Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Items

Heya Jammers!

There are a few new items! Lets take a look at what they are.

In the shop in the Cocoa Hut, there is a warm blanket:

In the flag shop, there are 5 new flags:
The countries are: Trinidad & Tobago, Bahrain, Jordan, Latvia and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

The NEXT item, is a very nice den item for non-members as well. A heart box of chocolates!
What do you think of these new items? 

Happy Jamming! 


horselips said...

YES!!!!!!!! finally something awesome for non-members!

bunnylove3 said...

I new this was coming.... seriously? I have had my candy heart for a year, now it isn't even rare anymore! v.v

DancingPrettyViolet said...

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Jam on!

PS thanks for inspiring me i stat=rted my own blog please comment on the stuff to help me make it better thanks again