Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Items

Heya Jammers!

I'd just like to say that the author applications are going great! I've received a few questions and would like to mention a few things. First of all, sending more than one application does NOT increase your chance of getting the part. I understand some of you did not know this and send more than one which I will let go for now, but if I keep getting the same people sending more after this post, it will decrease their chance.

Today there are new items in Jamaa. In Sunken Treasures, in Kani Cove, there is a Hanging Lantern.
...And that is all.
Not much today.

Happy Jamming!


GreatShot/Silver said...

-puts paw over mouth- Oops! I submitted a few. Sorry, I didn't know! D:

KiddyPool C: said...

Hey fuzzy! Can you add me? :) My username is KiddyPool

Anonymous said...

Fuzzy, I apologize for not having a webcam, which i know will decrease my chances for getting the part. But i would like to know what webcam you use, so i could use it for my posts. My application was huntinbear, and i hope you choose me!

Anonymous said...

Fuzzy Shivivy when your net party?

QAZAR said...

How do you get a such great title and signuture???? I love them!!!!