Thursday, September 30, 2010

Heya Jammers!

With Animal Jam now in full swing, the world of Jamaa is now and always will be improving and growing. Shamans and explorers are always searching for new lands in Jamaa, and each land they discover will always be a unique adventure! Minigames, den items, accessories, quests, den designs, and achievements are constantly being added to Animal Jam, as well as National Geographic facts, videos, and content. All this ensures children always have a world of fun—and learning—right at their fingertips! Who knows what adventures await in the land of Jamaa? Come play National Geographic Animal Jam and find out!

A great post on the Animal Jam Blog.
One thing get's me wondering, though, about the part with the quests.
I never ever knew we were able to do quests!
Maybe later, you will see a post about them!

Happy Jamming! Toodles!

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Heya Jammers!
There is a new den object, and what I think are two new clothing items! Take a look.

Cool huh?
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Monday, September 27, 2010


Heya Jammers!
Boy, am I EXCITED!!
You really won't believe this. The Animal Jam HQ Has made ME, in the spotlight! Out of ALL the jammers! ME! I can't believe that. If you think this picture is an edit:

Then read it here...
See what you think!
Personally, I'm honored! This is AMAZING!
Thanks SO MUCH Animal Jam HQ, for everything!

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Mail!

Heya Jammers!
Animal Jam has some new postcards you can send out to friends!

Um...I didn't know Animal Jam HQ said Jam-tastic...weird! I say that to!

And this last one here, reminds me of the World Animal Day signs!
It looks like there is a World Animal Day on October 4, 2010! That's coming up soon!
I see animals in the stars...

World Animal Day is a real day.

World Animal Day is a special Opportunity for anyone with a loving heart for animals - sounds like me!
What about you? Are you excited for WAD? (World Animal Day)
Comment Please!

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Animal Jam Fun Facts!

Heya Jammers!
Did you see the new Fun Fact bubbles around?
Right now they are about Geckos! I wonder when they will change...?!
It seems to be all about Geckos. Even the new newspaper! There are also random geckos crawling about. How many facts and lizards will you find?
They are all around - just look!

Look Around! See what you can discover!
Here's the new newspaper, based on the geckos we saw.

This means...look for a Fun Fact in the AJ Awards page!
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

World Animal Day?

Heya Jammers!
Today I see there are a fair amount of "World Animal Day" signs around - they look like this:
They are all over the island...wait are we on an island over at Animal Jam? I don't know!
Anyways. Does that mean just today? September 21?
I see a koala on the sign, which makes me think of the other animls you can be to. Maybe today it's koala day? And tomorrow will be...tiger day? Or something?
What are your thoughts, predictions, guesses, and other words I didn't mention about this? Comment!

Sunday, September 19, 2010



Heya Jammers!
Guess what??? I'm deciding to have a party!
It is a bit early to do so, so I'll schedule it to be a little later then expected. That way hopefully we can get lot's of animals! Under the header there is a new line of text about my party. That links to this post so you can always see it even when there are newer posts after it!

Here are the details...

Animal Jam Rush Party Details:

Time: 1:30 PST
Date: Sunday October 10th, 2010
Server: Nile
Location: Captain Melville's Juice Hut
We will be moving around.

I hope that covers everything you need to know!
I will be adding the first 10 Jammers to SEND ME A BUDDY REQUEST.
If you have any questions, Please ask!! I will reply ASAP!

Happy Jamming, and I hope to see you there!

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Hello Jammers!
The title of this post may have got you excited about something to do with Animal Jam - but it's not for AJ, it's for AJR! This very site!
It has come to my attention blogger templates look the best one solid colour. Different shades are good though. For example, look at my Brother's site!

See all the blue?
I'm going to do something like that, but with my favourite colour, purple!
Purple Purple Purple. Purple header, purple sidebars, text, post background, I really like purple.
The construction will be Ending on...whenever I end.
Which could mean it mgith take me a while before I post. If there is anything new, please comment telling me so if you think it is worth a post!

I promise this will look super cool.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Heya Jammers!
Boy do I have some bad news today! ... THE CLIFF IS BREAKING!!

Take a look for yourself if you don't believe me!

Do you think it breaks soon?? The more Jammers HOPPING on it, the more cracks and rocks falling there are. Test this out! Tell me what happens!

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Animal Jam Castle Den

Heya Jammers!
My good friend Waltle, or, Captain Speedybug, had gotten enough gems for the castle den! He has let me be able to take some pictures of his Den. Here are some I took:

Click the images to enlarge them!

Thanks Waltle!

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Saturday, September 11, 2010


Heya Jammers!
MY PREDICTION WAS RIGHT!! Remember how I said this:
And the circled areas would be new rooms? THE ONE IS BLUE IS!

Explore it!!
There is also a new game there, called Sky High!


