Friday, January 7, 2011


 Heya Jammers!
Oh my gosh, so much is new!! Animal Jam says, "new year, new fun!" Which is absolutely right!
First of all, looks like Animal Jam is all about big cats now, take a look:

Cool! You can read tons of cool fun facts by clicking on the Golden Paw beside each 'big cats' sign.

Also - something that just made AJ even MORE Jamtastic...BUDDY GAMES!!
NOW, when you click on a buddy that is ONLINE, you have the option to play games with them you CAN'T play anywhere else in Jamaa! The tab you click on once you open up a buddy's player card looks like this, and it sticks out of the side:

Click on it, and you will see games you can play with your online buddies!

AWESOME! Currently you can play Rock Paper Scissors, Tic Tac Toe, and Connect 4. Have fun playing these jamtacular games, and hopefully there will be some new ones to come soon!
Unfortunately, there seem to still be some bugs the HQ needs to work out. I thought I'd test a game out, so I sent the game invite to my friend, May 639, and she told me after a few minutes of waiting that she never got it! Hopefully you guys have better luck than I am having.

There are also new clothes, to. Take a look:

Cooool...Let's see how I look with glasses on...
What?! They don't even have green? Come on...

Oh, cool. Of course! New den items.

Blue crystals? I wonder if that's something Liza brought back from her expedition...

Wow. There is ALSO a new Jamaa Journal! (Newspaper)
In it, it shows this week's contest. EASY!

Ok. Here are the answers.
In the top, first picture, it is in the Coral Canyons.
In the bottom left picture, it is in the Temple of Zios.
And, in the bottom right picture, it is in the Sarepia Forest.

Cool! Make sure to maybe try on the weekend early in the morning, since only the first 10 correct answers of the day will get the gem bonus.
Also, scroll down to the next post to see what I had to say about the new designs! Speaking about designs, you may have (and should have) noticed the new AWESOME header up top and the new background on my site, AJR! I am currently still working on the new Game Guide page, so that will have to come later on. It's a big job, ya know!

Oh no! Oh, wait...Oh YES! Look!

Either, they are fixing that glitch with the new buddy games, or they are UPDATING!! Really?? Something ELSE new? Can it be what I think it is?
What do you think of all this? Comment!
Happy Jamming!


Woodswolf said...

Whoever wrote asking about opinions on packs, I have responded. Please take a look back at the 'Mini Hits Party' post to see my reply.

Woodswolf said...

Hello Fuzzy! I have found out how to get some of the achievements that arent on the cheat sheet! You can put these on your game guide page!
EX: Earn 300 gems in overflow to unlock badge 300!
I have about ten more, and the buddy games ALREADY have achievements! Look at my profile. They are in the top row or second row, with titles 'Winner!' and 'Friendly Gamer!'.
If you are interested, I can post them here/email you a modified version of the spreadsheet.

FunPinkyPinky said...

Fuzzy, you were right about the glitch on the Buddy Games. Rock, paper, scissors works for me but the other two also freeze halfway through and I have to log off. I hope they fix this soon.

Woodswolf said...

@ Fuzzy ShyIvy
My friend was having the same sort of problem too. We narrowed it down to be either his/her computer or mine. When I sent him a game invite, he/she recieved it, but I never recieved any of the ones he/she sent me. Thus, it was their computer. That might be what happened to you.
Hope this helps!

Fuzzy ShyIvy said...

@Woodswolf @FunPinkyPinky

It works now for me! I hope it does for you to!

Anonymous said...

hey fuzzy its me! TrueLondon11 so yea ya know that yellow thing that pops up and says sorry for the inconvenience animal jam is currently offline? that happendned to me a couple times what ARE they doing?!

Anonymous said...

Hey Fuzzy,
I think the one Cat Banner for the newspaper competition might be in the Canyons Pathway, not Coral Canyons. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, buy why do you not post any of my comments?
I would like to say that I visit your site every day. However, you thought that my first comment was rude and now you're not posting any of mine..?

Fuzzy ShyIvy said...


...I've never been getting any of your comments...? Are you sure you aren't clicking preview instead or something? :S

Anonymous said...

i want to meet you on animal jam really really really bad i'm cginatl you are my roll mottle if i meet you i'll give you anything that you want because i just always dreamed of meeting you on animal jam,love cginatl

Anonymous said...

please please tell me if i should trade my glove

Fuzzy ShyIvy said...


The choice is yours, but if I were you, NO.

King Shiverwolf said...

Fuzzy. The thing in the left side of the one you think is Coral Canyons is the sighn that leads to coral canyons. I've checked it 34 times, and its actually canyons pathway. Not to be rude, but I think Im right. Sorry if this was too rude...
-King Shiverwolf

andrada000 said...

buna eu sunt andrada000 ar fi tare daca si voi ati stii romaneste nu? ei bine acest blog e pt romani

Anonymous said...

cool blog you need to update it though and make it fun like add cheats and stuff other than that amazing!!!!

Anonymous said...

You've got a cool blog!! But yea, ya need to update it. Add some interesting stuff like cheats if ya no any good ones. I would like to no some good cheats. There's nothing good to buy on aj now. Wish there was new stuff to buy.