Monday, February 6, 2012

Rare Item Mondays

Heya Jammers!

So as you know, today is Monday, and on Mondays, AJ is selling rare items for ONE DAY ONLY at stores!

So, this Monday's rare clothing item is....
...gloves? Really? Haven't we had enough of these?
I'm not sure about you, but I thought they said in the newspaper that they would have all new items for that day only... we've had this before, no?

Oh well, we'll have to wait until next Monday.

In other words, there are some new items.

In Kani Cove, there is a heart shag rug!

And in Epic Wonders, there is a princess carriage, and shadow garden.
Cool stuff!
What do you think of these new items?

Happy Jamming!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad the gloves returned... I never got a chance to get them. and I just can't get the heart to give up my other items to trade for gloves i want.

Anonymous said...

i like the idea about the rare mondays but to give others a chance i believe u should put the worns and all the different gloves out personaly i have ny own but there are others and they wont let them go and i think if u put them out for members u should at least put 1 out
for non members sorry for saying it this way but i am also thinking of non members and i am a member

TheHowler said...

Ugh those gloves are soo annoying why does everyone want them?I mean sure if you have gems ya wanna spend on 'em go for it.But if you don't have alot of gems member jammers....they will be back soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh btw there gving out silver gloves! sorry i was late in to seeing this i didnt have much time to comment :( (lucky arctic joy)