And another new game:

It is called Long Shot!
Each time you play, you earn a new fact about armedillos!
Wait - I wonder if we will be able to turn into an armedillo soon!

There is also an Art Studio in there - MY KINDA PLACE.

You can colour pictures and print them afterwards, or print out a dot to dot, or choose pottery to colour, but the BEST part of all in the art GIRAFFE ON THE WALL!!!

Yeah I kinda go Giraffey Cyco.

There is a bride leading to the Canyons Pathway - there is a game, Twister, in it.

Cool! Trying playing THAT challenging game!
The pathway leads to the Crystal Sands. AWESOME! What do you think of this new room? Comment!

Take a dip in the river, or a rinse at the waterfall, but this place is going to be the best - it is awarded the new AJ Awards for Room catagory!

Happy Jamming!

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Oh, Heya Jammers!
Yes. The wait is UP!! I have gotten a free club membership for being a beta tester.
The front screen looks different to, take a look:
COOL, eh?
So for members, this is what you get:

So I was looking at the clothing...

Ok...all the clothes with the blue around them are for members ONLY. The clothing items with red signs are what you cannot afford. You will also find these changes in the den furniture catalogue. I think, this is GREAT. There are some new Den items to! Some plants, new wallpapers and floors, and a banner or shield to go on your wall! Even when you are NOT a member, you can still buy clothes, AND furnite items!!!!!!!!!

THEN I went to look at my new Den Designs.

Ok - OLD den, is gone. I don't have that den anymore!!! WHY!!!!
Remember that den???

Two words. This new one, is a Rip. Off. 
This den, has no space for anything - at all.
It is SMALLER, then ONE room of the old dens. NO bride. ONE floor.
And the only other Den you can change to right now is a castle. For DOUBLE this Den's amount of money. It costs 6000 GEMS. Well, I'll tell you how it looks when I'm done my 1 billionth game of Temple of Trivia and I finally have enough...right now I'm at 318. This could take a while.

Also there is a new newspaper.

Also, take a look at your player names when you log on:

See? All non-member names are blue. Members get the gold names!

The word BETA is gone from the sign, and Animal Jam is beta than ever! Get it?
Click here to take a look at the Membership page!

Well, enjoy Jamaa! Happy Jamming!

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Friday, September 10, 2010


Heya Jammers!
I'm very pleased to say that this site is growing more and more popular with every view. If you search up Animal Jam, Animal Jam Rush is the FIRST cheat site there! I'm verrrrrry happy about this!
Tomorrow, (September 11) I will not be here all day. I'm going to an amusment park!
I might have time to post quickly before we leave, and I will try my hardest to.

Hey, you all know about the memberships that will come soon, right?
Well if you go to the page about memberships, the AJ HQ has blurred out something to do with it...there are some white banners with signs hanging on what looks like a building...but can anyone make out the words on the sign?
I'm really excited about the memberships. And some other news is, I quit my Club Penguin Cheat Site! It was too insane to to be blogging about both, and I decided this was more...fresh, and new, and funner!

Now I want to now - are you happy about the memberships to? Do you think you'd buy one? Comment!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Animal Jam New Places on the Map?

Heya Jammers!
Today I looked at the map, and if my thoughts are right, the map can easily tell you some new places we might soon be able to go.
Take a look:

In the red box, it looks like a stone place, filled with rocks, caves, and a murky looking pond.
In the blue circle we have another dirty place with some tall mountain-things.
And in ther pin we have...well...some dirty fields. Great for out-door-sy stuff.

The reason why I'm thinking there places are not just things to fill the rest of the map up are because the paths continue on. Look at each palce...see how there are paths leading every which way? Well I think that means eventually us jammers will be able to wander there.
And look at the place in blue! There is even a big archway  leading into the place!

Again, this is just a thought.
Happy Jamming! Toodles!

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Animal Jam Game Scam?

Heya Jammers!
Im just here to tell you two things.
1: I did what I said, and went around to EVERY green fact on the island. And the answer is NO. You do NOT get a badge from that. Unless I missed one, which would've had to be indoors for some reason, then the answer is no.
2: Is the drag and drop game a SCAM? For a long time I thought it was. You have to pay 5 gems to win something, and everytime you get nothing...or so I thought.

But now I relize - no it's not!! I actually won twice today. Twice!
The things I won are NOT what it looks like - stuffed animals. you win...random things! Stuff that might not even FIT in that game machine...
and I won something RARE. Have you ever seen this mat available to be bought?

Well I know of purple mats, orange mats and blue mats,
but never did I ever see a PINK mat available.
Now my pillows are happily sitting in my den.
(I won a purple mat the other time)

Cool, huh?
So just to confirm, if you were on my side thinking this game was a scam, it is NOT.

If you would like to try playing this game, click your map and head to the Crystal Sands. Then enter the building Captain Melville's Juice Hut and click on the game machine. It only costs 5 gems, but you do not win everytime garunteed.

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