Friday, December 31, 2010

Become a Mod Today!

 Heya Jammers!
You may have noticed a small list in the left sidebar!
That list is the moderators list. Let me explain what that is.
Being a moderator, is basically like being one of my helpers. There will hopefully be 7 in total. All it means, is that you comment a lot, and this is basically your reward. In this case, a moderator, called a mod for short, is like the one to help. This means, your job as a mod is to answers questions! For example, if someone said in a comment, named HuggyBunny, and asked:
Hi I'm new to aj and I don't know how to earn achievements. Can someone help me?
Instead of me always having to answer, any moderator who sees it can answer instead! So, their reply might be,
Aw, yes. Achievements are everywhere! You get them for sending jam-a-grams, adding buddies, buying stuff, playing games, and more! It's very easy to get one, and you can easily view them any time by clicking the gold trophy at the top!

But I want all mods to set up comments a certain way. When you reply, write:
@(The questioners name here)
(your reply here)
   -(your name here), AJR Mod

If you have no clue what I mean, check one of my comments. I usually don't write my name, but I want you to.

So ALL you have to do in order to hopefully become a mod is to comment a lot! And I don't just mean once and boom, you're hired, you actually have to comment and answer questions quite a bit.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.
Good luck, Happy New Year, and Happy Jamming!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


 Heya Jammers!
WOW! THAT PARTY WAS JAMTASTIC! I was able to record! Also, I took a few screenshots. I will post them all here.
After we patrolled out of Club geoz, we headed off to break the bridge!

Next we went into the pillow room. It was really fun! We all went back to our original selves.

Then we smiled, and 'danced till our tails fell off!'

Closer to the end, everyone was dressing like their favourite foods. I'm on the side, dressed like a waffle. It's not my favourite, but they ARE tasty.

Then, at 3:10, when we had been partying for 40 minutes, we all settled down with the help of friends and I said my thank yous. Everyone started to cheer!

...Now, I know there was confusion. Originally I said the party was at 2:30, PACIFIC time. Now, I wrote that a whole month or so before the party. Somehow it got to my head I said EST time! Next thing ya know, 4 minutes until party time, I noticed it was at PST...whoops. Well no going back then! So I thought I'd go back later at PST time, but everyone (almost everyone) was already there! I had to stay then! Sorry to everyone who thought it was at PST time, from the bottom of  my bunny heart.
Moving on.
Some reviews I found...I didn't catch ALL the names, but here was what some fellow jammers had to say about it:
"This is awesome fuzzy! Can we do this again?"
"Fuzzy started it!"
Woodswolf said: "Even though I showed up a bit late it was still an awesome party!"
Roxy648 said: "It was the best animal jam party ever and I can't wait for the next one!"

Cool, thanks everyone! *Sigh.* I gotta keep blabbing on about something else. My movie is STILL uploading. By the way, this movie will be shown in my Theater page, which I just happened to spell the American way though I am Canadian. Hehe!

So, check next week for the mini-party details post!
Mine as well do the thank yous now. Here goes...

Thank you to all the jammers who showed up at the party. You made it all complete, every which one of you.
Thank you to everyone who gave a review. They were awesome!
Thank you to Awesome TinyGirl for being on my chat the WHOLE time, and for much longer afterwards to.
Thank you to everyone else who looks at my site - even if you weren't there. You do too much to explain already. :-)
Thank you to FunPinkyPinky, for supporting me a ton through out the whole party a lot!
Thank you to Club Geoz and the AJ HQ for setting up all the decorations. It looked jamtastic!

Thank you to EVERYONE, really. It was JAMTASTIC, and in total we had around...maybe 30-40 Jammers there? It was PERFECT, and I couldn't have asked for more...except maybe I could've asked myself to not screw up times...but anyways...I hope to do it again soon!

Finally!! You can view the movie HERE!
Happy Jamming!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Beat Me!

