Friday, March 18, 2011

Lot's of New stuff!

 Heya Jammers!
There's tons of new things today! First off, a new Jamaa Journal. (Newspaper.) It has lots of new thing in it - but that's what I'm here for!
There's new clothing, a new den, and den items to start off with.
New dragon hats!...Interesting...?
Here's the new den:
Woah! A volcano! I'll let you know how that looks later if I get one! AWESOME!
And, at the Chamber of Knowledge store, there are the last shaman statues available!

In the Coral Canyons shop, there are also new things.
Gee, I don't know a lot of sewing animals. Then again, it's Jamaa - anything can happen. 

Go to the Temple of Zios.
It's called Brady Barr's Laboratory - if you wanna know more about him, check out the newspaper!
Let's walk inside...
WOW! Look at all those gadgets and gizmos! When you walk in a video plays about the guy. Make sure your speakers are up! You can view it again at anytime by clicking the small photo.
Or, click on any of his creations to see videos about them!
Even videos about locations - look around anywhere, and there's sure to be a video there!

And of course - a game.
Click on the different colour potions to see them mix around in the...well, whatever that flamey tube is! Add different colours and play with the flames to change the hue. Then simply click on a container, and:
Voila! You've got your own POTION!
Wow...that is...just plain awesome and cool.
What are your thoughts on it?
Also, there are more polls around Jamaa! Make sure to vote, and we will see the results in the next Jamaa Journal! If you even answer them, you'll get achievements! YAY!!

In Coral Canyon's art room, where you can colour pictures and print activities out, there are new things to do! There are new colouring pictures, word searches, and more! You can view these buy clicking on the paper-covered art table by the door.
What is your favourite thing about all this? I'm looking forward to saving up for that volcano den, and the new potion-making game! SO cool!
Happy Jamming!


Key99 said...

I got my member-ship back! I got the volcano den! IT'S AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

OMG i am mad the talbles are now 75 not 10 :(

Anonymous said...

VOLCANO DEN TOTTALLY, I have it, its not as big compared to the castle and the princess castle... But it's AWSOME, I got i for my bro.. He LUUUURRRVVVVEEEES it! + Most of the koalas around are dressed as dragons, lol! And The sewing machine is so cool. With the potions the colors are so weird, but its still AWSOMLY fun!!! I made a redish greenish whiteish black! Lol, cool huh!
Yours Animal jamly
Fuzzy Vineivy!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am jambotsrule. My animals are Princess Scarygirl(wolf), Victory Daringgirl(bunny), and Awesome Arcticivy(seal). I know a secret color.
You click on the right uppe corner of the light green color. Please add me for more info.

SuperChaoBro said...

Hola Fuzzy (yes this is the seal you met in the Township with a white fox hat)! I just wanted ya to know...there is a SECRET COLOR! Crazy huh? So click on the very border of the light green. So yea, there's my post(computer wouldn't post for some reason..)

Silverstorm said...

NICE:) I got a Volcano Den. Its so cool!

Alex said...

its been rumored already that if you buy a volcano house you get a free gray glove,do you if that is true or not?

Coolstar4246 said...

Fuzzy, we know we never met on AJ, so i was wondering if we could meet on AJ, this saturday, server draa, if draa is full, congo, if congo is full, draa (if both is full,talk to me in chat)at 6pm (central, you're est so you will be 7pm, and i hope it's ok at night)and tell me if you can't, we'll figure this out

Alex said...

hi please add me on animal jam my user(s)are thehaunting and dragons4evr

Anonymous said...

About Brady Barr's lab, I see some Jammers with potions that change color! I really want to find out how to do it. That kind of potion is so cool!!!

Woodswolf said...

Do you need finances for the volcano den? I am so filthy stinkin rich (35,900 some gems) that I don't know what to do with my money.
I can assist... it's just that you'll have to open your mail.
See, the thing is... we have to 'trade'. The difference is, I'm not expecting anything in return. You just recycle the worthless non-member clothes and get rich! See what I mean?
-Woodswolf, AJR mod

HappyDaniel said...

I found out how to get an achievement by making potions! click each potion in the chemistry set in brady barr's lab three times then click the fire three times and voila - you get a badge and a potion that changes colors! thanks -HappyDaniel

Silverstorm said...

Yeah, i used to be richer than that. Here's my advice:Just be nice and send things to people. That's why I got down to 15,000, which isn't that regular either.

Silverstorm said...

NO! I have one and I have no glove, and I never did. Don't waste 3,000 gems just trying to get a glove. Buy it because you want the den, not a glove.