Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Code, items and clothing!

Heya Jammers!
Guess what? There is another code discovered! But don't thank me, thank Dimas! He told me about the code! Here it is. Enter it in EXACTLY how it is here:

NO caps, NO spaces. Then you will get your gems!
Also, today I found a new clothing item:

Ok, it's non member. But I couldn't be caught DEAD wearing that thing. Gobble Gobble!
I understand how it recently has been Thanksgiving for Americans. Thanksgiving in Canada was like...almost 2 months ago!

There is also a new den item! Take a look.

Hm. That's non member to...
I think I'd rather wear THAT on my head then the Gobble Gobble hat.
Ha! That would be funny.
What clothing item and den item do YOU think would be cool to see?
Comment! Happy Jamming!
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Thursday, November 25, 2010


Heya Jammers!
In the top left corner on Animal Jam, there are a bunch of icons - the trophey, one that shows achievements was grey - but now it's gold! Achievements are up and ready for you to give to your animal a boost! If you don't know what I mean, take a look here.
See? I got that JUST for sending a Jam-A-Gram to a buddy! You can get these Achievements for doing every day simple tasks. E.G, playing a game, being added as a friend, and even spending gems!
When you recieve an achievement, you can simply view it by clicking the gold trophey icon in the top left hand corner of your screen. If you can't see it, it looks like this:

Yup. Just like that. But if you want to view another Jammer's achievements, click the small gold trophey at the bottom of their player card! (You can see their player card by clicking on their name, which is shown underneath the animal!)
So that's all to it for now. What achievements have YOU reached? Comment!
Happy Jamming! Toodles!
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Designing Changes!

Heya Jammers!
It has come to my attention that ever good Jammer or any visitor that is looking for satisfying cheats bases half their decision on how the site looks. Remember a little while ago when I decided to make everything purple, my all time favourite colour? Well, now I'm working on things like, buttons, and banners, and backgrounds, and stuff, so AJR looks really well done! So, if you don't hear from me in a bit, it is probably because I am working hard on the designing, and I am sure to leave you with something JAMTASTIC in the end!
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Beat Me!

Heya Jammers!
I decided to start something NEW, as soon as what I thought could be the highest score yet in the game Long Shot.
This is how 'Beat Me' is going to work:
Each...Tuesday, sometime in the day I will play one of Animal Jam's many games. Then, once I get a good score or rank, I will take a picture and show you. Then, I want you all to try to beat me when you go online next! Comment if you do so, and if possible, try to give me proof! (Optional, but I might not believe you if you don't.) So, this week, I chose LongShot.

Yes err ee. 17966 in Distance.
One way you can give me proof is to take a picture! (You can do that by pressing the Prt Scrn Sys Rq button on your keyboard.) But if not, that's alright! The jammer with the highest score will get their name up on the Beat Me Records! You can visit them by clicking the button I am making soon in the sidebar!
Happy Jamming! Toodles!
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

TWO more codes!

Heya Jammers!
Good news! Today when I got one of my National Geographic magazines, there were two articles about AJ...each one contained a code for free gems!
I took pictures of the codes and where you type them, with each code getting you 1000 free gems!!

There they are - make sure you enter them in exactly - NO spaces, and capital letters matter in this case.
Now, 2000 free gems! JamTastic!
Happy Jamming! Toodles!
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Jam-A-Grams, Den Items, Clothing, and Jammer Update!

Heya Jammers!
To start off, I found a new Jam-A-Gram!
Also, there are two new den items:

And, one new clothing item:

It a hat if you couldn't tell...and, also, today I saw a Jammer Spotlight update:

Look at the first paw jot! (Dot jot, but with a paw. ;-)
'This just in--Animal Jam HQ is making a NEW WEBSITE! Stay tuned!'
Cool! I can't WAIT!
Also - a new newspaper!
One part caught my eye: more new clothes I haven't seen?

