Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Latest parties and newest items

Heya Jammers!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I have been very sick all week and havent had the chance to post. I am still sick at the moment, so please bare with me.

I finally got to vist the latest and probably most coolest parties now avaliable to vist!

Here is the Penguin Only Party! It is on a large iceberg too!

When I arrived, I was standing in deep snow which ws unusal from the other parties...

There were two 'pins' you could get at the party.
A Ballon.

And Cotton Candy.

There was also a penguin carved into the side of a wall...

At the top of the iceberg you can stand on a rock and turn cold! 

At the bottom of the iceberg, there is floating, cracked ice.

At the sides of the iceberg, there are two large slides that a very fun to ride down!


The pool at the party is a great place to go relax with your buddies!

You can get the latest ablum 'Chill'in out' at the music stand near the left slide.

Here are also the items selling at the party:

You can find those items at the Penguin Only Shop in the middle of the iceberg.

Now the new Freedom Party! 

Here is the sign:

Very nice.

The tiems you can get. The Freeom Clothes are selling at the right side of the party.

Very cool! You can get all sorts of animal head clothes!

And the Freedom Item store is at the far leaft of the party.

Which is selling vases with cool designs on them! Sweet!

There are three fireworks along the party, if you click them, you get different fireworks. I forgot to takephotos of them, but you can go vist the party and find out for yourself!

Then, every 5 to 10 minutes, there is a firework display where you can gather around with your buddies and watch as they light up the night sky. 

Both of these parties are wonderful to explore! Next time you see one open, grab your friends and go hang out!

Here are the new items that have just arrived in stores:

All new Camouflage Boots which can be purchured at the Jam Mart Clothing. They look cool! 

Some epic Starfish Glasses and Lantern Necklace which you can buy at the Bahari Bargains.

And, a Gaint Crystal, Fantasy Banner and Fancy Tall Candelabra that will bright up your den now selling at the Jam Mart Furniture.

The Fancy Vanity is for sale at the Epic Wonders.

Looks cool!

At the Suken Treasure, you can buy the Clam with Pearl and Sea Star. These will be a great feature in your den! 

When I was on today, I recived this note telling me that Gem Breaker at Mt. Shivver is now giving double gems! 

Did any of you jammers get this note too?

That's all for now!
I hope you can post soon Bella, I starting to wonder where you are...

Happy Jamming!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Heaps of new updates and items

Heya Jammers!

I'm really sorry about me not posting, my internet was turned off for a few days which meant I could not post which I am very upset about because most of you Jammers are being rude to me and Bella about not posting on time which we truly try our best but it seems you guys don't see the point of us trying and be rude and mean. Especially you Jammers saying this blog sucks and you moving onto a different blog.

Its really upsetting to see you Jammers leave. This means that if you all leave, there is not point in us posting anymore and having us to quit the blog and never to be seen again.

If this keeps going on, I may quit next year because you rude Jammers can not keep your comments to yourself and also that this blog is getting less viewed and commented too.

I feel so sorry for Fuzzy because she must feel bead about leaving and must think we are doing a bad job. But we have reasons. We have other lifes other than the computer and Animal Jam. 

Anyways, here are the updates that I am truely sorry about being late.

This is last weeks updates that I forgot to post about:

Non-members can now buy penguins! These cute, little penguins will be great to use for trying on clothes, wadling and swimming around!

Head to Crystal Sands to discover the new Journey Book page where you can find creatures and earn a prize when you found them all!

The newest postcard is now out! Maybe you can send it to one of your buddies and show how good of a freind you are!

There is also a Penguin Party were you can chill with all your friends! I will post about the new parties later...

Ok, here are the newest updates and items this week:

There is also a new Fantasy Castle which you can now buy at the Den Shop. 
It looks really awesome!

Happy Freedom Day!
Jamaa is celebrating this summer's celebration with cool prizes, parties, items and much more!

AJ HQ have also put up a new Freedom Party! 
As I said before, I will post about the new parties later.

There is a new update on the Jamaa Map, new buttons! The new buttons now let you quickly find shopping, videos and pet items!


Vist the Lost Temple of Zios to play the all new game, Falling Plantoms! Were you try and outlast other Jammers as you avoid the plantoms.

AJ HQ  have now let Member Jammers to be able to have more room in thier inventories with 200 spaces! 

You can now buy new Costumes!

They only have Penguin costumes so far, so I can't wait to see the next ones!
You can buy the Samurai Helment from the Jam Mart Clothing.

You can also purchure a Aviator Hat and Beret from the Jam Mart Clothing.

In the Epic Wonders, you can get a cool Silver Glove, Gold Pirate Sword and Nunchucks.

There is also a Giraffe Statue at the Mystery Emporium.

At the Bahari Bargains, you can now get a Mermaid Necklace and Sand Dollar Necklace! They look cool!

The Jellyfish Lamp and Octopus Chair are now selling at the Sunken Treasures at the Koni Cove.

At the Jam Mart Funiture, the Fancy Fireplace, Curved Sofa, Freedom Banner, Fireworks Fountian, Star Rug and Star Couch are for sale now! Be quick to get them!

Now you can buy a Giant Giraffe Pushie, a Giraffe Topiary and Giraffe Banner at the Museum!

As you all know, in the last Jamaa Journey they had a riddle for a new animal coming. 
Foxes are now coming soon to Jamaa! How exciting!

I aslo notice in the Museum that there was a curtain, were statues used to be... Do you think there is going to be something else there soon?

I really do apoligize for the post being really late, but me and Bella have other lifes other than the computer. I will be posting more often because my internet is now a unlimated plan.

Please do not put rude and mean comments and I hope you guys will still vist this blog! 

Happy Jamming!