly fox [with no space]
time zone:EST

Anonymous said...

please can I be in a clan
user:silly fox
animal name:princess snowy lily
time zone:EST

you are my hero fuzzy shyivy

Durmstrang said...

Well... My User is durmstrang
So..... PLEASE let me join. I can get on at saturday usually......... My time is america... umm don't know wht to say really...


lovegoodluvr said...

Aww he sign up closed but can I still be in clan?
Name silvana
User ginny1618648
Colors navy blue or black wth yellow stars
Fri sat and sometimes Sunday
I think I now tht person durmstrang

silvermoon said...

Sup guys this is castillofarms12.My cousin Kat has silver moon clan so if you wanna join friend me castillofarms12.

Autumn said...

Clan Sign-Up:
Animal: Victory Desertstar
Time zone: EST
Time: Around 3:00
Day: 4/14/12 (this saturday)
Hope this works for you!


Anonymous said...

Clan sign up: Username: Kittycollar
Wolf name, Juniper SpiritIvy
Would be honored to join!

Anonymous said...

Is it ok if I apply right now... sorry I couldnt eailier. If I can my username is LITTLEBROCON and my name will be StarStrike.

Maileybug said...

user: Maileybug Animal name: rosy prettyanimal timezone: EST i am avalibale on saturday and sunday and am a bug fuzzy shyivy fan and would be honerend to join!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Fuzzy!! I am maileybug I misspelled big for bug ok?? And answer these please.
Am I in?
Do I buddy you? Did saying all weekends hurt the chances of me joining? Did the misspell bug (I know it sounds mean I am not a bug fan!!) thanks

Anonymous said...

i am in wind clan their new area is saripia they took it from sea clan

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm lisettelove03 my aj mom unadopted my and then I got readopted and know it happened again members Only can adopt

Anonymous said...

Report pinksmiles123 and jbsgirl777 they unadded me

Anonymous said...

I was wondering If your clan and me and my sister clan could become 1 and fight m cheyenne and I r leaders queen and leader my aj daughters are warriors only 1of then aren't me Cheyenne and Emily r warriors our clan colors r grey black and white we only use them 4 meetings or just keep the color and I'm very srry that u and ur clan got defeated by rainbow clan

Anonymous said...

Oops I meant fuzzyshy ivy my user is lisettelove03 and Cheyennes is superwolf32244.Xoxoxo i luv Devaughn Mitchell

From Ariana Sanchez and Cheyenne freitag
Sisters 4ever

Anonymous said...

Clan Sign-up:

Username: Wubbit

Animal Name: Bouncing Spookypaw

Timezone: EST

I can play on Saturday AND Sunday.

Ty! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi I need to know ur username.
User: fuzzybunnypaws
Animal name: Fauna Vonfox
Time: 9:30 - 11:00 only morning
Day: Saturday

Also I like ur blog.its cool.plz plz plz respond to my comment as soon as possible.

Arcanine101 said...

Username: Arcanine101
Clan Name: Wildshadow
Animal's Name: Snowflake Prettywolf
Available Times: any day of the week
Time Zone: Eastern Central or whatever Kentucky is in

Anonymous said...

username: flipflop65
Name of character: Luckyglamfox
cant remember last one

I thought i might write a little about me ok here goes Lucky (me) i'm a famous lone explorer recently been around cat clan leader ran to be a free warrior i have fought (and won) i wanted to join a clan i chose yours after watching you for a while i would like respect im world famous hon

Anonymous said...

flipflop65 again... im getting a wolf oh more stuff about me! you're so lucky! well i HAD a clan the snow clan but they left they had darkness on their side OH! and if i do not get accepted by this easter! 2013 im leaving for another clan i also wanna be listened to you'll be VERY lucky to have me ooooh i have a clan name i would like Dawn or Dusk or Dust or Blaze 1 tip of mine in a clan sneak to the other team learn stuff about what they plan to do to your clan then take 'em' by surprise! bye honey darling say hi to star clan for me

P.S. please warn them about me i have a bit of a temper i will tell ya a few of my adventures ok? bye honeys

Anonymous said...

DustTail sat watching SkullClaw and DuskShadow the earlier days had been hard on her DuskShadow
and SkullClaw had left her for the beautiful young wolf that turned up that day StarSky was one of those wolves white pretty one that all female wolves would be jealous of “DawnTail what's wrong nobody has seen you for like ages” cried out CloverPaw DawnTail walked away from her she had rather fancied those two male wolves but of course SHE was in the way “i will get rid of her i will get even i always do”

Anonymous said...

MistyMoon Clan at flipflop65 please come i'm getting a camp ready MistyMoon clan members should be a misty colour or if you like a black body with the moon pattern i hope to see you there my clan name is DawnPaw you will have to call me that i will pick names and jobs for you all I hope you can come!

KittyFox luver said...

Hey Jammers! i have been making a story about a group of Foxes hope ya like it!

