Friday, December 3, 2010


Heya Jammers!
Today I was strolling 'round AJ when I decided to stop and read the news, only noticing it was new. That got me posting. One page talks about 2 new den items and 2 new clothing items! Then, I will also tell you a fun, fast way to sell clothing without being ripped off!

So, I bought that old blanket to wear. I made it green, just like all my other clothes, tried it on, and I looked like a dirty rug. Literally. But I didn't want to only get half my gems back by recycling it, so here is a GREAT way I will share with you if you are in this crumby situation.
  1. Select one of your friends, or, if you are feeling thoughtful, click on an animal you don't even know.
  2. Then, select the little post envelope button titled 'Jam-A-Gram.'
  3. Select a postcard and stamp, and then, select the gift you no longer want.
But what good does this give you? Sending something away? I'd rather just have half price, thanks, you might think. But you can get an achievement out of this! And if you already have got this award, try sending two more, or four more! Then you can get something to! (If at all you want to see the full list of Animal Jam achievements, go to Animal Jam, scroll down to the bottom and click blog. Then search for the 'Achievements' post, and click the link at the bottom.) I hope you like this way better!
Happy Jamming! Toodles!
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SacredGrove said...

That's a great idea, but I already have all the sending presents achievements. What should I do now, Fuzzy?
-Major Majormajor

Anonymous said...

umm... hi ,hey fuzzy u might not remember me, ur friend on animaljam but can u kind of help me with my website. ur friend from animaljam
sorry i dont want to giv out my username so people wont search me up on animal jam but remember i am a friend of yours viva candy