A...pilgrim hat?! O.....K.....odd choice of clothing I would say...
Also, I noticed a schedule at the back: what's a silly saturday?

Odd. Have any ideas what this could mean? Comment!
Happy Jamming!

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Results for a Movie Song!

Heya Jammers!
Two or so days ago, I put up a poll to decide which song I should choose to make my Music Video on Animal Jam to go in my Theater page. The results are in...and...the winning option is...
Some of you MAY have noticed when the poll was closed and still available to see, that two optinos were tied. However, one of the votes, for one of the tied options, was MY vote...I really shouldn't vote on my own polls. Anyways, the option you picked was Just Like You by Allison Iraheta.
I will start making it soon - if I can...I forgot about a slight problem I have with certain songs that may occure...anyways, let's not ruin our hopes. Hopefully in the next week or so, I will have good news about it.
Happy Jamming! Toodles!
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Movie Poll Results!

Heya Jammers!
Last week, I put up a poll for YOU to decide which kind of movie I should make to add to my new Theater page! The 6 options were...
So, as you can see, the winner is to make a Music Video - great! I'm perfectly fine with that!
I will choose I song I know - but which one?
There are 4 options here for you to choose - but this poll is only up for 3 days! That means, on Saturday morning I will have a post confirming the song chosen.

You probablly won't know these songs - you might if you watch American Idol like me!
I understand you might not personally like ANY of them, but really, please just choose your favourite!!
Well, I have to go listen to another great singers new album, Lee Dewyze Live it Up.
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Too much to title!

Heya Jammers!
Today I moderated a comment from someone by the name of Anonymous...
They told me another code! In the "do you have a code?" box, type in playfree with no spaces or capitals...Thanks Anonymous, whoever you are!
Also, there is a new den! A PRINCESS castle!

In the new newspaper, on page 4, there is another 'where is this?' guessing game to win 433 gems! This one looks harder! The answers are:

Picture 1: In the game twister!
Picture 2: Is...what? Where's the game?! I know it's in that game with the little balls and the pegs...
Ah! I know now. Picture 2 is in the game Gem Ball!
And, Picture 3: the sign or symbols in the Medical Center!

Now you have the answers - see if you can be one of the first 10 in the day to win!

Also - AJ has made it clear about all the new clothing items! Take a look:
Cool, eh?
Same for the new furniture to! Look!

A soccer net and a lawn chair - odd combo!

ALSO, when I was walking around I noticed that there were more Fun Facts - some about bats!

Click on the yellow paw symbol to learn all about bats or geckos!

One last thing - check out the bew Theater page AND the AJ Awards - I have updated them!
Happy Jamming!
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Jammer Emails!

Heya Jammers!
Guess what? Animal Jam sent me two e-mails!! Take a look. I have put together the emails into one. They ARE REAL, and...I think AJ added me into their contacts!
If you can't read them, I encourage you to click the image so you can!
The first, is telling me I won the contest...but how? I answered at like, 3:30 PM! Surely SOMEONE had to be the tenth person ahead of me, right? Anyways, I think, no matter what time, you should enter the contest, by sending your emails to . Because as you can see, I did mine late in the day, and managed to win my 437 free gems! The answers to the contest are HERE!
The second one, with the big number 2, is for sure typed by hand. I'm real glad, AJ, if you're looking at this, that, not only you ARE looking at this site, but you are even taking the time to e-mail me back when I email you.
 I appreciate it!
Happy Jamming! Toodles!
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Clothing and Furniture!

Heya Jammers!
Today I was looking and found some new clothing and den items.
Also, all the Halloween is OUT, and Autumn is IN!
So you can take a look at the new stuff on this page.

Look at those two new cool den chairs! Oh wow, Im sure members will enjoy those, and for the price of 300 gems only!
Too bad I don't have my mebership.
Also, the new November Buddy of the Month is up! Go check it out and see if it is you!
 Happy Jamming!

