Friday, January 21, 2011


 Heya Jammers!
Sorry I'm kinda late with this, but the ARCTIC LAND HAS BEEN RELEASED!!
But to start off first, there are some new cards.

That's only a tiny bit. Viewing the whole thing, it would look like:
If you're wondering where I got that, it's from the new newspaper, but right now there are WAY more important things to talk about then that! predictions were right, YET AGAIN!
Look where the land is on the map!

I KNEW it!
And, I was right about that purple tent being a new's a cafe!
Here, you can get hot drinks at the game machine after a cold run through the mountains!!
And look WHO I SEE...A SEAL!! Yess!! The vote came in that most jammers wanted to be able to be SEALS! YAY!!

Click on that game symbol by the big drink machine...
Here, you get to create your own hot cup!
First, you choose what style cup, then the cup's colour, then the drink, and finally add goodies! Then, when you're done, you get to drink it!!
Yum!! Make your own tasty creations, and go WILD with it!
Also, if you didn't know, the new location is called Mount Shiveer!

Then, back outside, there is a small pond of ice with a caution sign! What do you think we should do? HOP!

Also, there is another warm fire (where I'm sure spirits come out) AND...

ALSO....AN ICE SLIDE!! Just climb the icy steps and click the slide! Then, all you gotta do, is go for a ride!

I know, it looks like I'm sliding, but trust me: I'm not.
EXPLORE! See what you'll find! You cannot expect me to post EVERY inch of this place, ya know...

Also, by the fire, there is another game called IceBreaker.
You can play it by yourself, or with some other jammer.

It's really fun when you get the hang of it, and easy to!
Now let's see those seals...

ALL this time I've been waiting for seals, and FINALLY they're here and I can't get one.
That makes me SO mad. >:(
The entrance ways to get to Mt. Shiveer are to use your map, or, to use this entrance at the Sarepia Forest.

There are also new clothes, and den items.
How is this fair: 3 member items, 1 non-member item.

Hair? Don't animals have enough hair already?
Oh and of course, non-members get the weird boy hair...honestly, sometimes I wish I had membership.

A non-member globe and tea cup, and a member tea SET and golden table.

So. Looking over everything that's new today, (including the new newspaper, but why post about that when there is this whole post to make?) what do you like, and what do you not like? I personally really like the 'Hot Cocoa Hut.'  What about you?

I've come to a decision. I'm getting a membership.
Happy Jamming! Toodles!
P.S. I will post my new seal here when I make it.


yohanhan said...

Why does slidoo have the seal but you dont?

Keep animaling?

larcon1 said...

Hi!Can someone tell me where the Artic Land is?My brother and I wanna know where it is.Can you tell us?

Your big fan,

Key99 said...

I also went to Mount Shiver! Also in Saripia there's a new slide.

FunPinkyPinky said...

Fuzzy! When I read the paper it said that seals will only be available to members for a couple of weeks until they find out if seals are "safe" or not. Yay!!!!!!!!!!! I can still get a seal sometime!!!!!

Rosey Speedyrabbit said...

Cool! I didn't know it was the year of the tiger!

meme12345678 said...

Hi!I am new to Animal jam.How do i get to the Artic land?Can someone help me?
Your friend,

Woodswolf said...

@ Fuzzy Shyivy
You actually don't have to hop. All you have to do is stand on the ice. No jumping. No hopping. Just stand. Some people just hop because it's more "realistic" than just standing. They're the ones who live where ice doesn't form (such as southern states). I've seen thin ice so I know.

Harry Potter Knows All said...

how do u take pictures of the screen?? plz show me
btw my name is piepo on animaljam and my name is mister jellybelly!!

Davrainbow said...

Fuzzy I'm Davrainbow on animaljam, and I really think it's great for u to explain everything on ur site, not many people talk about animaljam. I left more info on animaljam community. Fuzzy, I would like to know how it is some people can literally fly over buildings and such, how? Please say. Please? Also codes: play wild, play free, potion, newyears jam, dance party, and food fight. Hope it helps!

FieryClaw said...

@ Everyone Who commented here
(this may not happen)I would like to say NOT just the rocky place will be a land there is a streamy place that seems like it would be a land.
*shifty eyes*

Fuzzy ShyIvy said...


Hmm...well, I'm not sure what you mean, but if some jammers are able to FLY over buildings, I'm guessing it's a glitch.

Anonymous said...

I was playing animal jam and i teleported to a friend, AND I WAS FLYING IN THE AIR! i don't know what happened please tell me if it's a glitch or if you track any source of why please tell me, thanks!

Anonymous said...

The flying happened to me before all you have to do is log out then log in and then you'll be fine!
Hope this Helps,

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! My username is a new username that no one ever knew to use forever! And that is.... alayara. It's NOT my real name. I just thought of it when i first went on Animal Jam. Add me though. I have 73 slots open. XD so please add me. I barely have any friends. Just melo21986, I had 100! friends! I wish I never gave it up. -sniff- I-sniff-love-sniff-ani-mal-sniff-ja-m.-sniff-.

Anonymous said...

What is this and how did i get here?
what the heck is anonymous? is it-- "Careless, Careless, Shoot Anonymous, Anonymous."? Or is it a flower in Animal Jam? Eh? Wht-the-heck. I don't care. :D

Anonymous said...

um does any one know that seals are for nonmembers now too.

Anonymous said...

Hey! i am animal jams biggest fan. Bye the way i know a glitch in lost temple of zios. You click back and forth from the lab and the chamber of secrets. then you can do the fly thing.