Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Weird Note!

 Heya Jammers!
I got the WEIRDEST message from what seems to be an AJ Guide today! However I didn't see any guide around. But here is what it looked like:
Sorry, but I'm not fond of spider shooter, and I don't need more gems. But why is it telling ME this?? Apparently others got it to. Phew! At least they don't think I was begging. But it is a great reminder for everyone!
I tend to remind people a lot, to. It just makes Jamaa a better place.
Remember not to beg and scam.
Happy Jamming!


Eternal Snowystar said...

Cool I got that too!
Hey Fuzzy how do you change the cursor color?

Silverstorm said...

OMG! I've gotten TONS of those before!!!It's really weird, and they pop up out of nowhere!

FunPinkyPinky said...

They do that when things are unpopular or when they want people to be nice or something. When we got into a major fight about Elmo calling him dumb and stuff a message popped up only to the people in the room saying, "Remember: be nice Jammers!" It was the funniest thing! I also got a messages about looking for Guides, getting a smoothie, and trying to be the Super Citizen.

slippeestars said...

hey can you add me on animal jam ill be juinoir chilly claw

Funwow-on Mod Break said...

Ok,I've gotta say I like Spider Zapper,but I DON'T like that I found an annoying Glitch Fuzzy,I can't get in to the Brady Barr lab,it's like it never showed up,did I go back in time!?

Woodswolf said...

@ Fuzzy Shyivy:
I just wanted to explain the note.
Notes like those are sent out (at random) to everybody in Jamaa around every hour. They are not sent by the Animal Jam Guides, but by the AJA (Animal Jam Authorities). The AJA work 'in the shadows' you could say, so they are never seen online, although the Guides are thought to work closely with the AJA.
Nobody knows exactly what the AJA are, but all we know is that they exist.
-Woodswolf, AJR mod

Pumaa AJ said...

Wow, I remember this post. :D