Do you think you know all about Animal Jam, and the world of Jamaa?
Well here's your chance to show what you know! Introducing Trivia, the new quiz to prove you know it all. All you have to do is comment with your answers to the questions. Keep checking back, because a new trivia will be posted every so often.

So what happens if you get all the questions right?
Well, if you get all the questions right, your comment will not be published, nor will it if you get some wrong. This way no one else can cheat. If you win, your username will be posted here, below the trivia questions. 

What about the bonus question?
If you get the bonus question right, your username will also be posted, but under the "bonus question" section, AND you will receive a jam-a-gram from me. Not much, I know, but still something. But don't expect to get the bonus question right. I will try to make it VERY hard - something only few people will get. But you never know, you may know more about Jamaa more than I think...

All you have to do, is comment with the question numbers, and beside them, your answers. I will also NEED YOUR USERNAME in order to congratulate you as a winner.

This trivia will end April 24th, 2012.

So, lets get started! Good luck Jammers!

  1. How many penguin plushies are in my den?
  2. What is the name of the moth in Mt.Shiveer?
  3. In which room can you find a snake in a crate?
  4. What colour is the staghorn coral in Crystal Reef?
  5. How many legs is the Mira statue standing on?
  6. How many different cups in the Cocoa Hut can you choose from?
  7. On the rule page of Animal Jam, what is the 1st rule?
  8. How many places can you buy frogs? (Eg, 2 places, Mt.Shiveer and the underwater Pet shop. Obviously that is not the correct answer, just an example.)
  9. How many flowers are in the POND of the Jamaa Township?
  10. How many speakers are above the door on the outside of Club Geoz?
  11. Where can you find the fact about Red Grass?
  12. How many clams are in Deep Blue?
  13. Where can you read about cool inventions, animals, and habitats?
  14. Where can you find a string with hanging pots on it?
  15. How many pots are hanging on that string?
Where is this image from?
(Which room?)

Jammers Who Won Q# 1-15:


Jammers Who Won Q# 1-15 + Bonus:



General Vonwolf said...

Oh and my username is Nachtdervolfe12345 (this is General Vonwolf)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellie here again,
To get the bonus jam-a-gram do you have to get all the questions right?if so can you post something about it? Also,I live in Ithaca NY . Can you please add me on AJ? Thanks, it's ok if you dont. My username is kmo567. Bye.

Anonymous said...

aww did i get 1 wrong :( i can try again....


Sheesh4 said...

Hi Fuzzy!

When will the users who got all of the questions (including the bonus question) correct be receiving their Jam-A-Gram?


General Vonwolf said...

I have a suggestion. I think if you get the bonus one right, but you got a different one wrong, it should count for that one you got wrong, but you wouldn't get the bonus jam-a-gram.

katie7 said...

Fuzzy, Did I get all questions right. I do not have to know but one other question. Can you buddy me on AJ
The user is "katie7"
Thank you

Anonymous said...

how do I enter my answers for the trivia?

Anonymous said...

i can tell the the answers but were to give the answers,please help me because only two days left

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous: Post a comment with your answers. Fuzzy will not let them show up so people can't cheat. ;)

Anonymous said...

Cool I won! (:


Anonymous said... name is wolfer537 and i can not see the lion in your den so can you please add me? thank you. you do not have to but i would just like it if you did :) thanks again

Anonymous said...

hey fuzz how long have you mbeen posting because you gotta alot of followeers i wosh i had this many hey fuzz i kno what u should do u should post other peoples blos so they can visit on ur blog:D -lillyfh:)

Anonymous said...

hi fuzzy i'm wondering when u got your trivia. for some reason i dont remember seeing it before.


Anonymous said...

My username: badboy0034673

1. 7 plushies
2. Hawk moth
3. Temple of Zios
4. Orange
5. 1 leg
6. 4 cups
7. Play nice
8. 3 coral canyons, temple of zios and claws'n'paws
9. 5 flowers
10. 4 speakers
11. Appondale
12.1 clam
13. Brady Barr's lab
14. Chamber of knowleage
15. 3 pots
bonus. Sarepia forest

wolfer537 said...

hey i was just wondering what does it mean in the questions like what room has a sanke in a cage? does that mean party room or like a room in sarepia forest like the pillow room. plz tell me on animaljam on the jam-o-grams cuz i cant check back here cuz i am too busy thanks

Anonymous said...

Fuzzy Shyivy, I was just wondering what your username is so I can add you as a buddy.

Ginny:D said...

aww tht sucks im too late for the trivia oh well fuzzy can u plzz add me? im myoldlifewasbetter and my name is blossom daisylily so plzz add me its ok if u dont thxs!!;D


Mr. Chunkybuddy said...

at anonymus
her username is cinnamoncake

Jasmine said...

Hey can you be my buddy. I'm useally see me on Saturdays on 5:20. My username is

Username: 98765rabit
Plz add me as a friend we can chat and chill out and have fun. I'm a seal and a bunny. My sister might like to be added fuzzy.her username
Jasmine Li

Emmi Bubblzed said...

what is your username i want to friend you

Emmi Bubblzed said...

please tell me your username i want to friend you!

