Sunday, March 4, 2012

St.Patrick's Day Stuff

Heya Jammers!

Lots of new things. We will start off first with a NEW piece to the frozen den items collection. 
The frozen bush. Honestly at the first glance I thought it was a giant gummy.

And now, a new party! It's called...
...the Lucky Party.

When you enter, there is a small stand to your right. You can buy all sorts of St.Patrick's day den items!

If you keep going, it's basically just like a regular non-member den, but at the back, there is a record player with a sale sign. When you click it, you can buy happy go lucky music!

I'm assuming they might add even MORE new music.

In Sunken Treasures in Kani Cove, there are clover tubes.

I think that's all!
What do you think of the Lucky Party? I like it.

Happy Jamming!


Anonymous said...

first here i like it too even there is membership stuff i just buy the leaf clover HAPPY ST.PARTRIK DAY early!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Fuzzy!
Hey, have you figured out the MadJaster thing yet?


Anonymous said...

Hi Fuzzy! I am your biggest fan like, EVER! I am buddies with your brother TheSlidoo. Please add me on Animal Jam!!!!!! I am chorus2010.

Anonymous said...

Fuzzy i am your Biggest fan ever!!!!! i have added you on animal jam, i am huntinbear. your blog is awesome, just like you, and i just want to say you forgot the clover blanket! I am very observant :)

Mighty said...

Lol i wish it was a gummy!