Friday, February 3, 2012


Heya Jammers!

Today I was with a friend in Crystal Sands, and we were playing in the water. All of the sudden, when I was with my elephant character and started to dance, this happened!:
Ahhh! Only my pattern and clothes show! This is VERY odd.
Hopefully this will get fixed soon. 

Happy Jamming!


Anonymous said...

Hiya Scooter!
I just wanted to say how much fun I had playing with you in Crystal sands!

~Fuzzy Berry Flower

Anonymous said...

wow pretty crazy! when i was in kani cove, i had a clone! other people could see it to to... well anyway, your blog ROCKS!!!!!!!! Buddy me! im rrfttg!

z-rex said...

hi fuzzyshyivy I like your blog, and was wondering which blogspot template you use???
I have a blog and it needs some views and it would be an honor for you to look at it it is

NationalturtleAJ said...

That's really cool, I don't know how they do that, One time I saw a dolphin out of water. I love your blog. Add me if you can :) My username's nationalturtle.

☾★♪❥aωєѕσмє тιηуԍιяℓ♥♫ღ☽ said...

Lol.. I Havent Been Able To Comment Thanks To URGH PC... But YAYAYAY Your BACKKK! Its Roxy648, And Uh, Hi!

Autumnbunnyxo said...

I CHECK THEI SITE OUT EVERYDAY!!! love it soooo much, your great and keep up the good work Fuzzy! :DDD

Autumnbunnyxo said...

Dear Fuzzy Shyivy...

I have looked at every post on your blog and everyone helps! I have also checked out every comment and it seems that every question has been answered... I was hoping to become a Mod, and I know that you have to earn it by answering questions posted by jammers, but all have been answered! :T plz respond


Anonymous said...

dear fuzzy,
i found this glitch when i was running in coral canyons! i could only see my flame pattern and fox hat! i wonder if anyone else has this problem?
p.s. i LOVE your blog

from kmo567