Sunday, December 26, 2010


 Heya Jammers!
I've got a very important message to tell you! I made it into a picture with all my cool new fonts I have, so, therefore, you have to read it by clicking this link to the picture.

Cool fonts, eh? So what do ya think? I will have a poll go up in the sidebar, and the AJ Awards will be taken down shortly. I just felt that the page was lacking viewers, and was kinda just there for no one to look and and take up space. So the choices for the new page are:

A Funny/Party pictures page
An about me page
A game guide page
An artwork page
An AJR Schedule page
I've tried an artwork page before. To get that one which will not be in the poll, I wanna see your artwork! You can colour pictures online on aj, or draw them and scan them onto your computer! Then you can use to upload the image and get the link so we can all see!
The poll will be up soon to vote. Happy Jamming!


Amanda said...

hey fuzzy its me im on my brand new kindle unfortualey i can go on aj or ure chat so anyway do u want to talk thrugh comments or my email

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am a player on AJ and i would like to meet you on AJ sometime like maybe on Wednesday, December 29th and the time umm how about 2:30 pm and i am a member (hopefully i mean on that day it might go away) my username is Roxy648 my animals are a wolf, bunny, and tiger all my names start with Awesome. My wolf is Awesome Bravespirit. My bunny is Awesome Tinygirl. My tiger is Awesome Kookycat. I will probably be my bunny and i want to meet on the canyon bridge near sky high. Please reply soon.

Anonymous said...

Wow i just now found out that your having a party then... Well i guess i'll meet you there -Roxy648

Anonymous said...

wait im eastern time soo where i am ill be at the party at 5:00 :O


Anonymous said...

yeah... well thats pretty weired you are there at 2:30 and i'm there at 5:00 and were there at the exact same time and place :l


Fuzzy ShyIvy said...


You're eastern time to(question mark) sorry heh my question makr...isnt working...heh. Im EST time to! Is that what you mean(question mark)

Funwow,AJR Mod said...

It looks like your computer is a dying old computer if that's happening!

Anonymous said...

fuzzy shyivy can we meet the day after tommorow my user name is pnutfluffy and I've got a wolf named commander thewolf and a bunny I forgot its name go on draa and go too the juice hut ok

Animaljam Guide said...

Hello jammers,

I am a animaljam guide and this is a really cool website you got there. :)

Jam on!

Animaljam guide.