Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Guide #2!

 Heya Jammers!
Today I saw another guide, thanks to Pikachu2001! Thanks Pikachu!
So, if you ever find Duke SuperFly, he is a guide!
Happy Jamming! And please STOP the bad comments...


Ironwulf said...


Bad comments? :( that's bad. Stop posting bad comments everyone! In the comment bar it says 'please be nice' be nice!

Rosey Canyonrose/Rosey Spiritrose said...

A guide came to my den! He was a monkey named Mythical Spiritmonkey!

Anonymous said...


I love your site and all your posts. Your posts have helped me a lot! I'm sorry people are posting mean things... they are obviously jealous of how popular you are!

Please keep making great posts and being an awesome Jammer


Cheri said...

Fuzzy! It is alright... You are a good person! Good will come to you! I promise! ^^

Princess Glamgem said...

Fuzzy!! Fuzzy!! I found him, it was deserted in Animal Jam, so it was easy to see.. and I did@@__:-)

FunPinkyPinky said...

Weird ... a long time ago Duke Superfly was a wolf in a Founder Hat w/ yellow. Maybe all his animals' names are Duke Superfly.

Anonymous said...

wow your lucky fuzzy!!! youve seen so many cool things in aj and i havent! haha your soooooooo lucky!!

sincerely your friend,

Key99 said...

I was in the party with that guide!!!!!!!!!! Did you see me???

Anonymous said...

Fuzzy! I know this pikachu2001! He said, he didn't like me and unbuddied me! :( I was nice to him and he didn't want that! We were good friends and we always talked about pokemon. Then pikachu said he doesn't want to be my friend because of no reason! Fuzzy that's mean.

Princess Glamgem said...

I seriously LOVE u Fuzzy PS: I'm a girl dun worry! Ur website is awesome. Dude, this is gr8. Do you know what this means?? I've got a piece of news!

EternalSnowstarsBRO said...

Fuzzy! Fuzzy!!!!
Hi Fuzzy!
Anyways I wouls love o meet you my username is
EternalSnowstarsBRO and yes I am a boy.
I have free chat so we can chat!
I got free chat for you!
Please help me arrange a date that we can meet!

Anonymous said...

Please don't make it look like you are yelling.


Anonymous said...

you rule fuzzy and i seriously love you im a girl too so dont be freaked

SacredGrove said...

Guides are so awesome-I've met a ton b4! If I see one i promise to tell u if u friend me.
I'd like to meet you in Tigris or Nile if it's not available at any day.
Probably around five pm EST to 5:30 PM EST
Also I'd like to meet you in the Hot Cocoa Hut.
I will be a black bunny with purplish grey spots or blue spots.
idk what ill be wearing but ill be called Major Majormajor.
I am commenting with my user.
-Major Majormajor

Anonymous said...

I'm not lying.Pikachu unbuddied me and i was called pteri4u. Maybe he just unbuddiewd me to be a guide or...... for no reason. I can't seem to know why. *cry*

Awesome Tinygirl said...

I Saw Him And Then I Hads To Go Because NOBODY TOLD ME WHERE HE WAS!!!!!!!! And I Saw Pikachu And On Chat I Said were Still Friends And Then Pikachu Said No I deleted You Sorry So Pter4u Is Probably Right On Some Parts Of That But I Think That Was Guide.....Not See, Bandaid, Or Boo, I FORGOTZZZZZZ But Maybe It WAS The Duke Superfly Like The Wolf, And He Swiched Animals Maybe.... Or Somebody Thought That He Had An Awesome Name IDK Im Not A guide Expert Besides The Fact I Know Their Names

Anonymous said...

Awesome Tinygirl i saw pikachu2001 again in Jamaa Township. He was spoiling something coming on March 17th. I won't tell.

Ok maybe i should. rumors say on march 17 there will be a battle between scammers and good jammers. I think he was supporting the scammers side! I hope not. *starts to cry* why....he were good friends
pteri4u as you know it!

blackishasblack said...

umm fuzzy...umm i always wanted to be ur friend but you always ignore it i thing?but plz i need to be ur friend....:'(

Scooter Chillyninja username ilovedoggies said...

heyy fuzzy how r u doing. i met 2 of the guides and they are so awesome :D i met the panda one i think his name is GuideBandAid and the wolf one..although i didnt talk to that one. but the guides are really funny and nice and their word bubbles are green!!!! well happy st. patricks day!! :)