Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Beat Me!

 Heya Jammers!
Heya Jammer! This week's beat me is SUPER SPECIAL and there is a REWARD for winning!
This time I decided to play Twister, located in the Coral Pathways!
Cool! You can read that cool tornado fact to!
Ok. So recently no one has been playing the Beat Me's. I think they'd be really fun to try personally, but...that's why I've decided to try to make a reward for the beat me this week! I had trouble figuring out what it should be, but then I thought of a Christmas present!  How about it? All you have to do differently is play the game Twister, then type your score into a comment on THIS POST, and, also explain to me what you like! For example, I like animals, so I could write that. That way if you had the highest score, I would know you like animals so I could send you an animal picture I made or something!
I hope this works better!

Also I've been seeing a  lot of very rude comments. Luckily, I can choose which ones to post, but...unfortunately I've been getting ones like: you ______ _____...and there were swear words there. Also I got one saying: "this website is kinda boring. Correction-REALLY BORING. id rather watch a tree all day than be here!"
So, my reply was: "Wow, that's nice. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all, would you?"
I would like to hear your replies, and if you were the one who did it, please apologize. You commented as anonymous anyways, so no one would know who you were.
Happy Jamming, be nice, and good luck!


Precious Fieryclaw said...

Well that person was rude who did that. P.s. i got 76,461 points on twister! and i like um..... Tacos! just kidding um i like HEDGEHOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dragonrose &others said...

Wow! That was really mean! Why would someone do that?

Fuzzy ShyIvy said...

@Precious FieryClaw

Woaaah your score totally wipes out mine!

Snowflake Articwolf said...

Sorry, Precious Fieryclaw, but I don't believe you got that much. Here's why:

a) The top possible score I've ever gotten is around 25,000 and

b) The Hgih-Score Achievement for that game is 30,000 so if the website thought that would be hard to beat, then I doubt you got 76,461 points.

Anonymous said...

Hi! its Roxy648 and whoever did that is really mean and why leave a comment if you can just leave i mean seriously thats just Rude!

Dragonrose&others said...

Hi I've got about 25,406 and I like horses and mythical things.

Precious Fieryclaw said...

Accullay My brother got that score he said that i could say that i got it but he REALLY DID!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Fuzzy! My username is sbhunter (we're buddies on Animal Jam) and I just got 30,078 on Twister! I tried to take a screenshot, but it wouldn't work. But if you look at my achievements, I earned the "Twister Top Dog" achievement, which means I definitely got over 30,000! :)

If mine is the highest, I really like red pandas! They're my favorite!

Snowflake ShyPaw said...

Woah. Evil anonymous commenters >.<

The angered Precious Fireyclaw said...

People Say that i'm lying seiriuosly! I'm Not!!!!!!! I Mean Where Do You Come Up With That Score!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

98,698 i like cats

Anonymous said...

Hi! That comment was just so rude. Where is Twister, anyways?

Anonymous said...

I got 840,089 points on it!!!!!
my user is surgeon89 if you wanna friend me

Anonymous said...

well that was mean of that person. probably a bully taking out his problems on this site.anyways i like bows and arrows* archery is fun :)*my user name is:waterlily111
and i got 50,093,631

Camden12345 said...

OVER 35,000!!!!!!!!!!!! -Camden12345

I like trains

and Dogs

And pie