Thursday, May 31, 2012

New item and me taking a 7 day break.

Heya Jammers!

It's me, Flower (/Bellanatalie102/Bella), here!

In the Jam-Mart Clothing store, there is a royal cape for members.


And, speaking of members, I have some news: I'm going to become one on June 7th, the day my school gets out!

But, until then, I will not be posting because I have some things to finish up at school.
Don't worry, I will only be gone for about a week, so I'll come back and I promise to post on Thursday.

Anyways, that's pretty much it for now.

Happy Jamming!

P.S. Thank you for the nice comments :) .

Saturday, May 26, 2012

New Update, New party, Fuzzy, and museum.

Heya Jammers!

There are tons of new things around Jamaa!

First of all, here's the newspaper.

So cool!

I cannot wait for the summer carnival! Where do you think it will be?
And.... Giraffes are finally here! Yay!
And, I can't believe that all animals might be available for non-members! Though it might only be a rumor.
The museum has turned into a conservation museum! Yay!
What does it look like? It looks almost the same, but there is a table in the middle of the room.

There's also a box that was shown in the newspaper.
If you click on it, this pops up:

It's so cool!
I donated, because I want to save the monkeys and bring them back to Jamaa!

And, the part you've all been waiting for...
The bunnies only party!

It was awesome!
First of all, it was BIG.
There were a lot of staircases.

And, there  is this bunny claw.
It's just like the normal claw, but you can only get bunnies!

Your prize:

You know how AJ HQ said that bunny pets were a limited time exclusive pet, right? 
Well, apparently not at the bunny party!

You can adopt your own fuzzy little bunny at the bunny party!
Speaking about shopping, there is a bunny party store!
These items are pawsome! They will surely brighten up you den, even if you are not a bunny.

There are also slides.
Well, just to shorten it out, it is really fun.
You can hop around, buy furniture, and meet some interesting jammers there!

About Fuzzy...
We will all miss her so much. 
But remember that she might have something going on in real life, and she doesn't have time to post.
Please do not get mad at QAZAR and I. We are honestly trying our best, but I've had a busy weekend and stuff, so it's hard to find time to post.
And remember: Fuzzy might come back.

Happy Jamming! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fuzzy taking a break and new items

Heya Jammers!

I have very bad new about Fuzzy.

Unfortunately, she have lost all interest in AJ, and for that matter, posting on AJR. You may have noticed that she hasen't been on for over a month. She has been very busy in the real life. She told me that this break will probably last about 5 months, and I may or may not return and thanks for understanding.

I hope you start to post soon Fuzzy! We all miss you!

Here are the newest items.

The newest item, Police Hat! Very cool.
It will go well with the Sheriff Badge that was new last week. You can buy this itme in the Bahari Bargains.

And a Flat Heated Rock that you can purchuse from Claws 'N Paws at Appondale.

Surely your pet snake will want to 'warm up' on it! It would be very cosy for it.

A new Inner Tube and Lounge Chair are now sold at the Cruise Party!
Be sure to check it out!

That's about it! 

I'm just saying that, from what I feel, not many people are visting this blog anymore... I don't mine but they all vist the blogs that post straight away.
Anyways, I wish Fuzzy the best of luck for the future and hopefully to continue on blogging on this wonderful, jamtastic and epic blog!

Happy Jamming!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Rares- Rare Mech Angel Wings!

Heya Jammers!

The best Rare Mondays Item has just arrived in Jamaa! Its so EPIC and PAWTASTIC! It's one of the best Monday Rare that has come out so far! 

Its the Rare Mech Angel Wings! and especially... their NON-MEMBER! 
How great is that? Although, they have chosen the same colour as last weeks Monday Rare Item.
I guess Animal Jam HQ has listened to our options and prays and I guess they have finally come true for the begging of non-members being able to buy a Monday Rare Item! Hopefully, there will be more non-member items in the coming weeks.

How do you like the idea of the new Rare Item this week? Do you thing AJHQ should let non-members be able to buy Monday Rare Items or should it still be for Members?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The newest items and loads more

Heya Jammers!

As Bella has already sayed, we are sorry that we can not post on time, but we have school and homework and are usally very busy in the real life. We are truely sorry and try our best to post the new updates as soon as possible.

Very sorry for not posting this weeks Rare Monday Item is the Rare Angal Mesh Helmet.

Very bright and outstanding colour AJHQ have decided to sell.

Now for the new items, I might have missed some from the parties but Bella, Fuzzy or I will post later.

You can now get a Sheriff Badge in Bahari Bargains at Bahari Bay. 

In Jam Mart Clothing, you can now purchuse a Sun Necklace! 

