Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Heya, Jammers!

I'm really sorry.
I guess that's all I can say.
I mean, I haven't posted. You got that.
I keep having exudes, and I did keep my promise to post on the 18th of September. But, have you ever thought about growing up? I'm getting older, and so is QAZAR, and I guess we lost interest a little. But, most importantly, we have our lives. Last year, I had time to post. But now, with more school work in a higher grade, I have no time. Believe me, I loved posting. All of these rude comments, hatred with every one, is this what A.J is really about? And I really feel bad about this. But Fuzzy ShyIvy would want us to do the best for this blog. I may come back this summer, but I am not promising. I don't know about QAZAR, but I think he will post around then, too.

Happy Jamming!