Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Room, and Animal Update!

Heya Jammers!

I was reading the new newspaper today, and saw that YES! The new animal IS a penguin.
So cute! I do hope they are non member, though. That way everyone can have them.

But in other words, there is a new room!
It is located in the Jamaa Township. 
It is an arcade! You can play claw machines, and ALLLLLL the games you can EVER find in Jamaa!
It is SUCH a cool place inside! Located to the left of the door, there is a dome to buy ALL the arcade games you can find inside the room!

So cool!
Also, over by the bottom of the room, there is a strange, boarded up door with train tracks above it, located beside the glowing, phantom-like pit...

And, it looks like there will be a NEW game coming soon... looks like a rocket ship of some sort under that tarp... hmm... and with rocket ships on the signs? It MUST be something about our solar system...
What do YOU think it will be?
This new arcade room is awesome! Very cool atmosphere inside, great idea and all, and probably a very popular place to be. This room is called the
Sol Arcade.
So what do you think of this room?

In other words, it looks like AJ is into the Valentine's mood!
Lot's of heart flowers, 
pink banners...


Wow! Great new updates AJ has made. 
I want to know what YOUR favourite part about the Sol Arcade is! 
Tell me YOUR thoughts in the comments!

Happy Jamming!


Fishleap said...

They got rid of the pillow room! didn't they? i like that place if they did lol :c But i think it's cool...except the fact that..yeah.

Anonymous said...

I luv the new game phantom invasion i got abunch of toys bye cinnamoncake this is ilovegir817

Junior Shydog said...

They didn't get rid of the pillow room. they moved it where the medical center was. It was the medical center thay got rid of...:( Hope this helps! See you in Jamaa!

Anonymous said...

no they got rid of the med center :(

Jambotsrule said...

What was the point of the medical center? i mean there was no games in it!!! it was just a room!

Anonymous said...

I worked at the medical center and it was boring everybody was exagerating.. oh my foot hurts. Ok i fixed it..... now i fell down the stairs...(fix) OK your better... no it still hurts, they are trying to make me throw me laptop out the window!!!!

Anonymous said...


Cooliopants. My sis also hates that they got rid of the medical center, but I don't really care that much. You should check my player card out sometime (and buddy me) and maybe check out my den.
Utterly yours, papad91278, Junior AJR Mod

Anonymous said...

yea i can understand that.... once i was supposed to be a doctor there and somebody kept getting sick over and over :(

741himan said...

:) i like, hmm let me see um the, no wait ,well no, EVERYTHING

Enchanted Magicrose said...

LOL Today, in Jamaa, the pillow room has become an ADOPTION ROOM.
It is so dull. Of course, Jammers consider it an ADOPTION ROOM, but most of the time, it is just boring. Also, nobody ever goes to Club Geoz, and I wouldn't blame them!

Find me on AJ; my username is catopia474.

P.S: I have a glove! I got it from a trading party claw machine!


Anonymous said...

The only thing the medical room was good for was for the geeks that actually LIKED it, and I guess geeks aren't good so yeah there was no reason and I used to be a doctor there because AJ used to be SO BORING there was nothing to do and you are right for me it wasoh i am in labor oh its twins oh its triplets oh its quadriplets etc etc etc! I mean, SERIOUSLY?