Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fuzzy's Quiz Results, Plus a New Contest!

 Heya Jammers!
Two or three weeks ago I made a short quiz about myself and AJ. Lot's tried, but 7 people answered correctly! They are:
Rosey SpiritRose
Awesome TinyGirl
Little RainyCloud

The correct answers were:
1: Sarepia Theatre 2: Art Room 3: VivaCandy 4: Blue sky wallpaper 5: Crystal Sands 6: Mt. Shiveer 7: Sarepia forest and Mt. Shiveer.

Good try to everyone else!
Please DO NOT try to look like me on Animal Jam!!! I get VERY annoyed by this. I know you guys are just fans and want to show that but please don't look like me! (Changing eye colour or ear colour or pattern colour is still not really fair to me...sorry.) I've seen people with the name Fuzzy ShyIvy, look IDENTICAL to me, and have the user name VIVACANDY in capitals, all lowercase, or with a space or something!! This gets me very upset...there are many combinations of animals, you don't have to be me!!!!
(By the way, my user name is VivaCandy - no space, and a capital V and C for the start of the words. And, I look like this:

So please DON'T impersonate!! : (

The next contest is called: Going Green!

You have to find the following green facts somewhere around Animal Jam...tell me their locations correctly, and you will get your name on the next post as a winner!

Where is the Engelmann prickly-pear?
Where is the Golden trumpet?
Where is the Roselle?
Where is the Ginger?
Where is the Dandelion?

That's all!
Happy Jamming!


Key99 said...

Why do people do that :(

Rosey Canyonrose/Rosey Spiritrose said...

Oops. Sorry. My animal's name is Rosey Spiritrose too.
Prickly-Pear&Dandelion-Coral Canyons
Golden Trumpet-Lost Temple of Zios
Roselle-Crystal Sands
Ginger-Jamaa Township

Anonymous said...

1.The Engelmann Prickly-Pear is in Coral canyons
2.The golden trumpet is in The Lost Tempol of Zios
3.The Roselle is in crystal Sands
4.The Ginger is in Jamaa township
5.The dandelion is in coral canyons
P.S my username on animaljam is Kayla1

Anonymous said...

Engelmamm prickly-pear:Coral Canyon
Golden trumpet:Lost Temple of Zios
Roselle:Crystal Sand
Ginger:Jamaa Township
Dandelion:Coral Canyon

DoomDesire said...

Yay! I answered them right.~ (I'm Little Rainycloud.) Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I think the awnewers are for the engalman prickly pear is in Coarl canyons. The golden trumpet is in lost temple of zios.The roselle is in crystal sands. The ginger is in jamaa township. The dandelion is in coarl canyons. from, Knight magic claw

Anonymous said...

Fuzzy, dont be mad at me, Before i knew you i had your colors (but i had a red tie) and i realised you were pretty much famous so i changed my colors, and im happy with them now, this comment might be a little for no reason XD but you know, just wanna tell you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Fuzzy,
I saw a "Fuzzy" impersonator.
she was like you, just like you! The same username, colours and the tie, but not a member.


Katie said...

Engelmann prickly-pear is in Coral Canyons.
Golden trumpet is in The Lost Temple of Zios.
Roselle is in the Crystal Sands.
Ginger is in Jamma Township.
Dandelion is in Coral Canyons.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

#1 engleman prickly pear, CORAL CANYONS
#2 golden trumpet TEMPLE OF ZIOS
#3 roselle CRYSTAL SANDS
#5 dandelion,CORAL CANYONS

Cheri said...

Golden Trumpet~Lost temple of Zios
Roselle~ Crystal Stands
Engelmann Prickly-Pear~ Coral Canyons
Dandelion~ Coral Canyons
Ginger~ Jamaa Township

(This is for the contest)
If I win, please but my name down as Blossom Berryflower!
Thanks Shyivy!

Anonymous said...

I saw someone, the ultimate Fuzzy impersonator. She was a member, had freechat, her username was Vivacandy, and she had two animals! The first one was a rabbit, Fuzzy Shyivy, that looked JUST like you with all the same colors AND the same tie, and she had a seal name Fauna Frillypaw that looked just like your Fauna and had the same leaf necklace and everything!

Katie said...

Engelmann Prickly-pear is in Coral Canyons.
Golden Trumpet is in The Lost Temple of Zios.
Roselle is in Crystal Sands.
Ginger is in Jamma Township.
Dandelion is in Coral Canyons.
This is from lucykate651 an lucykate541.

Madcat said...

I saw a Fuzzy Shyivy. Same colors,a blue tie,and a member! And she added me as a friend,and she had the grass thing around her neck sometimes! I reported her,told her she was doing something very wrong,and deleted her.

Darling Snowypaw said...

Hiya,Fuzzy!It's me larcon1 aka Darling Snowypaw!I don't wanna brag but...Yay!I won.I'm Soooooooooooo happy!.I have some answers to your questions...Again.Here they are.The Engelmann prickly-pear is in Coral Canyons.The Golden Trumpet is in Lost Temple Of Zois.The Roselle is in Crystal Sands.The Ginger is in Jamma Township.The Dandelion is in Coaral Canyons too.About the impersonatoers.My friend was an impersonator with the user name,membership,name and all that.He just wants to take your place and become famous.But he changed everything execpt the user name...

Anonymous said...

I saw the real u the other day, did u see me, it wasnt at the party, i dont know if it was an impersonator, but they were called Fuzzy shyivyand there user was VivaCandy? is that ur username, oh wait yes it is! was it really u! it might not have been but was it, if it was, i was the one with the splats like you but black and pink ears i had black eyelashed eyes(do u know those eyes?) and i wore a red bow! If you saw me, and it was you, it was an HONOUR(however thats spelt) to meet u, Thank you
Eternal Cottonclaws

Anonymous said...

Key99 people only do that because there jealous, its stupid really, Fuzzy is VERY popular (cuz she rocks) and people get jelous of her fame, so they impersonate her, and they get attention! Fuzzy, is the real Fuzzy! Lol, and we all know that!

Anonymous said...

Fuzzy quick quick question, how did you get your title like that, with the pick of you, how can i put picks on the title on my blog, plzzzz tell me!

Anonymous said...

and how come when you comment you have that pick off you, sorry i keep asking questions mabye a mod could tell me but, oh idk, plzz awnser!!!

Funwow,AJR Mod said...

Ugh,Fuzzy,I,have a,a glitch for you,it happens every so often,When I change my look,I have to do the same thing at least ten times before it changes,(Quiz imformation coming soon)

fuzz fuzz rox said...

not veary nice to copy!

Key99 said...

And the other day I saw the impersonator VIVACANDY. She/he tried to buddy me but I didn't buddy.

Anonymous said...

Ah... Fuzzy? You might not want to post your username and picture! That's only going to let the imposterators know EXACTLEY how you look at all times (by looking up your name).

dellam478 said...

iim dellam478. im a member and i want some friends i have all of the member ships that are 3 months.thank you for being my friends! please look me.

dellam478 said...

oh i have the things for the thing

engelmamm pricklypear=coral canyon

golden trumpet=lost temple of zios

roselle=crystal sands

ginger=jamma township

dandelion=coral canyon

dellam478 said...

could anyone post know i'm new on the blog may i please help?