Anonymous said...

1.Seven penguin plushies.
2. Hawk Moth.
3. Temple of Zios.
4. Orange.
5. 1 leg.
6. 4 cups.
7. Play nice!
8. Coral Canyons, Temple of Zios, Claws 'n' Paws.
9.Five flowers.
10. 4 speakers.
11. Appondale.
12. 1 clam.
13. Brady Barr's Lab.
14. Chamber of Knowledge.
15. 3 pots.
Bonus: Sarepia Forest.

Anonymous said...

hi fuzzy add me on aj im rollblades!

Anonymous said...

1.7 penguin plushies2.Hawk moth3.Temple of Zios4.Orange5.1 leg6.4 cups7.Play Nice!8.Coral canyons, Temple of zios, claws'n'paws9.5 flowers10.4 speakers11.Appondale12.1 clam13.Brady barr lab14.Chamber of knowlege15.3 pots Bounus:Sarepia Forest!im rollblades buddy me

Anonymous said...

Aww boo i missed it i think i knew some quetions but its over :( (lucky arctic joy)

Anonymous said...

fuzzy, the comment you posted on animal jam truth was not mean. just saying

PeaceandLpiggy said...

Lpiggy's answers to the contest:
1. 1 penguin plushie
2.Hawk moth
3.Lost Temple of zios, in Brady Barr's Lab
4. Light Orange
5. 2 legs
6. Four cups
7.Play Nice! You don't like it when people are mean to you, so don't be mean to others.
8.Lost Temple of Zios and Coral Canyons
9. 2 flowers
10.4 speakers.
11. I think they got rid of the red grass.
12. 1 clam
13. Brady Barr's Lab
14.Coral Canyons
15.11 pots

16. Kani Cove, in Sunken Treasures

Anonymous said...

Great website, Fuzzy!
I come here a lot because the AJ news never really covers it ;)
-Prancing (Safari8)

Brooke Barrett said...

Fuzzy ShyIvy, its me Fuzzy CottonBunny. I was wondering how you got your blog to be so good. I was also wondering how you got your background wallpaper for your blog. I really like it. I also am wondering how you got the voting thing up on yours blog, on the side there is a bunch of your animal friends and then your pets.... well i was wondering how you did that....
Please respond ASAP

Anonymous said...

All jammers check out Windstorm592's dn for a whole life of winter fun!!

Anonymous said...

I love the blog! Nice job!
Hey, I have a little comment on something that everyone who plays animal jam can do.
OK. So everyone know Bradley's lab.
So,ya know how you can make a potion?
Well to make a molt-I colored potion just follow these easy steps.
1. 3 blues then fire
2. 3 greens then fire
3. 3 reds then fire
4. Press little glass that's above the fire
5. There you go your molt-i colored potion!
If you have trouble try steps again.

Anonymous said...

Oh and my username on AJ is

zoocage said...


Gina Liebig said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KitForLife said...

wow! good to know :)

Anonymous said...

umm hi im new ive been reading your blog for years sooo yeah....

Anonymous said...

Hiya! I just read your blog, and its pretty cool. :P My user is MyBFFAEAE btw.

Anonymous said...

1 7 plushies
2 Hawk Moth
3 Temple Of Zios
4 Orange
5 1 leg
6 4 cups
7 Play Nice!
8 3 Coral canyons,teple of zios, Claws N' Paws
9 5 flowers
10 4 speakers
11 Appondale
12 1 clam
13 Brady Barr's Lab
14 Chamber of knoledge
15 3 pots
BONUS!!! Sarepia Forest

Anonymous said...

User: Pod girl
1 7 plushies
2 Hawk Moth
3 Temple of zios
4 orange
5 1 leg
6 4 cups
7 Play nice!
8 3 coral canyons, temple of zios, claws n' paws
9 5 flowers
10 4 speakers
11 Appondale
12 1 clam
13 Brady barr's lab
14 Chamber of knowledge
15 3 pots
bonus: Sarepia FOrest

Medieval speedywolf said...

hi jammers!!!! just heard of this site and decided to come on it...
Plus what is this person's user name ,????
{ my user:Flashwerewolf}

Kaelin Choy said...

umm, i know EVERYHING about animal jam.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I am wolfpet201, you can have 1 of my accounts, so the user is: holo4567 and the pass is: holo7654, i PROMISE that it would work, and this is for anyone, thank you for using it!

Anonymous said...

1.7 plushies
2.Hawk moth
3.Temple of Zios
5.1 leg
6.4 cups
7.Play nice!!!!
8.3 coral canyons, temple of zios and claws'n'paws
9.5 flowers
10.4 speakers
12.1 clam
13.Brady Barr's lab
14.Chamber of knowleage
15.3 pots
bonus.Sarepia forest

Anonymous said...

Whoever said they are AnimalsRule53789, is not true. Please do not use other people's usernames, like mine.

fortune 5 said...

Hello! I wish i saw this earlier! love your blog!

Anonymous said...

I'm from 2017. Hi I should know these things but no facts say they tend to know more in the betas.. Sorry but the dens were never changed, and this is probably not run anymore.. sorry.