Saturday, May 19, 2012

The newest items and loads more

Heya Jammers!

As Bella has already sayed, we are sorry that we can not post on time, but we have school and homework and are usally very busy in the real life. We are truely sorry and try our best to post the new updates as soon as possible.

Very sorry for not posting this weeks Rare Monday Item is the Rare Angal Mesh Helmet.

Very bright and outstanding colour AJHQ have decided to sell.

Now for the new items, I might have missed some from the parties but Bella, Fuzzy or I will post later.

You can now get a Sheriff Badge in Bahari Bargains at Bahari Bay. 

In Jam Mart Clothing, you can now purchuse a Sun Necklace! 

Over the past few days, I have been experiencing many glitches!
Here are some of the photos I have taken:

When I was playing Jamaa Derby, some weird things happened when I was playing.
At the start of the game, when the horses were walking up to the starting line, instead of walking, they were dancing! It was really werid...

When the game started, it got even werid because when we all ran, we didn't run we stood still!
I was jumping weridly too...

Has this ever happened to you before? 

Another glitch was when I wanted to vist Jamaa Township. It was loading and fo some reason it suddenly stoped and when all black, but my account profile was still showing at the bottom of my screen! 
Here is what it looked like:

Extremely wacky glitches I have been through... 

Also I have notice that AJHQ have made an alert sign to show that you have been logged out.

And last of all, today when I was online, I recieved another message from AJHQ.
It told me if I have visted the new Cruise Ship Party yet but the party wasn't on till another hour.  

Have you ever got a message from Animal Jam HQ before? 
What did it say?

Happy Jamming!


rosy icewolf from aj said...

did fuzzy shy ivy quit because she doesn't post anymore anyways did you know this blog was the reason i made my own blog it was the first animal jam blog i ever saw

Bella said...

Oh my goodness!
I got the exact same one at the same time!

Weird, right?
Great job with the posting!

Happy Jamming!


QAZAR said...


Same what?


Bella said...


I meant the same message from AJ HQ.


Anonymous said...

that is so funny

NKgirl2002 said...

Hey, You should check this blog out
P.S if the link doesnt work please tell me and i will tell the blogs owner that.

Myoldlifewasbetter said...

I sent u a buddy request please can you buddy me?


Anonymous said...

I've never got the weird glitch with the horse game...hmm.

Anonymous said...

You have pro horse race! I have it too. If you ever see a orange horse with a light green mane wearing tail armor leg armor and a brown sword with black moon pattern that me :) It name Snickety Tinyhero.

Brook Troutman said...

qazar if you please can we discuse about me helping in animal jam rush i love the posts and animal jam please?

Anonymous said...

heyo quazar, just wondering if i could help out with the blog o3o. tottaly cool if you say no.

Have the BEST luck!,
snowflake articcloud

Fuzzy said...

My horses name is Fuzzy DaisyHorse
and i am dark brown with a clover blanket and a necklace on.
if you see that kind of horse it will be me i hope you have a great time playing AJ. Happy Jamming!