Sunday, March 25, 2012

QAZAR and New Items

Heya Jammers!

As you all might know, my name is QAZAR and I am going to help Fuzzy's AJR! I will be posting the updates on Animal Jam along with Bellanatalie102. 

Here is a photo of my main animal I use on AJ:

As Fuzzy Shyivy's author, I am to make sure you Jammers have a jammin' good time and for me to give you the updates. 

Now the new items, Fissure in Sunken Treasures at Kani Coves:

And the Wolf Head Torch at the Wolf's Only Party:

These new items will surely brighten up your den!

As Bellanatalie102 said... we don't have our signatures right now, but Fuzzy is making them at the moment. Also, feel free to ask me a question or tell me how I'm doing if you see me in Jamaa!

Happy Jamming!



Bella said...

Nice post! I'm really excited to see what our signatures look like!


QAZAR said...

Yea same here!


Lordess OwlEye The Average said...

I'm so happy for both of you! :) You both seem to be wonderful bloggers.


Jack/Sandy Cossarini said...

Can i be an author too? if so, how? please please please reply

Anonymous said...

cool! from E09378

Autumnbunnyxo said...

Cool! Hey you think you could buddy me? You and Bella? Maybe...? Oh and by the way, GREAT JOB SO FAR! You guys are doing really good! Keep up the good work! remember me when your a celebrety! :)

Autumnbunnyxo said...

@Jack/Sandy Cossarini
I'm terribly sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Fuzzy had an aplication form to fill out to audition to become an author and he chose Bellanatalie102 and QAZAR and they're doing awesome! Maybe there will be another opening in the future! There is always a next time right?


Autumnbunnyxo said...

Cool! I really like you guys! Hey... you think you could add me? oh and QAZAR, i saw some people who looked exactly like you when i was on aj... just wanted to let you know there might be some imposters out there!


NinjafoxezUnderCover said...

Me too! I wants to be your buddy my username is LITTLEBROCON. I have same tail armor as u qavar.