Over the past few days, I have been experiencing many glitches!
Here are some of the photos I have taken:

When I was playing Jamaa Derby, some weird things happened when I was playing.
At the start of the game, when the horses were walking up to the starting line, instead of walking, they were dancing! It was really werid...

When the game started, it got even werid because when we all ran, we didn't run we stood still!
I was jumping weridly too...

Has this ever happened to you before? 

Another glitch was when I wanted to vist Jamaa Township. It was loading and fo some reason it suddenly stoped and when all black, but my account profile was still showing at the bottom of my screen! 
Here is what it looked like:

Extremely wacky glitches I have been through... 

Also I have notice that AJHQ have made an alert sign to show that you have been logged out.

And last of all, today when I was online, I recieved another message from AJHQ.
It told me if I have visted the new Cruise Ship Party yet but the party wasn't on till another hour.  

Have you ever got a message from Animal Jam HQ before? 
What did it say?

Happy Jamming!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Stuff and More.

Heya Jammers!

So, today I went online and guess what I got from AJ HQ?

A Jam-A-Gram with a gift included!


What was the gift?


I was so excited to put it in my den, but when I clicked "Keep" this popped up:
Aww... I can't open it since I'm not a member.
But I decided to exit it and wait until this summer, because I'm going to become one then, and then I will open it.

But hey, at least the members will enjoy it! :)

And, in the pet shop, there are a whole lot of new items.

(The basket is not new, but there were so many items that we didn't post about that I decided to have them all in one screen shot.)


I might have missed a few things, but Fuzzy and QAZAR might want to post about them.

Happy Jamming!

P.S. Some jammers are saying that we should post on the day something comes out. But please remember we are still in school and we have other things besides the computer that are important to us, and we try our best.
Thank you for understanding. :)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Cruise Ship party & More

Heya Jammers!

Animal Jam is finally back!

I know that QAZAR already explained part of the new update, and now I'm going to explain the rest.

First of all there is a new game, Jamaa Dearby, and you can race as a horse. 
Although horses are only for members, non-members can still play the game.
It's really nice having a new game that's for non members as well!

The objective is to get to the finish line first.
You have to jump over obstacles, too. It says you can click anywhere, but you can also press your spacebar (which is what I do). 

You have a little carrot icon at the bottom, and if you click it, your horse goes faster for about 4 seconds. You have 3 carrots.

Then, when you're finished, it shows your ranking and how many gems you earned.

Cool game, huh?

And I finally got into the Cruise Ship party!
It's awesome!

You can go swimming in the pool, go on the waterslides, shop, and drink a smoothie.

Here are the items that you can buy:
Cool, huh?

There's also a smoothie machine.

There's also some glitch, where you can walk on the sky, but I don't know how to do it.

The party is one of the best (my opinion) so go get your beach towel and star glasses and head on over to the Cruise ship party!

In the Jamaa Clothing store, there is a moon necklace.

Also, some people are saying that we (Fuzzy, QAZAR, and I)  should post everyday, like on the day that something comes out. But remember that we are still in school and we have homework and other priorities, but we try our best.
Thank you and Happy Jamming!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Animal Jam Crisis, Crazy Glitches and Weird Note

Heya Jammers!

Apparenty Animal Jam is offline because a number of pesky plantoms has got into Animal Jam and messed up everything! AJHQ is now repairing and fixing up the mess that they have created... 

Many Jammers are getting annoyed with Animal Jam being offline. 

I looked up to the web address and notice that it was full of numbers...
Really Weird huh? Heres a photo of what it looked like: 

Yesterday, I went on and many Jammers were complaining about the lost of their clothes and den items not being there... I also heard they were going to send AJHQ dirty letters, which is not very nice because AJHQ try their best to make sure you Jammers have a great time. So please don't be mean to them...

What do you think they are updating? Could it may be a new land, the new giraffe, or just the pesky plantoms playing around? What do you think?

I forgot to post this a few weeks ago but here it is:

A few weeks ago, (I know this is old, but I forgot to post it...) I decided to vist the Horse Party to see if there were any updates. I was troting around when I came across a DOPHIN! A Dophin in the Horse Party?

Now you all might be wondering "How on earth did a Dolphin get into a one animal only party?"
Well that wasn't the only animal that appeared to join the party...

A SEAL then ended up coming along to the party too! Which was very weird...

I finally found out how to do this glitch. I did it and all the horses at the party were going crazy...
Here is a photo when I was experimenting the glitch:

Awesome huh? 
As well as the cool and weird glitches, I have recieved this a note from Animal Jam HQ...

Hmm... I heard that if you get these messages, there is a Shaman or Guide that is usally in the area, weird...

Have you ever met a Shaman or Guide before? Have you ever get one of these before?

Happy Jamming!