Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Summer Plans

I´ve been thinking a lot about my summer plans. I know that I said that I´d come back in the summer, but I recently found out that I am moving again. Yeah, you're probably thinking, "Huh? I thought you JUST moved!" I did move last summer, but my family moves a lot. Since I'll be getting settled, I really think that I´m going to leave this blog... well, for good. I´m really sorry, Jammers.

I really want to thank a few friends that I've  had that have helped me on AJ and helped me make some decisions. Lillilou22, thank you so much for being a great friend! You stuck by my side through hard times with cyberbullies and everything. I really appreciate your kindness and friendliness! If I could hire another author for my blog, it would surely be you. (Some of you have been asking if I could hire authors to continue the blog, but I only have so much power over this blog- only Fuzzy can do that.) I would also like to thank Zoocage, ilovecheerio, Bella44036, and IloveAfrica!

Now comes the twist. I really want to thank one of my BFFs, cutelittlewolf1. She is such a great friend, and she has an Animal Jam blog, too. So all of you jammers looking for another blog to go to, Click Here to go to her website. Even if she doesn't post a lot, she is a very talented author. Right now she wants to know for her viewers if they want her to stay posting. Show some Jamaa love and support her <3 !

Blogging was such a blast that I totally won't forget! I remember the first time I met Fuzzy. She was the best author in Jamaa history, and will never be forgotten. I know that I'm not even a fraction as great an author as her, but I hope my posts were good enough!

So, I guess this is it.

Thank you!