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Monday, November 8, 2010

SO sorry!

Heya Jammers!
I am SO SORRY! The movie ended at 10 to 2, and then we got home around 10 after 2 or something, and then I was trying to get internet up, and the computer wasn't loading, then it was 2:30, I got into internet, and it crashed AGAIN, then I FINALLY got to AJ and guess what? The server was full.

So I tried again ten minutes later and it was still full. I am truely sorry, if anyone was there. Next time I need to be prepared and not miss my party - oh, and have you seen the Theater page? That took a while to make - I will be making a movie soon - but, which type of movie would you like to see?
Vote now in the poll right over... there-------->
in the sidebar.
Happy Jamming!
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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Reminder: Party TODAY! *Update*

Heya Jammers!
Just a small reminder, that my party is TODAY!! I know some of you were planning on coming, so If you do, I will add you, and possibly send you a postcard, if your lucky!!
I hope you can make it!
I am no longer feeling sick - but Im going to a movie...
there is one at 12:00 and one at 2:30 - the time of my party. We are trying for the 12:00 one, but if it's full...2:30 it is...I REALLY hope that we can get in - I don't want to cancel my party AGAIN!
Im pretty sure the 12:00 one goes to around...1:30 ish. Should be enough time for me to get home by then for the party.
Happy Partying, Jammers!
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Friday, November 5, 2010

New Newspaper and mail!

Heya Jammers!
There is a new newspaper! Inside, on the 4th page, there is a contest! But, there is not just ONE winner...or two, or three...or...four...ANYONE can win, if you guess the two locations! That's just like the contest I am having! (Click here to enter or read the details!)
But here is the 4th page:

Wow, that prize amount is ah...pretty... exact.
Ok, I will help you to earn those gems. But first - wait WHAT?! The first 10 CORRECT ANSWERS WILL WIN?! Oh come on! Anyways, I guess we can still try:

Picture #1 is the waterfall in the coral canyons.
Picture #2 are the crates beside the vet place.
Picture #3 Is the movie door in the Theater Lobby.

There are your answers - now all you have to do is email them to and you have a chance to win. Good luck!

There is also some new jam-a-gram mail. Hee hee, funny name!

Animal Jam's Jam-a-grams are getting better and better!
Also, stay tuned for some design changes in AJR's template!
Happy Jamming!
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

FREE 1000 Gems!

Heya Jammers!
I bet you'll be excited to hear an easy way that takes about 2 minutes to get 100 FREE gems for your account! Here is how you do it - If you have once clicked 'remember me,' log in, then click log out at the top, then you can enter it in.
 1. Log out, and go to the front login screen where you type in your username and password.
2. In the box below the password box, it will say, 'Have a code?" Click on it.
3. Enter in this word, with no spaces or capitals:

Nothing will happen, but then log in. Now, you should have 1000 more gems then you last had!
Cool, eh? I wonder if there are any more codes...?!
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Candy, New Look, and New Newspaper!

Heya Jammers!
This could've been here a long time, but remember my post, one of my FIRST, on things you can get to carry around, like popcorn,  winning badges, etc? (You can read it here!)

Well there's another one - I won't bother adding it, because it's only for Halloween - pick up your free candy at any location around!

(P.S. sorry I haven't been posting for a while. I just didn't have enough time!)
Also, for some reason when I lost my membership my free speech box got disabled. I can only say messages from the sayings box. :-( I'll try to fix that later.

Also, remember my old look? Well, when I lost my membership I lost my only signature clothing item. So, I decided on a new NON-MEMBER one I can where, if I don't have a member ship. BE HOLD: The new me:

Cool eh? A NEW green tie!

It's not just me that has a new look - Check out the newspaper!
Pages 1 to 3 in order:

Click on each of the images to read them more clear. Also, each week check back here, at Animal Jam Rush, for the newspaper to read!
Happy Jamming!
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