Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Club Geoz Music, and Sarepia Fire News!

 Heya Jammers!
First of all, I would like to thank Precious FieryClaw and Fuzz Fuzz Rox for telling me about this stuff. I would have never known!
FieryClaw told me that there is new music in Club Geoz!
Later, when I'm on my laptop, I will record it for you! to hear! It's really cool, and funky!

So thanks again to FieryClaw!

 And, Fuzz Fuzz Rox told me that Mira has been appearing out from the Sarepia fire by herself! No jammers are needed to sleep for it to happen, as you can see in the mysterious picture!
The fire is burnt, then it gets bigger, and then Mira appears!
I wonder if she has come for the grand opening of Mt. Shiveer? Maybe she has something important to say? Or maybe it's just a glitch AJ needs to fix!
So thanks to Fuzz Fuzz for that news!
Happy Jamming! Toodles!
P.S. Also look out for my clan post coming later today or tomorrow hopefully!


FunPinkyPinky said...

I haven't been to Club Geoz yet but I'll go! I noticed that with Mira though, I didn't really pay attention. Thanks for the update and it'll be awesomely awesome when we have our first clan gathering.

Eternal said...

I saw that stuff the slide is soooo fun!
The Mira thing though is kinda freaky... I hopt they fix it!(p.s. im gonna answer questions a lot because I wanna be a mod)Your friend(not yet anyways),Eternal Snowystar

Dragonrose & others said...

Yeah I love the club music. But it is really weir that Mair appears with out anyone dancing.

King Shiverwolf said...

Not to be braggy, but I was the one that asked them to let us use the slide in Sarepia... Also the little baby voices in the music backgroung is really anoying. It keeps saying "Dj" and "Djs funky man!"
-King Shiverwolf

Anonymous said...

Where is club Geoz...? How do you get in it??

Anonymous said...

Your back fuzz! In sarepia, when I was in aldan server I saw poop clan. Weirdio. I am in a clan. I know a famous leader, Trinity2929. I am in her clan. It river clan I am a medicine.

Anonymous said...

Its a sign: think about it