Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Heya Jammers!

Today I bought a membership! I saw in my mailbox, that if you become a member in February, you get a free lion plushie. So why not?

Now, I will show you my other animals, so you know it's me if you see one of them.
This is my dolphin, Little IcyMush. (Awesome name, right?) By the way, I now have a purple name banner and a panda icon just so you know.
Above is Scooter Cooltoes, my new elephant. You will most likely see me as Scooter, so you might want to get used to him/her/it. 
I'm keeping my den the same, other than the giant lion plushie, because I don't want to be disappointed when my membership runs out and all my cool den things are gone.
Now, my favourite part about being a member so far is the pets.
Below is my only land pet so far, Greenapple.
So most of the time you will see me with either Round ChunkyBear and Greenapple, or Scooter Cooltoes and Greenapple. So yeah.
And, for under water guys, I will mostly use my dolphin, Little IcyMush, with my only underwater pet, Zippychip.

So yeah! I'm so excited to have this membership!
Tell me below what YOUR favourite part about membership is, and if you're not a member, tell us what you think looks cool about membership!

Happy Jamming!
                                                                               -Heck, I don't even know what to call myself anymore. 


Lordess OwlEye The Average said...

My favorite (Ah, 'favorite' the good ol' American style :D) part, I would said, is the dens and furniture and stuff. With a membership, you can buy everything and really make a den that shouts 'ME!'


hope4meg said...

hey fuzzy,
i really think ur bunny wants a new tie so i send u another green tie!ur the coolest blogger eva!thats y i made my blog

Jumping scary monkey said...

Ah, my favorite part is the clothing items, good times. And I hope the next animal after the penguin will be an owl. That would rock! I love the books of the gardians of gahoole. I'd name my owl Soren. Cuz he's my favorite character.

kittins3 said...

Everything expessically wearing member rares and getting pets and animals that non members can't get.

Anonymous said...

Hey Fuzzy! I really like your blog and just wanted to ask: are you still fuzzy shy ivy? Anyways I just wanted to say keep up the good work. :)


GreatShot said...

I still call you Fuzzy Shyivy. It's kind of a habit.

I got every single Monthly Gift. June was when they started having them, and I got a member glove. There were storm clouds, gingerbread houses, spike collars, new years hats, etc.

GreatShot said...

P.S. Is it okay if I can post my animals and pets to the sidebar like yours are? I don't want you thinking I'm copying you. Reply on my blog.


Jambotsrule said...

I don't know because its really hard to choose.....i mean dens and member items are cool and all..... but OMG i hate how non members can't receive gifts and change the colors of items!!!!! so thank god my account has membership or wouldnt be able to do that!
P.S. can you add me plz?

Anonymous said...

i just became a member a week ago and it rocks! i am jenyweny09 my den is un locked

Leafpool said...

I got a question, If you get membership can you delete it if it is reoccurring? Cuz I want one but if I get bored with it, I will want to delete it.