 Heya Jammers!
Heya Jammer! This week's beat me is SUPER SPECIAL and there is a REWARD for winning!
This time I decided to play Twister, located in the Coral Pathways!
Cool! You can read that cool tornado fact to!
Ok. So recently no one has been playing the Beat Me's. I think they'd be really fun to try personally, but...that's why I've decided to try to make a reward for the beat me this week! I had trouble figuring out what it should be, but then I thought of a Christmas present!  How about it? All you have to do differently is play the game Twister, then type your score into a comment on THIS POST, and, also explain to me what you like! For example, I like animals, so I could write that. That way if you had the highest score, I would know you like animals so I could send you an animal picture I made or something!
I hope this works better!

Also I've been seeing a  lot of very rude comments. Luckily, I can choose which ones to post, but...unfortunately I've been getting ones like: you ______ _____...and there were swear words there. Also I got one saying: "this website is kinda boring. Correction-REALLY BORING. id rather watch a tree all day than be here!"
So, my reply was: "Wow, that's nice. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all, would you?"
I would like to hear your replies, and if you were the one who did it, please apologize. You commented as anonymous anyways, so no one would know who you were.
Happy Jamming, be nice, and good luck!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


 Heya Jammers!
I've got a very important message to tell you! I made it into a picture with all my cool new fonts I have, so, therefore, you have to read it by clicking this link to the picture.

Cool fonts, eh? So what do ya think? I will have a poll go up in the sidebar, and the AJ Awards will be taken down shortly. I just felt that the page was lacking viewers, and was kinda just there for no one to look and and take up space. So the choices for the new page are:

A Funny/Party pictures page
An about me page
A game guide page
An artwork page
An AJR Schedule page
I've tried an artwork page before. To get that one which will not be in the poll, I wanna see your artwork! You can colour pictures online on aj, or draw them and scan them onto your computer! Then you can use to upload the image and get the link so we can all see!
The poll will be up soon to vote. Happy Jamming!

Friday, December 24, 2010


 Heya Jammers!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

New Jam-A-Grams!

 Heya Jammers!
There are two new Jam-A-Grams! Take a look:

Pretty cool! Also, scroll down for my new Jamaalidays post below!
Happy Jamming, and Happy Jamaalidays!

New Jamaalidays Stuff!

 Heya Jammers!
Today I logged onto AJ and instead of showing the Jammer Spotlight, some huge thing came up saying that Mira, the spirit of Jamaa, is giving us a present everyday until Christmas! Today it was 100 gems! Take a look:
Isn't that cool and sweet? : D
THEN I noticed new clothing!

Sorry but I won't be wearing a beard any time soon...
Plus, of course there are new den items to, and they're BOTH for non-members!

They're really cool - I bought one of each!
But wait! There are more, 3 more in fact...for members...

A pot of gems? Lucky! Free money whenever you want! Hehe!
Err, free gems for...400 gems...
There is a new newspaper to, talking about ZeeVex cards. ZeeVex cards are ways to give friends and family Club Memberships without even needing a credit card! They range in the amount of membership and price, and man, do I want one of those for Christmas!
Plus, for a 425 gem bonus, all we have to do in the 'Guess that Game' contest is naming games! Here we go:
Picture 1: Temple of Trivia!
Picture 2: Double Up!
Picture 3: Mira Says! (The Beat Me game this week, but don't write that in your e-mail!)

That one is easy! So hurry, and send those answers to for the chance to win!
Also, I recently sent a picture I drew on the computer of a monkey to the AJ HQ at but they put up another jammer's made up kind of scary rainbow-ish bird thing. Here is my monkey, but DON'T STEAL:
Also, remember how I said before that if my viewers could get over 10 000 hits (views) before my party, I would have a mini party sometime after? Well I'm happy to say a great thanks to everyone, because you DID! Thanks so much! So watch for the miniature party plans after my Holidays party!

