Sunday, April 15, 2012

Glitch & New Item.

Heya Jammers!

It's Bellanatalie102 here!
So, today I checked around for new items and found stuff in the Pet Den Item shop.

Also, when I was at Sarepia Forest with my friend, Piepaw7777, I noticed a glitch.

I clicked on her nametag because I wanted to play a game with her, but when I did I saw that on the icon where it says the user's username, she had a normal non-member tag, but she was a member! 

Also, I'm having trouble with making my signature appear. I'm trying to fix it.

That's all for now!
Happy Jamming!


Pie said...

For future reference, I'm a girl. Don't worry, I'm not offended.

Anonymous said...

iam so,so,so sorry i was not online. and by the way i know PIEPAW777 and i am so glad you have posted!:)

mumabean0202 said...

I saw this glitch Fuzzy SHYIVY!

Anonymous said...

i know that glitch before not trying to be mean but i know that oh and ya that is all bye! this is the one who is wanted to be a bloger so later

E09378 peace out!

Clover2011 said...

THat is such a weird glitch. Also, I am so so so happy that in epic wonders there is a nonmember item. I really want to meet you on AJ!!! i'll give you a time, but you might need to convert it... I live in California, U.S. Time: 5:00-7:00 pm Pacific time. Day:saturday

Autumn said...

That happens to me all the time! Even when I'm right next to the person, it says that a LOT.


Anonymous said...

happens to me all the time. I click the nametag and bam, nonmember. I even clicked on a nonmember and it said that he was a member.And i once saw on my account that when i clicked "change my look", i was nonmember. But when i "X" out. I'm a member.

Anonymous said...

Members can have that badge it's not a glitch I am a member so I know I'm not trying to be mean.

- Tinyhero Family