Dawn sat down trying to squash a beetle with her paw. She watched as it scurried about then slammed her paw on top of it. She moved her paw to reveal a squashed shiny black beetle its shell shone it the light of the moon then she swiped it away with her black paw. Her stomach growled and she sat up and sniffed the wind was in her face and anything further along in the woods scent would be blown to her. But nothing she realised that she should of ate that beetle it was a waste to kill it so she searched for it and found it there lying in a ray of pearly white moon it had lost several legs because a spider was next to it wrapping it up but was not doing very well she sat up delighted with her bonus and picked them up with sharp white teeth and bit them she chewed for a while then swallowed when she saw Claw. He padded over to her and was dissatisfied that she had not shared “ You would let us starve would you? ” Dawn looked at him hard “ No! why would i ever do that! i found a beetle and a spider am i supposed to share even that! ” Claw looked at her in astonishment “ why would you ever eat that?!?! ” he said coldly “ well im starving it was the only thing here or do you wish for ME to starve! ” Claw saw reason in this “ ok ok i get your point but we must find something ” he groaned just as he said that a lemming ran in front of Dawn she slammed her paw down trapping the lemming “ will this do? ” she said sarcastically. Claw was unhappy but gaping at her after she got the lemming “ well Dawn that was pretty impressive you have it you are a bit on the thin side wait forget a bit instead very ” he cried Dawn rolled her eyes and began tearing meat of the little furry body “ Dawn? what are you eating? Dawn you should of shared that! ” cried Scarlet the most important fox there was.... Not to Dawn though in fact it was just the boys he thought that! “Mmmmm! its real nice ” said Dawn teasing Scarlet. Dawn smiled meat dripping down her chin Scarlet scowled and snarled showing her Oh so perfect teeth to Dawn not so perfect more like jagged twiggs. Dawn sniggered at the thought of twigs in Scarlet's mouth. “ I hope to see you sharing from now on ” complained Scarlet “ well if you want me to share tell Claw he let me have it ” Dawn said still chewing on the lemming Scarlet was stunned at what he had done everyone knew she liked him “ w-w-well i will talk to him she walked away grumbling words to herself that Dawn couldn't make out. But what Scarlet had really said was “ i know what she's up to she wants Claw im gonna get her one way or the other ”

Part 2 coming soon!

i wanna join the clan
name: Lil'JusineBeibluver879054
animal name: Gorgeousmajormajor

I knew you were trouble PARODY said...

great story! hey u guys heard of poop clan? search it its real!

Anonymous said...

user: happypenguinrock
name: general magicwolf
time zone: estern standard time
day: any day

Kittyfox luver said...

part 2 of foxes

Scarlet sat in her burrow darkness swirled around her “I could let them be together...” she said “NEVER!” she cried she bit her claws in her anger grumbling words to herself that nobody would hear her say again. Dawn had been hunting in the warm midday air but had no luck. She had been looking forward to this point of day it was the blue moon night a night only she went to. She padded across feilds and hills until she got to a beautiful meadow filled with gorgeous wild flowers of all colours she was watching the sun go down she had a small nap and woke up to the night she sat up and looked out at the sky. “The blue moon!” she said looking at the large icy blue moon. She heard a crack behind her and swirled around Claw was coming he walked right up to her side then sat down also watching the blue moon “Dawn its amazing isn't it?” he whispered Claw looked at her and Dawn nodded “I come here every year since my parents died they always told me to come see the moon with them but I never did i feel so bad about that because this is where they met”she whispered. Claw looked at her he looked sad to hear this then he moved closer to her and put his tail around her “It will be alright and you eventually came here and they would be happy with you Dawn” Dawns tears seemed to vanish she looked at him “you are right” she sighed “like they did i could find someone here one day any day” she whispered with a light of hope in her eyes “Dawn... maybe you already have..” Claw whispered Dawn looked at him she was smiling and she hadn't done that in along time. “I think i have found the one for me” she said happily Claw looked happy too because he had always liked Dawn “Dawn... i think... i think... I love you..” Claw whispered in a shaky voice Dawn looked at him through tears of joy “i think i do too” Dawn whispered “Dawn will you be with me forever?” said Claw. “Yes!” Dawn cried “WHAT!!! CLAW AND DAWN NO!!!” Scarlet had been spying on them she stormed up to Dawn and jumped on her tackling her scratching and biting “CLAW IS MINE!!!” she screeched biting her again. Claw grabbed Scarlet and threw her of Dawn “well Scarlet i never liked you i love Dawn not you” said Claw picking Dawn up “... you never liked me? said Scarlet Claw shook his head Scarlet ran away. “Dawn!”...

part 3 will come soon
but what has Scarlet done to Dawn?

Kittyfox luver said...

part 3 foxes

Claw picked Dawn up her leg was broken he put her on his back and ran through the feilds and hills Dawn on his back. He carried her down to his burrow “there its going to be alright Dawn...” he said “GUARDS!” he shouted and two foxes came to him “find Scarlet and i want you to drag her here” he said the guards ran. Claw looked at Dawn who was lying there sleeping he curled up next to her and lay there waiting for Scarlet. “Scarlet? where are you?” came the cries of guards further up in the burrow Scarlet was trapped. A guard had found her “HERE HERE DOWN HERE!” cried the guard he grabbed her by the leg with his teeth and dragged her to the other burrow she knew Dawn and Claw where down there. “SCARLET COME HERE!” screamed Claw “you have hurt almost killed another fox and you could kill more so with my deepest apologies i sentence you to death” Scarler went running guards after her and Claw watched them run into the darkness. Dawn woke up “wheres Scarlet?” she whispered “gone she is going to die for hurting my dear Dawn “oh Claw i love you”

The End...

Anonymous said...

What is your user?

Anonymous said...

Whats your user i must join im yellow76610

Anonymous said...

I looked through this and I hope you realize that this isn't how a clan works... The clans are based off of the Warriors series, so if you are going to have a clan (or even be in one) you should at least know the basics of how a clan works. I'm not trying to criticize anyone here or anything but I'm hoping that if you guys are going to continue to have clans, you better know what you're doing. It's just that the fact that clans are becoming less like the actual clans has become annoying for all of those people who have read the book.

Anonymous said...

my username is mollymoon i would like to be a kit my animal is named dancing funnymoon EST