Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Code!

 Heya Jammers!
Woodswolf, a top commenter on this site told me about a new code!
I tried it out for myself, and sure enough, it worked!
I took a picture to show exactly how you need to type it in, just in case upper case letters matter:
The code is discovery
as plain and as simple as that.
It gives you 1000 gems!
Thank you again to Woodswolf who told me about this!
Happy Jamming!


Key99 said...

I learned about that today to!

Funwow,AJR mod said...

Thanks Woodswolf! I just got my fourth animal thanks to you!( I saved 2000 over already,I had a little left over)

General Scaryruler said...

@Fuzyy Shyivy

Yay more coins!!:) Thank you Fuzzy, I will try to use them wisely(not)! Okay, well see you again next post(or on chat).

larcon1 said...

Hey!Thank you,WoodsWolf!I got another den because of you!I had some money already so I got another den.Have a nice day!
Your Friend,

Anonymous said...

Thanks Woodswolf and Fuzzy ShyIvy for the greatest posts (Fuzzy) and the greatest codes (woodswolf!)

Fuzzy QuietCat
I don't want to log in! :)

Woodswolf said...

You're welcome, everyone! And BTW, I don't think uppercase/lowercase letters matter. If you search 'animal jam' on google, take the option (the fourth one down after the sponsored result) that has the heading 'National Geographic Animal Jam Coupon Codes - all coupons...' and the address would be . If you don't want to do that, if you click my name on THIS POST you will go there.
I hope this helps, for there are a LOT MORE on there!

Woodswolf said...

Hey Jammers!
I just wanted to inform you of something that I recently found out! Look at this e-mail from AJ HQ!(I was submitting a ticket about too few guides. I control my own parent account, see :) )

A new comment has been added to ticket XXXX for Animal Jam:
Comment: Hello there,
Thank you for your email.
Guide's are adults that work for Animal Jam Headquarters. This does confuse our child users, as we try not to let them know that the Guide's are adults. Guide's travel from server to server, helping all of the "animals" and answering questions. Unfortunately, sometimes this takes a bit longer than expected.
No worries though! We are working hard every day to find better times to have our ingame guide's on and appreciate your feedback.
Thank you for your patience and support!
Thank You,
Animal Jam Customer Support

I was SHOCKED when I read this. Don't tell a Guide that I told you this, because who knows what might happen? Worst case scenario, account deleted. Not yours, mine.
Fuzzy, a post on this so that people don't comment on this problem any longer would probably be helpful. To everyone. Sorry I have to spill the beans in this fashion.

Fuzzy ShyIvy said...


Thank you for that awesome link! However, the ones I have not posted say they only work for SOME people, 20% of the time, so for that reason, I'll just let people try those ones on their own. But thanks anyways!

Anonymous said...

it gives u 2000 gems and i already knew that lol!

FunPinkyPinky said...

Wait, so from what I know so far there are ... 7 codes? I know playfree, playwild, danceparty, NewYearJam, foodfight, discovery, and potion. My brother used to get the National Geographic Magazine that included an Animal Jam page with a code on it, so I was always ahead of others on codes. Now his subscription ended, so I never know the codes. Which brings me to my conclusion that Woodswolf is vey helpful!

Madcat said...

Thank you Woodswolf! I've been rying to get over 10,000 gems and you just helped me get 11,350! (I used another code) And thank you Fuzzy!

Woodswolf said...

Again, everyone, you're welcome!
Also, soon I will be making a blog like Fuzzy's that ONLY foucuses on cheats, tips and codes. I'll tell you when I'm done!

Funwow,AJR Mod(s) said...

@Funpinkypinky There used to be a super duper old code in the sneak peek,so old I can't remember it!

Cicero Brown said...

You're the best. Thanks for the article :)