Monday, January 24, 2011

Den Tour!

 Heya Jammers!
Remember when I got my membership, and promised a den tour?
Well, I finally got it!

Sorry if it's a bit hard to read, but that's the only size that can fit my post width.
Cool, eh? Well that's all for now!
Happy Jamming!


Woodswolf said...

Sorry Fuzzy... I haven't been on this weekend much...
Congrats on the membership! I REALLY want a membership too...
If you click this arrow thingy in the upper right corner of the screencast you can get a larger picture.
Actually Fuzzy, I think things might be a bit backwards. Look at my theory:
Winter: Winter-like area (snow)
Spring: Spring-like area (snow melts in SPRING. melty place in the top left)
Summer: Summer-like area (outdoorsy stuff in fields in SUMMER)
I hope this helps!

Rosey Canyonrose/Rosey Spiritrose said...

Cool den :)

Autumn said...

Coolio! I would've liked to see your betta den though... never seen one before!