Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Code!

 Heya Jammers!
There is a new code I noticed in a National Geographic magazine today!
The code is moviebytes but I tried to enter it in today and it wasn't working. It's probably only been released for a short amount of time and the AJ HQ has been working on other things.
So if it doesn't work for you, try entering it in again soon!
Happy Jamming!


SacredGrove said...

It's not that fuzzy-it's probably not out YET. The HQ is probably still working on trying to get it to work. That happened with 'campwild.' Oh,and my fan site for AJ is officially out!
-Major Majormajor

I Hate AJS and AJR!!!!! said...

look at my name poo poo heads!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cool! I just got the magazine today too. Too bad it isn't working. I wonder if it will give you something else other than 1,000 gems.

King Shiverwolf said...

Cool! I have been waiting for a new code because I have been giving a lot of gifts. I ran out of Gems. I got some back after playing a bunch of games, but nothing is better than a code! Thanks so much! By the way, I love the template. I would love to know how to some something similar to my blog. I wont make it exactly the same though. In fact, the only similarity will be Black. Anyway, rock on Fuzzy! Your the best!

Eternal Snowystar said...

Thanks Fuzzy!
Yeah I did here someone say that on AJ.
My National Geographic Kids isn't coming anymore I'm not sure why though.
Anyways thanks for announicing it!
Fuzzy we need to talk.
Let's set up a meeting.

Eternal Snowystar said...

Fuzzy I need help I'm desprate!
I wanna knowa few things.
1. How do you post posts on other pages besides the home page?
2. How do you take pics from AJ and make them you backround for blogger?
That's it!

pteri4u said...

I know Fuzzy! I got the April magazine and i entered MOVIEBYTES not capital, and it said it was wrong! Man!

Eternal Snowystar said...

Hi Fuzzy!
You know this blog is soooo cool.
But you seem tired of posting and moderating comments! It just seems unfair too.
Only four people (including you) have ever commented on my blog.
It just isn't fair!
How do you get so popular?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this, Fuzzy.

We try our hardest to let everyone know that the codes take a bit of time to activate, you mentioning this should help to get the word out.

Your site is a great resource for the Animal Jam community. Keep it up and JAM ON!

Princess Tinywolf said...

Wow thanks Fuzzy! I need more gems anyways.

Anonymous said...

Its working now!

Key99 said...

it works now!!!

Anonymous said...

It give u 1000 gems i used today