Monday, March 26, 2012

New Movies!

Heya Jammers!

It's Bellanatalie102 here!
So, I was strolling around Sarepia Forest today and decided to go to the theater.

I got some popcorn (quite tasty!) and headed into the room where the movies play.
Yummy yum yum!

I clicked on the shelf with the selection of movies. Then I noticed that there are so many new movies that I hadn't seen before! They might have been there before, but I just wanted to let you know since not very many people go there.

My favorite one was the one about Daddy Longlegs! It was so interesting and I learned alot.
Next time you're online go and check out the new movies! 

Also, I have ANOTHER glitch to report! 
So, when you have mail, your little envelope icon has a "1" or "2" sign on it, depending on how many Jam-A-Grams you have. 
Well, mine always has the "2" sign on it! Even if I click on it, it still looks like this:

So now if I have a "3" sign on it, I know that I actually have 1 Jam-A-Gram.
Funny, huh?
Have you ever experienced this glitch? My friend iLoveAfrica has. 
I guess it must be common!

Oh, and one quick thing before I finish. Thank you so much to all the Jammers who post encouraging comments!
The comments really brighten our day!

Well, that's finally all for today!

Happy Jamming!



K. Emily H. said...

Awsome + i'm so happy 4 u bellanatilie102 :)


K. Emily H. said...

Thanks so much bellanatalie102 and CONGRADS!:)


Anonymous said...

Thx bellanatalie102! by the way congrads! :)


FuzzyShyIvy said...

I've had that happen to me a lot too. I usually just click fast throughout my entire inbox (takes a while), but sometimes then it's gone.


Anonymous said...

cool but why is the rares mebers for anyway?

Anonymous said...

I wanted to that i commented a couple days ago about the new movies!!!
But im glad you posted it

GreenFun said...

Aww, you look adorable! Anyway, I have experienced the Jam-A-Gram glitch. Also, I do notice how most Jammmers do not commonly visit the old places, even the Pillow Room!

Bella said...

@ iLoveAfrica.

Thank you! It's the people like you who post nice comments and brighten our day!


nat4862 said...

It happened to me too!! I had a "1" sign on it for a pretty long time, It got sort of annoying so I just deleted the Jam-a-gram! Anyways awesome job blogging bellanatalie102!

srkluber11 said...

hi. um, i have been reading your blog for a long time, and i love all of the articles. your articles really help me find my way around animal jam and when i don't know where the rare items are, i can count on u. also, i was wondering when i would be able to become one of those people who write on oyur blog? i have been playing animal jam for two years now, and would love to contribute anything i can into helping your blog. thanks!

Autumnbunnyxo said...

hey, Bellanatillie102, do you think you could add me? I wanna be friends with you and QAZAR becuz i just tink u guys are AWESOME! great job so far and i love the signature! Good job and keep up the good work!

Autumnbunnyxo said...

I have 4 words for you: You. Are. Awe. Some! both you and QAZAR! love you guys! Fuzzy, good job on picking the authors!!!


Autumn said...

I have had that glitch happen to me too! my friend sent me the same Jam-A-Gram like ten times and that "10" was stuck there until i erased it all! You can erase it or log out then log back in again. Thats how 2 get rid of that glitch! Hope i helped!


Autumnbunnyxo said...

Oh and with the movie thing, they might be new because of the new underwater scientist maybe they have to keep both things up-to-date


Azhura said...

i love the geckos one :D Anyway it's happen to me RIGHT NOW. ^.^

puppydogusa10 said...

@Fuzzy Shyivy

My mail always says 1 instead or 2
isn't it so fusterating?!