Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentine's PARTY Repost!

 Heya Jammers!
As you all probably know, Valentine's Day is coming up soon on February 14!
I thought that there wouldn't be any better way then to celebrate it...
with a
Yes, I will be holding a special Valentine's Day celebration!
First off, I'd like you to take a look at my Valentine's Day outfit.

Anyone want a gumball? :-P
Just joking, sorry!
So anyways, I would like to see as many of you as possible at the party in YOUR Valentine's Day outfits!
Also, the site will sometime later this week be getting a Valentine's Day makeover...from purple to pink! Ha, probably mostly red, white and pink.
But most importantly, here are the details:

Date: Tuesday, February 15th
Server: Draa
Time: 8:00 PM EST
Room: Mt. Shiveer, at the fire!

This party occurs at 8:00 PM for me, since MY time zone is EST, Eastern Standard Time.
I happen to know that if you live where your time zone is CST, Central time zone, You are 1 hour BEHIND, so for you, the party would be at 7:00.
I'm a little curious because the party is at a later time, but hopefully that will not effect anything.
Make sure you know how many hours your time zone is apart from mine, EST.
Also, since Mt.Shiveer is somewhat new, I hope everyone knows the fire there that I am talking about.
If not, just explore and you'll hopefully find it.

I ONLY have 5 current spots available for buddies. If I end up deleting more randoms then I will have more room!
Also, if you can, do you think you guys could also come to my chat while the party is going on? It would help a ton to get to know everyone and figure out who is who.
I think I covered just about everything. If you have any questions or concerns, please tell me and I will get back to you ASAP, replying to you in THIS post in a comment.
I really hope you can make it!!

Also, today I found a new code! It is campwild.
No spaces, no capitals, and don't add the period at the end!
Unfortunately, the code doesn't seem to be working now, since I found it in this month's magazine. They probably just haven't activated it yet, and maybe in a week or two, it will hopefully work!
Happy Jamming!


General Scaryruler said...

@Fuzzy Shyivy

Thanks Fuzzy, see you on the reality show! :)

Anonymous said...

Fuzzy! can I ask you somthing! My time zone is GMT and whats the diffrence between GMT and EST plzzzz help!!!

Eternal! said...

@ Eternal Cottonclaws
Hi Eternal we have the same name!
Well I looked up time zones in the USA and there is no GMT on there.Are you not in the USA?-Eternal Snowystar

Eternal! said...

Hi Fuzzy I was wondering if you could reschedule the gameshow because i'm gonna be "out of town" on the 11th but I will be on my computer but we are driving so I cant get internet for a day.I will have internet on the 12th.So please think and answer soon!,Eternal!
P.S.I saw another Fuzzy Shyivy on aj.

Darling Snowypaw said...

Hey,Fuzzy!I told my friends about the party.They are going to come too!I tried the code just now and guess what?It worked!See you at the party!
Your Friend,

Anonymous said...

Umm fuzzy, i cant come to the party, im in GMT and EST is 5 hours behind GMT its gonna be like REALLY early in the morning, i cant wake up then, and ill have to go to school.... you think u can change the time, cuz some people cant come probablt, sorry fuzzy...

Anonymous said...

Oh eternal snowystar, im in the uk and i cant come to the party, sorry i wont see u there, unless fuzzy changes the time...

Fuzzy ShyIvy said...


The time is 8:00, as in, after noon, not 8:00 in the morning.

Anonymous said...

yeah, im sorry fuzzy i know but, GMT is five hours infront, im in the uk for me it will be 1'o clock in the morning, I cant wake up then, sorry fuzzy, im being a little selfish now, im just wandering if u can help....
k bye!

FunPinkyPinky said...

I look forward to the party!!!