Saturday, April 7, 2012

New item& more.

Heya Jammers!
In the Jamaa furniture catalog there is...

A dog sled! Awesome!

But... where are the dogs?...
Uhh... maybe you could try placing your pet dogs as the runners? I don't know, I have no ideas. See what you can come up with!

Also, many of you have probably been wondering: why hasn't QAZAR been posting lately? Well, this is because his internet had a problem, so he can no longer play AJ, but he will get it fixed in 1 or 2 weeks time.

Also, if you want to meet me on AJ, just send a comment including:

Your username.
Your animal's name (the one you use most frequently.)
The time you would like to meet (my time zone is EST.)
The server you would like to meet on (Eg., Nile or Belaya.)
The place you would like to meet in (E.g., Mt.Shiveer.)
I might not be able to meet at certain times during certain days (because I have school and after school activities e.t.c.,), and if you put a time that isn't possible, I'll let you know so we can change the time so it works for both of us.

Happy Jamming!


Rosy Poshmoon said...

My user name is BUUUbba,the animal's name i use most is Rosy Poshmoon-what about 5 'clock? Also, the server i wuld lik 2 use is Nile,and let's meet in Crystal Sands!! cant wait 2 see u if u can make it!!
P.S. Fuzzy Shyivy chose well for extra authors!

Ashley said...

Hi Fuzzy!,
I would LOVE to meet you on aj!

Username: Vanilla19
Time:6:oo on Thursday April 12th
Server: Nile
Place to meet: Temple on Zios
My real name is Ashley so please contact me if you cant or we could plan another day
Thank you!

QAZAR said...

Thank you so much Bella for posting about that! I am really angry that the internet is not working!

Thanks again and hopefully I can play Animal Jam and start posting again!

Your trustful friend,


Bella said...

I'm happy to help!
I can't wait for when you come back!

Your fluffy & trustful friend,


kmo567 said...

yeah we can't wait till you can start posting again QAZAR!


Anonymous said...

you are so cool bella!! And i am so so so sorry QAZAR that your iternet is not working.:( good posting bella! :)

Anonymous said...

my user is E09378 it is hard to remeber and my animal name is princess sunny bunny and im really a bunny and let me see hmm maybe tomorrow i can see you at the after noon i think like at 4:00 P.M i think so i think it will work tho i wish i am a member like QAZAR and my other friends

Anonymous said...

my user is ilovebunnys65 and my animal name is RosyMuddyClaw, i use that name often. I can see you tomorrow (sunday) at 6:00 pm. In server nile.

Bella said...

@ All.

To be able to meet me, you must pick a day that is 3 days in advance when you leave your comment so I can check to see if anything comes up.



Bella said...


I'm sorry, but Thursdays aren't very good for me.
How about this Saturday 1:00 (P.M EST) with the same server and place?
Let me know if this works for you!


Bella said...


You must include your time zone, too.

Autumnbunnyxo said...

Animal: Victory DesertStar (Vix)
Date: 4/14/12 (this Saturday)
Time:Around 5:00 (or anything that works for you)
Time Zone: EST
Server: Belaya
Place: The hot Cocoa Hut

I hope this works for you Bella!


Ashley said...

Hi fuzzy!,
This is Ashley/Vanilla19 I forgot to tell you my timezone is pacific! i'm sorry i cannot do saturday!!!! :( sorry how about Saturday 21 (of april) at 10:00 am?

Thank you for responding so quickly and making this possible,

Bella said...

Yes! That is possible!
I'm so glad that we'll be able to meet each other!

Your fuzzy friend,


Carolyn said...

Animal Name:Flora Cutepaw
Time:4:15 Monday, April 15
Time Zone: EST
Username: Cje05

chorus2010 said...

Username: Chorus2010
Time: 4:00 April 21st
Server: Draa
Place to meet: Kani Cove
The Animal I Most Use Is: Baroness Tinylily
I'm a huge fan and I take after you in my actions and words. Thank you for all you've done for AJ and its users!

Ashley said...

Dear fuzzy!,
Oh my gosh i am so sorry! My cousin passed away yesterday and Saturday at that time I have to go :(

What if we do it the 28 of April at 6:00?


Anonymous said...

Cool! Maybe if you have a wolf -animal then you could .... fit the slay maybe! (Lucky arctic joy)

Kitty97380-a02op said...

Hi, Fuzzy! I would really love to meet you! Here is my info :D
Username: Kitty97380
Other username(I have 2 accounts): a02op
Animals Name on Kitty97380: Fuzzy DaisyDog
Animals Name on a02op: Countess Peachyfox
Time to meet: Any time between 4:00-6:00
Server: Nile
Place to meet in: How about Sarepia Forest AND/OR (You Pick)Crystal Reef
Day, month and number: Sunday, February 10th, 2013-If Possible/

Here is all the info! Comment me back or send me a jam-a-gram on both accounts saying if that's good or not! Also say if you want to meet in Sarepia Forest OR Crystal Reef! Now,| just all the info for my Kitty97380 account! Now, here is my info for the a02op!

Username: a02op
Name: Countess PeachyFox
Time: Any Time Between 5:00-7:00
Server: Nile/
Place to meet in: Bahari Bay OR (Again You Pick) Kani Cove
Day, month, number, year: Saturday, February 16th, 2013.

:) Hope I can meet you! Comment me back if you need this info in another language! (Spanish, Serbian, etc.) Oh! Also, my time zone is Central! I will make other comments of all this in some languages just in case! Bye!~Kitty97380 & my other account, a02op! :D