So about the glitch post I made... (scroll down to see it)
Turns out I didn't even need to clear my cache. It just fixed itself! Although - someone tell me - is it supposed to be snowing?
Comment! Happy Jamming, and Happy Jamaalidays!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


 Heya Jammers!
Today I met someone new on my chat. We went to go log on and meet, but when we did, I saw Halloween decorations up! Take a look:

But then I checked chat, and Fabulous Snarkyviolet, the one standing next to me in the picture, told me she DIDN'T see it as Halloween, she just said it wasn't snowing...snowing? I must have missed that. (I'll post about that later I guess.) But then she walked onto the pond. I remember being able to walk on there when t was frozen. She asked me if I could, but I couldn't - 'cause I saw it thawed out! Hopefully this will get fixed soon. I know it's not just my computer, because someone else in Jamaa said it looked like Halloween again to! Weird! Do YOU see this glitch? COMMENT!
Happy Jamming!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Beat Me!

 Heya Jammers!
This week for Beat Me, to get the highest score and end up in my Beat Me Records, you will have to play Mira Says (which I played for my first time ever today!) which is located in the Chamber of Knowledge. You can get to that game by going to the Temple of Zios, then heading over to the upper left and going through one of those big temple doors. Go all the way back to the end of that room and go into the door taking you to the second level, and at the back of THAT room is Mira Says. I'm really not sure how good my score is, but here it is anyways:
In Mira Says there are gems and points, which technically is your score. I want YOU to try to BEAT ME!
Happy Jamming, and good luck!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sorry about that!

 Heya Jammers!
Sorry about yesterday, a wire connecting my computer to my screen was...burnt...sort of. We had to get a new one which was later in the day. I probably won't be able to post much either today to because I've got e-mails to make and chats to go on (mine only) and things on other sites and homework websites and stuff to also do, PLUS I've got a piano lesson today, so...see you tomorrow!
Happy Jamming! Toodles!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday Party *Repost*

Heya Jammers!
Am I ever pleased to tell you two things...
  1. Get ready for upcoming winter designs on AJR, coming soon in the next week.
  2. Scroll down for the this weeks Beat Me!
  3. You want to party? I do! Deck the halls, it's PARTY TIME!!
Yes, you heard! I FINALLY will have a party! It will be called the Happy Holidays celebration, and the details are below. Look out for a special Happy Holidays party banner to that you can share with AJ pals!

Yes! The last thing it says is 'See you there in red and green!'
That is because during the party, I will not only add those who come, (I have around 10 - 15 spots) but we will all party in red and green! I know not all of you celebrate Christmas, but at least it's called the Happy Holidays party - so I want YOU to dress up in Christmas clothes, red and green items, and even change your colours to!  If there is anything I forgot to tell you, or if you have any questions, please, let me know! Don't be afraid, and I will get to you in at least a day!
Happy Jamming, and I hope to see you there!

Friday, December 17, 2010

New Clothing!

Heya Jammers!
This has to be quick, I gotta go VERY soon! There are two new clothing items! Here they are:
Also, two new den items!

Ok, Happy Jamming! Toodles!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


 Heya Jammers!
Today I noticed that all members of AJ have a key in the top left hand corner of their player cards!
I looked closely, and remember a long time ago I made a post about member locks? (Read it here)
Maybe the keys can open the locks! Maybe those rooms and areas and stuffs are member only!
Too bad I'm not a member anymore.
The keys look like this:

I think I'll ask the AJ HQ about this! They e-mail back fast, so check in a few days for the e-mail reply post about it all! If you know what it means, or if you have any predictions,
Happy Jamming!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Beat Me

 Heya Jammers!
Last week I asked if anyone could get rank 1 in Temple of Trivia - no one did as I recall!!
Oh well, lots of people liked this one from before: Try to beat my OWN record in Long Shot!

