Friday, February 18, 2011


 Heya Jammers!
There is loads of new stuff on Animal Jam today - one thing being that all the SHAMANS of Jamaa are the Jamaa Spotlight for a change!
There is also new clothing in the Jam Mart:
And, another great new addition to Jamaa is that on the map, you can now visit anyone's den by clicking this button on your map:

If you ever DON'T want your den on the map, you can go into editing your den and then clicking 'lock den' at the top with the giant grey lock.
Also, there are no new jam-a-grams, but the style of your mailbox has changed! Be sure to check it out.

There are some new den items from the Jam Mart, to!

A cherry tree and a bird feeder, both great add-ons to your den.

And for more den items, visit the new store in the second story of the Chamber of Knowledge.

Shaman statues! I bet they will create stone statues for the other shamans to!

You can now ALSO find a jammer, by going into your buddy list and clicking on the search button!
Also, sometimes people can send others Jamaa buddy requests through Jam-A-Grams as well!
There is ALSO a new newspaper:
it basically talks about everything I've already said, and about Scammer Jammers!
Looks like they maybe have read this blog...?
One thing I see however is that SEALS are available to EVERYONE now!! Yaaaayy!!
I also noticed there is a path leading down into that hot springs (hot water pool) in Mt.Shiveer! What a nice - and hot - way to take a dip!
What do you think of all of this?
I love it all! What an exciting batch of new stuff! What do you like best?
Happy Jamming!


Anonymous said...

and also you can go into that place where the valcanoes are in Mt. Shiveer!

General Scaryruler- AJR Mod said...

WOW! These are awesome! Thanks for posting Fuzzy.:)

Anonymous said...

the hooded seals are scammers wha hahahaha

Madcat said...

I like the seals! I've been waiting since they came out!
Happy Jamming!

Cheri said...

Hey! I saw the new hot spring in Mt. Shiveer! Pretty cool! Thanks for the update Shyivy!

~Blossom Berryflower

DoomDesire said...

Ooo, the seal is open to the public now?
I wonder what the next animal is.

Eternal Snowystar said...

Hello Jammers
@Fuzzy Shyivy
Fuzzy I have important news!!!
My computer doesn't seem to load AJ any more!
Just like on your AJ Loading Fail video!
Also a question:How do you record videos on the laptop?

Anonymous said...

I want the next animal on aj to be a zebra!!!!!!!!!!! that would be epic!!!!!!!!!!!

Coolstar4246 said...


Fuzzy, i sent a friend request to you so we can be friends.

Also, i have a problem like eternal snowystar.

Anonymous said...

Hehe, I Think Its Because Of ALLL Their Calls, Emails, And Mail, I Think That Because I Talked To That AJ HQ Dude, Micheal, AND GUESS WHAT! I Saw A Guide, BunnySunny904 Told Me, (She Is DogRox) And Then Grand Went There Then I Was There, And Oh My GOSHES That Was A Really Fun Party! The Guide Also Told Us Mira Stories AND The Guide Jumped Into The Phantom Pit, And Came Back With A Smoothie! I Guess There Was A Mation Down There HAHA Well, Gotta Gooooooooooooo

Oh Yeah Its MAH Roxy648

FunPinkyPinky said...

Best additions ever!!! (Although I'm not a big fan of the pirate hat thingy) Thanks for the update Fuzzy!!!

Funwow,AJR Mod said...

I wish there could be a fish as an animal....

Anonymous said...

Theres something kind of bad going on.When i get on Animal jam and i go to mt.shiveer on my wolf(Snowflake Prettypet)some of the seals r yelling out and saying"LEAVE NOW THIS IS SEAL TERRITORY GGRRRRR!".It gets really annoying then when i turn to my seal they kick me out buy making the place crowded.But then once a member seal(forgot name) was running around with his friends being mean to eveyone. And now i'm really mad!He's like the oposit of Anima jam.He's making Jamma a bad place.I looked around and everyone was sad.Oh and Fuzzy i need your help to stop him.P.S. my seal name is Mythical Magicpet

Anonymous said...

Fuzzy in the hot springs pool theres a giant monster ,Nessie.Really if you look at the ice wall really closly you can see the outline of the body then you can see its pattern and coler .Its so cool go check it out!=D

Anonymous said...

