Monday, February 20, 2012

Lionfish Armour

Heya Jammers!

So, today's Monday. Monday = rare item Monday. 
I log on this morning and there is no rare item. 
Okay, okay, they've still got some time to post it, but usually it is already there. A bit pathetic is you ask me...

In other words, there is lionfish armour in Bahari Bargains.

And that's all for today.

Happy Jamming!


msung2000 said...

Ive heard a rumor that someone found a supply of beta arctic hoods! Theyve already sent 2 to LoveLost, also known as mayksufi.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice on that pic the lock for members is UNLOCKED!!!!!!!! does that mean anything??

lumack2000 said...

Guess what?!? I just got a notice that said: "Hey jammers! pesky phantoms hid today's rare Monday item! AJ HQ is finding it now."i got this at around 12:45... A mistake on their behalf maybe? cant wait to see what it is! - lumack2000