I earned an achievement for this run of over 20,000! My score, 35088, was my highest yet! I rolled through layers and layers of murky, dead woods and exploding lava fields, so look for those scenes and you COULD possibly beat me!
I remember this being a fun and easy one before, so play Long Shot again, and BEAT ME!
Good luck, and Happy Jamming!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


 Heya Jammers!
I just thought of an awesome deal!
Right now when I look, my hit counters are in the 7 thousands! So I thought, 'Wow, that's pretty darn close to 10000!' THEN, I thought 'that mini party I had with my friends on chat yesterday was REALLY fun, and they seemed to enjoy it - a lot!' So, of course, the next thing I thought of was 'Oh my gosh I REALLY want a hex bug for Christmas!' but, ya know, that doesn't have to do with anything.
But then I thought of an awesome deal.
If my viewers can get me to 10000 hits BEFORE my Holiday party, we will plan a mini party not long after. If not,'ll just have to wait until I plan another one!
So, if you, viewers, can get my site 10000 hits OR OVER before my Holiday Party, we will have a mini party shortly after the Holiday one!
Is it a deal? Comment, saying 'DEAL' or 'NO DEAL'
Happy Jamming!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Jamaalidays Card!

 Heya Jammers!
Today, while I was having a mini party with the new Buddy of the Month, the same Jammer I had a party with yesterday, and I noticed there was a new Jam-A-Gram when I was going to send one! It's a Jamaalidays card:
It's cool! What do you think? Also, if you ever wanna have a mini party with me, I suggest going to my chat.
Scroll down for all my other Holiday posts!
Happy Jamming!

New Newspaper!

 Heya Jammers!
Today there was a new newspaper I noticed! First off, like always, at the very back, there was a calendar for events in Jamaa! It took a picture...and edited it a bit!
Right up here, above this text is the edit, on the 27.
My PARTY!! This is just a reminder, and if you haven't heard about it, I insist clicking on the text below the header!
Also, lately when I posted about new newspapers, I haven't done the contests! This is simply because I couldn't figure them out, and I won't lie. So if I am ever confused about one, please tell me the answers!
This one I think I can manage...

Alright. The first step is finding the Chamber of Knowledge. Hey, I think we went to that last time!
Ah ha! Here's the door. It's in the lost temple of zios!

It's the decorated in lights door...please note that I drew the red circle, it's not actually there.
Enter the building.
Then, go up the OTHER door at the very back. You are now on the second level of the building.
Ok, we need to know how many candles are there, games, and books.
2 games.
9 books.
10 candles.

However, you may have gotten a different answer. You may have got 7 books, but, two more are hidden under candles on the table. And, you may have gotten 7 candles. The correct number is either 8, or 10. It depends how AJ HQ is counting themselves - because the candle holder on the ground has three candles, but then again, they could be counted as one. I would say, try entering with the numbers, 2 games, 9 books and 10 candles to to hopefully receive your free gems!
But, make sure to enter your username!
Also, some of you might have read about my winter jamaalidays post below this. I met two fans on my chat! We talked, met, became AJ buddies, had a dance party, and have a TON of FUN!
Here is one more picture I got. It was PERFECT!

So, that is me in the middle, and my two buddies around me! We all smiled for the camera to!
Hint hint: One of you is Buddy of the Month. Sorry it can't be both, but maybe next time...
Happy Jamming! Toodles!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Winter Awesomness!

 Heya Jammers!
Some AWESOME things have happened today! First off, I logged on into AJ to see that AJ has gone winter crazy! Check out all the decorations, like gingerbread houses, snow, snowmen, wreathes and also new den and clothing items! In fact, here they are now.
The clothing items are a wreathe and bow, one for members, one for non-members. Seems fair!

Same with the den items. Do you like them?, I actually MET someone on my chat! We talked, and then met on AJ! Sometimes if you come to my chat, you have this opportunity to! That reminds me, I need to be Christmas-ish to! I'll keep my tie - I look weird in a wreath...

How do you like it? I love it!
I want to know - what do YOU think of the winter effort AJ has shown, and, what holiday do YOU celebrate? (I celebrate Christmas!) Comment!
Happy Jamming!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


 Heya Jammers!
This is SOOOOOOOOO important.

About my Holiday Party - PLEASE PLEASE PLLEEEEASSE IF you come, please go to my chat by clicking the chat button in the sidebar! This would be a lot, since this way you and me would be able to add each other, and I would know that you weren't some random person not from the party. Also, then we can chat together! PLEASE, this is VERY IMPORTANT. Spread the word about this if you can, because I think it would make the party A LOT funner since some of you don't have Free Typing Chat!