Saturday, March 31, 2012

Earth Hour & More!

Heya Jammers!

Lots of new things out today! First of all I would just like to say that there will soon be a post about where all of the eggs in the egg hunt are, as well as one for the new journey book. Now for our new objects.
There is a wonderful dolphin statue in Sunken Treasures in Kani Cove! It will go great in the ruins den.

And, in other news, octopuses are here! Are you going to get an octopus? Tell me if you are in the comments!

...The very first pet game! It looks so cool, but... you have to have a puppy. I guess dogs have the advantage here. But I'm sure there will be more pet games for OTHER pets.

And - haha, a new 'slooℲ lıɹd∀' (April Fools) party! I'll be sure to post about this crazy party soon! Now, what makes me think it will be upside down....

In the Cocoa Hut in Mt.Shiveer, you can vote for your 3 favourite t-shirt designs, and the winners will become REAL t-shirts to buy! Here is what I voted for...

The wolf pack, the pandas and bamboo, and the disco bunnies.

Also... I would just like to give a nice warm goodbye to Round ChunkyBear... he was a great animal to have around, and we will still remember him in the sidebar of AJR...
R.I.P, Round ChunkyBear. You will be missed.

Welcome back Fuzzy ShyIvy!
Yup, that's right. Bringing back Fuzzy ShyIvy won the poll, so here Fuzzy is. Same look, same name, just a different username. It's great to be back!

Also, today is a very special day. Any jammers know why? That's right - it's Earth Hour!
Last year, around 1.8 BILLION people took part in Earth Hour - that's incredible! And this year, wouldn't it be great to have even more people participate? 
Earth Hour is an hour in one day a year when families turn ALL their lights off, and use no electricity. By participating in Earth Hour, you are making a huge difference in the world, which is why I encourage you to turn off your lights, shut down your laptops, unplug your chargers, and let go of video games. I will definitely be taking part in Earth Hour this year, and I really, REALLY hope you will too. Because one small flick of a switch can make a big, big difference. 

Happy Jamming, and happy Earth Hour!

Friday, March 30, 2012

New Throughout Jamaa

Heya Jammers!

There are new items today and I've got to say there are alot of them! Here are some of the new things I have found:

First, there is a new Jester Hat you can purchure at the Jam Mart Clothing...

Since Easter is coming up... the Animal Jam HQ has organised an Egg Hunt around Jamaa!

Look out for these eggs as you will get a reward at the end! All you have to do is go around Jamaa and have a 'sniff' around the area.

Chat Jam-a-grams are now available to type little messages to your friends, as well as a new Jamaa Journey book!

More new items! A new Octopus Subrmersible, Barrel Sponge and Clover Tubes you can purchure at Kani Cove.

Also, a new loading page!

And well done to Twinkle Clevergem, Fuzzy Majorbunny and Blossom Cottongirl who were the three winners who won the Name Badge Contest! The designs are great!

As well as the new items, I was exploring the Temple of Zios when I came across this strange rock that I have never seen before. 

Any suggestions why it is there?

That's all for now Jammers! I will soon update more about the new game and the new jammer parties!

Happy Jamming!


P.S I still haven't got my signature yet.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Heya Jammers!

Today I noticed a nice spot of water that could be an new ocean!

What do you think?

And one quick thing: Have you ever noticed when AJ HQ is going to do an update in a few minutes, it shows this:

What do you think?

Happy Jamming!

P.S. Happy birthday Goldheart28!


P.S.P.S I'm still working on how to put my signature in the post.

Awards Page Now Open

Heya Jammers!

I'm just here to say that a new page on AJR has opened up!
If you've checked all the pages lately, you'd realize that there is a page called "Awards". This page has been "non-existent" for quite some time now. Well... it's finally up! To get the latest scoop on award winners, head over to this page. Who knows - you may be able to win an award!

Happy Jamming!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Item

                                                                      Heya Jammers!
In the Jamaa Furniture store there is a new item:

A snow machine! Awesome!

This item will definitely  put a cool twist to your den!

Oh yeah, one quick thing: our signatures are finally done! Check mine out! And thank you to Fuzzy who put a lot of effort in these and made them look fabulous!
What do you think? 

Well, that's all for now.

Happy Jamming!

Monday, March 26, 2012

New Movies!

Heya Jammers!

It's Bellanatalie102 here!
So, I was strolling around Sarepia Forest today and decided to go to the theater.

I got some popcorn (quite tasty!) and headed into the room where the movies play.
Yummy yum yum!

I clicked on the shelf with the selection of movies. Then I noticed that there are so many new movies that I hadn't seen before! They might have been there before, but I just wanted to let you know since not very many people go there.

My favorite one was the one about Daddy Longlegs! It was so interesting and I learned alot.
Next time you're online go and check out the new movies! 

Also, I have ANOTHER glitch to report! 
So, when you have mail, your little envelope icon has a "1" or "2" sign on it, depending on how many Jam-A-Grams you have. 
Well, mine always has the "2" sign on it! Even if I click on it, it still looks like this:

So now if I have a "3" sign on it, I know that I actually have 1 Jam-A-Gram.
Funny, huh?
Have you ever experienced this glitch? My friend iLoveAfrica has. 
I guess it must be common!