Fuzzy Fuzzy Fuzzy Fuzzy Fuzzy!!! LOL That Could Get Annoying! My Roxy648 Account Is As Cleared Up As Florida Fog In The Afternoon!!! I Can Get On It ANYTIME I Want! Its Awesome BUT Im Not A Memmber :'( Well Im Still Happy, But I Want A Wig With Bow.... BUT The Hat Is Fine! But I Need 300 Gems So Its Kinda Hard But As You See Im Happy That Roxy648 Is Back Up!

-Roxy648 :D

Funwow AJR Mod said...

OMG Seriously people who are going rapidly crazy!Right before Jamaa For Peace Day!?((I think)(It's on a Sunday)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I agree with you a zebra would be EPIC ! I also heard some people saying they wanted a snake,horse,hawk and other stuff.we were all stuffed together so we didn't even notice an AJ guide was squashed in there to.Then he started to say he would bring all the ideas to the HQ.Oh,and I told him about what a guide did with you Anonymous and he said it probably didn't happen.So i'm not sure that really happen.=D =I

Darling Snowypaw said...

Hiya Fuzzy!Could not get on earlier because I was sick,but I'm better now.Anyways, I love all the new updates!So awesome!
That is so kewl!Now I have to friend you on that acount too.
Your Friend,
Darling Snowypaw

King Shiverwolf said...

Fuzzy, I was wondering why it takes so long for you to accept our comments. You do know you can set it to "Non-moderated", and then delete the comments that you don't like. I'm not criticizing you, but please consider it.Thank you! Jam on!

Funwow,AJR Mod said...

Great,now I can only comment and go on your chat when my Mom is watching,please understand,hopefully I'll stay on the Mods list....@Fuzzy Shyivy0*sigh*

Eternal Snowystar said...

Hello Fuzzy,

Anonymous said...

haha funwow btw this is lalakers24678 im really happy u buddied meh

Fredfan4ever said...

Fuzzy...will you re-open OctoCP? Pwease? xD

Woodswolf said...

@ Mythical Magicpet/Snowflake Prettypet:
Was it a bunch of seals hanging out in a group? If so, here's what I would do (It's called the Five-Step Bully/Clan Removal plan):
1. If there was a 'ringleader' (AKA one person who was saying everything) report him/her IMMEDIATELY.
2. Then, slowly start to make your way reporting every 'follower' (AKA the people who stand around and just stare at the 'ringleader').
3. Then, I would tell them that they had all been reported.
4.Right after that, hit the 'Refresh' or 'Close' button on your web browser.
5. Restart Animal Jam and switch servers (By doing this, now you can't see the bullies/mean clan people). Problem Solved!
Hope this helps!
-Woodswolf, AJR mod

Anonymous said...

hi this is me madisonrules...

i so want the next animal to be a baby cub or a kitten or a puppy (not the wolf pup the baby dog puppy)

Your Best Friend Out Of All,

lol im kidding about the friend thingy

Please Add me On

Bye 4 now!

can u make me a mod on chat?

Anonymous said...

I agree with eternal, so i second the motion. Fuzzy get on AJ!!!!!!!

Funwow,AJR Mod said...

Sorry I wasn't really on at all yesterday,I went to Rochester with a friend(The Strong National)

Rosey Canyonrose/Rosey Spiritrose said...

@Anonymous (Snowflake Prettypet)
Who cares? Tell them that Mt. Shiveer is not only for seals! And if they reject it, you can always report them! And the mean seal you can always report.
-Rosey Spiritrose, Jammer

Davrainbow said...

I love all of the new stuff. Do you think gloves will be back soon?
The only bad thing about the find a jammer button is sometimes there are people who rapidly send you mail and you have to empty it out forever and now they can even do it more if they find you, but that rarely happens. I'm a member and had a seal early but I'm happy for all the nonmember jammers that can now buy the seal. Enjoy the seal! New codes: campwild & discovery.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jammers,I found out TWO NEW CLICKABLE THINGS!!!!!!!!If youclick the fruit bowl,the fruit DISAPPERES!!!!And if you click the gumball machien 6 times,a gumballpops out each time!Isn't that awsome!!!Later Jammers!

Anonymous said...

how do you walk through walls in wolves only parties, please help very desperate!! :( im duke frozenpaw in animal jam and my username is mingmingar send me a jam a gram about it!!