Thursday, February 9, 2012

Heya Jammers!

There's a new item in the Kani Cove shop, Sunken Treasures.
Cool! I like that teddy bear. 

Happy Jamming!


Anonymous said...

How do you make your Fuzzy signutuare?

Anonymous said...

Hello Fuzzy Shyivy! It's Mscute555 here, I though you QUIT Animal Jam! I'm so so happy you didn't. I like that teddy too. I found this item in Kani Cove also.

Anonymous said...

when r they gunna relese the winners of the jamagram contest? hmm..

Fishleap said...

MSCUTE555?! LOL it's me Jenny7 on animaljam xD Yeah that teddy is really cute :3 But what is the black thing? is that a whale? lol