Oh, and one quick thing before I finish. Thank you so much to all the Jammers who post encouraging comments!
The comments really brighten our day!

Well, that's finally all for today!

Happy Jamming!


Rare Mondays- Rare Tie

Heya Jammers!

This week's Rare Item is a Rare Tie. You can purchase it in the Jam Mart Clothing on the second page of the catalog.

The new color is pawsome but the normal ties are still selling. How do you like the new 'rare' item this week? Also, how am I going with the posting?

Happy Jamming!


Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Den Item

Heya Jammers!

So... we've seen new posts by both of the new authors. What do you think?
Also, a new den item has been released. Snowy paw prints!
On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the authors in total so far?

Happy Jamming!

New Room?

Heya Jammers!

So, I was swimming around in Bahari Bay today and I noticed something: there was a door with a sort of lock on it right above the door to Bahari Bargains. This could be a new room.

 I had seen it before, but it wasn't until today that I actually thought about it. 
So, what do all of you Jammers think? Leave a comment saying what you think about it.

Also, I saw ANOTHER glitch!
I was playing my favorite game, Best Dressed, and noticed something strange. I was scrolling down on the list of clothing items you could wear, and I saw 2 spiked collars!
Funny, huh? 

Oh yes, one quick thing: I finally met QAZAR!  Yay!

I was so glad to meet my fellow author!

Well, that's all for now!

Happy Jamming!


QAZAR and New Items

Heya Jammers!

As you all might know, my name is QAZAR and I am going to help Fuzzy's AJR! I will be posting the updates on Animal Jam along with Bellanatalie102. 

Here is a photo of my main animal I use on AJ:

As Fuzzy Shyivy's author, I am to make sure you Jammers have a jammin' good time and for me to give you the updates. 

Now the new items, Fissure in Sunken Treasures at Kani Coves:

And the Wolf Head Torch at the Wolf's Only Party:

These new items will surely brighten up your den!

As Bellanatalie102 said... we don't have our signatures right now, but Fuzzy is making them at the moment. Also, feel free to ask me a question or tell me how I'm doing if you see me in Jamaa!

Happy Jamming!


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bellanatalie102 & Glitch

Heya Jammers!

It's Bellanatalie102 here! I'm going to be helping Fuzzy out with the posting, and so is QAZAR. As you can see, my signature isn't done yet, but Fuzzy is making it. 
Here's a picture of me:

Now that I've got the introduction done, I have to tell you about a glitch.
Sometimes when I'm at Coral Canyons, I see something strange. I see a few Jammers walking on walls and walking on the SKY.

 When I try to put my mouse over the sky or a wall and click on it,  nothing happens! What's with this glitch? How do you do it? There must be some way to do it. 
Well, that's all for now! 
Happy Jamming!


Friday, March 23, 2012

Heya Jammers!

Today a new furniture item has been released, which is another new object specifically for the new Ruins den.
A column!

I've also noticed that there have been more monkeys around lately. I guess everyone is scurrying about getting them last minute before they become endangered.

For the new authors, Bellanatalie102 and QAZAR, congratulations and good luck with the posting! The two new authors will start posting when their signatures are done and they agree to a few rules. Again, thank you to the 76 people that tried out - I couldn't have been happier with the applications.

Happy Jamming!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Heya Jammers!

It's great to know so many of you are itching to hear the authors! 
I just wanted to say that we got a whopping 76 total applications within 5 days - that's amazing! Thank you everyone!
You know what this means. Out of the 76 jammers that signed up, only 1 or 2 will get picked. That means you have a 1 in 75 chance of getting picked. The odds are not likely, are they? If you do not get picked, please do not be upset. You can feel sad inside, but please don't take it out on me. At the end of the day I am looking for specific things and answers, and I really do wish I could pick everyone - but we don't have room for that, unfortunately. 
So, if you signed up, check your email. 2 jammers received emails about further information and questions. The authors will be announced when they reply, so please, if you are one of the lucky two jammers to receive the message, please reply back with your info and answers ASAP so we can announce who won and get started.
(And yes, for those who are wondering, authors get signatures. ;-) )

Happy Jamming!

Monkey Business and More!

Heya Jammers!

A new Jamaa journal has been released today with some news you don't want to miss! Monkeys are soon to be endangered! You only have a few weeks to make a monkey character!
The article is shown above. I hope no other animals become endangered!
Moving on, there is a new den!
The lost ruins den! This den is underwater, 3500 gems and for members only.
I managed to get a look at one of these dens. It's a random den, I don't know the person.
As I said before, it's an underwater den, so unless you have an underwater animal you cannot visit these.
In Sunken Treasures, there is perfect furniture to go with this den - of course!
This marble table and crescent marble chair match the den perfectly. 
Are you going to get this new den, or a monkey before they become endangered? Tell me what you think in the comments!

Happy Jamming!