Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Heya Jammers!

Today I noticed a nice spot of water that could be an new ocean!

What do you think?

And one quick thing: Have you ever noticed when AJ HQ is going to do an update in a few minutes, it shows this:

What do you think?

Happy Jamming!

P.S. Happy birthday Goldheart28!


P.S.P.S I'm still working on how to put my signature in the post.


Anonymous said...

bella i think ur posts are awesome!!
ur an amazing authour and ur posts have helped thanks!

QAZAR said...

When can I have a go of posting???

Bella said...


I'm so sorry if you feel you can't post.
I only posted because I had to say happy birthday to my friend.
You can post as much as you want!
In fact, for the new item, I won't post and you can.
You are awesome!

Happy Jamming, my fellow author/friend!


QAZAR said...


carbohydrate2 said...

Cool! A new room! I can't wait to see if they make it a ocean!

Anonymous said...

Cool! A new room! I can't wait to see if they make it a ocean!BTW, my username is carbohydrate2!

Anonymous said...

I know this is totally unrelated but how did fuzzy advertise for authors? Please could fuzzy comment on this blog with the answer.

Anonymous said...

theres a whole bunch of new things why not post those

Anonymous said...

bella what do you think the new place would be fyi i am rockyjammer10.

huntinbear said...

Hi Bella!

Remember me? I'm huntinbear! I think your posts are awesome and thanks to you, i learned the zios glitch! Thanks!


Piepaw said...

I don't think we need a new ocean... I hardly go underwater in the first place. But we do need some variety.

Autumnbunnyxo said...


You guys = doing a great job! keep it up guys you're doing great!

Autumnbunnyxo said...

Fuzzy held a contest and put the forms in a post. hope i helped!


Anonymous said...

I think it will be swampy and there will be a swampy water holes and u get swampy stuff all over u and it will be darkish and wolf clans will be on patrol and there will be owls and all sorts of stuff and if u change into a water animal while u r on the swampy thingy u swim with your water animal or something and they will make a stroke for non members and members and it fly like a little high and more can't wait maybe it will look sorta like that Luna07263 out! C:

GreatShot/Silver said...

The land looks like the Amazon River to me! Cool place to have a Journey Book hunt!!