Monday, February 6, 2012

ANOTHER New Soon-To-Come Room?

Heya Jammers!

I noticed again today a little opening where a new room could be entered by! Take a look.
It is mostly blocked by snow covered rock, but just passed there you can see a doorway. I've ALSO noticed, on the map where it has the star and shows where you are, no matter where you go the star stays over this little doorway in the rocks. Maybe, just maybe, this could be a future entrance to a new land.
What do you think? Comment with your thoughts.

In the mean time, the new "Trivia" page will open up tomorrow. 

Happy Jamming!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, weird.


Anonymous said...

Hi Fuzzy,

I ran to that place after read your post. Yes. That may be an ebtrance of future room.

I also fonud a ice entrance pictured with seal near there. I don't know If it's there for long or comes now. Because I'm new to Jamaa.

Pokechu said...

Hi Fuzzy Shyivy.I think that it would be a new room.Because if you open your map you can see a open land with a river flowing.But it could also be a new room for a new game.
Wolf:Prancing Speedywolf.Seal:Empress Icyseal.User:Pokechu
P.S.I think I have seen you on Animal Jam.I can't remember the date,but I did see you.I tried to click on you-but you were going to fast.

Anonymous said...

that seal thing has been there. i was wondering what it was... could it mean something? so when they had those glitches, i would go and stand where the seal was(when i was my seal animal) and pretend i was standing in an engraving of myself.
i think its a new room! maybe it is something like something happening... and then a new land is revealed because of nature!!! i'm excited... although i hope it doesn't come yet since the have all these new things coming, i can't keep up!
ex. new parties, sol arcade, new games, new page in the journey book, glitches, rare item monday, and other new items

Anonymous said...

yes that is intresting! maybe a shamen lives in it and thats why its special.
p.s welcome back

Anonymous said...

Hi fuzzy! I've thought about what you could be on to something!I wonder what new land will there be next?

wolf howler said...

fuzzy thats what you said about that place in zioz and its been like a year well two years and they haven't opened it up

Anonymous said...

Um, They used it as an opening to crystal sands last time I checked...

Friend me, I am surgeon89.

lindseyde said...

yea strange never realized it maybe just maybe it leads us to a would of wonder where unicorns and dragons roam the lands, if thats really what it is that would been cool wouldnt it?

Anonymous said...

That happened to me to! And i think to that it will be a futire room of maybe new place (luck arctic joy)

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it can be opened by some kind item or something. Idk,it's just what I think